Friday, December 30, 2011

bye bye 2011 & M'sia

bought THE tic last night. KL-Gold Coast 31/12/11 2140 LCCT ler (i baru nk start keje, dh kje kang br boleh naik 1st class hokeh)

okeh sape2 nk prektis adegan2 kejar mengejar AADC ke nk belanje makan mlm ke, ok je. sape2 nk dtg bagi pelempang utk kali terakhir ke nk mintak utang ke pon boleh. tp kl mintak utang tuh sound la dlu xpon bwk machine eftpos la sng.

will be off for KL this afternoon, will b in Kelana Jaya tomorrow for a fren's wedding. sape2 nk jadik driver angkat tangan? okeh xdek xpe aku naik public aje sng.

ade ape2 hal call je aku 01119672695. sp skang aku xhapal2 lg no nih. n yup dis is my no mek oi, cuak2 plak arituh gahahaha!

maka selamat tinggallah all my loved ones in M'sia, including my orange Orbea Euskaltel.huuuuu

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

darling don't b afraid i have loved u...

a frustrating 2011 nearing it's end, who have thought it would have such ending? it seems that everything is falling into places now. i cannot be more happier, oh actually i could sbb arsenal seri je smlm, mangkuk punya hennessy save sikit2 dah la. sbb mak aku kata jgn tamak2, tp kl jumpa barang murah bli lah 10. all i need is a safetynet, now that i've got one, i am hopeful to get married next yr like seriously, but with whom is still a bit of a blurry pic (sorry to disappoint u haters). if u r interested u can still submit ur letter of interest now, bak kata Justin Bieber, Never Say Never (tidak melebihi 80 patah perkataan, kalau lebih tuh tandenye kuat membebel).

depan jamban pon dh hensem, skang dh potong rambut lebih jambu

2012 seems brighter as for now, or is it really the world's gonna end next yr?

ps: barang2 xstart packing pon lagi oh aduhainye pun, ticket pon xbli lg, rumah pon xdek ag. tdo stesen bas je ah. n yeah i had 2 weird dreams dis morning

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


coincidence? dunno but Rambo Y U NO SCORE? it wud b better if he really did score but well...

yup, true story! okeh sambung tido balik.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

i already have a mastercard...

i've been thinking of a wrap-up 2011 post, but it's quite hard to find anything significant or worth mentioning. mayb later.

ps: penantian satu penyiksaan. bile nk siap nih oi??!!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

dear abang/adik usrahs...

ayat quran tuh ok, cerita tuh ok, tapi boleh jangan gay sangat tak? jantan merajuk2 muncung2 siap, siap bersuap2. sorilah everybody has their own definition of personal space and bromance, this one i think is a little bit too much for me. *mangkuk hayun n co silelah google neelofa utk meneutralkan diri*


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

tips kecantikan wanita

gahahahahha utk tips2 kecantikan yang lain, boleh usha blog wafa & kmar mahupun nisamenaip ok kekekekek

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

home sweet home

quit the job after just 2 weeks. i don't think that kind of job is for me and if you want to talk standard with me, get yours fixed first. met wonderful people tho

anyway, back in the market, jobless but awesome. heh.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

kenapa malas update?

sebab layan blog ini hari2 pon dah ckop per. manjang usha fazura je pon xbaik utk kesihatan gk

esok interview kje lagi walaupon dh start keje isnin arituh.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

لَبَّيْكَ اللَّهُمَّ لَبَّيْكَ

umi: nak suruh doakan apa?

aku: doakan la ape2 yg elok...

umi: mcm apa...?

aku: apa2 yang je elok laa....

umi: (pusing blakang n jalan)

aku: mcm fazura ke...

umi: (pusing balik sambil menggeleng2...)

makbul dan mabrur la haji mak bapak aku amiiiiiiin!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 bulan dok rumah sorang2

1. parent aku nak p haji 3/10 nih. apa lagi... partaiii in tha house la muahahahahahaha

2. Mek nak beranak

3. gua nak start kerja

4. layan gak jadik mat pasar malam arituh

Sunday, September 04, 2011

merdekaraya 2011

igt nk buat ucapan raya cam taun lepas tp xjadik. ape boleh buat taik bulat bulat boleh buat ubat minyak cap kuat.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

journey to the west II

ya itu adalah matluthfi artis yang dikenali ramai

perth int'l epok

internet free s'pore budget epok

dh dekat seminggu dok mesia nih malas gle aku nk p bazar ramadhan. haih.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

journey to the west

1. Adelaide
rumah paradise

cycling to Glenelg with Omak

budak2 wilcox st

budak new kirby + paradise

2. sydney
thx wannas n co
3. Newcastle
nobby's beach
4. Wollonggong

Ayoh Zang & co

in perth atm, the 1st rainy day on my "trip" so havn't explored much of this side of oz. finger-crossed for a better weather at midday or i might give up on cycling to freo, n the city of course.

remember the times when she wasn't so famous, less crazy and definitely cuter?

what lies in the future? God knows. i'm so quick-sanded.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

men have needs

just when i thought everything is showing towards one direction, other option appears. im pretty much stranded irresolutely at the beginning of a diverge.

3:35-3:50 FTW!!!

just a littlebit bullsh*t.

Friday, July 08, 2011

tomorrow is 9/7/11

praying for a sunny day tomorrow to understand what "undang-undang terpakai" stands for.

n goodluck to all fellow good malaysians.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

live like dogs, die like dogs

1. Bersih 2.0 Adelaide

Venue: Victoria Square Water Fountain

Date : 9th of July, 2011

Time : 2pm (Adelaide Time)

Colour of wear : Yellow (Casual)

Things to being : Your self and self made paperboard/cardboard support messages!!

Main Agenda : To raise awareness about the demands of Bersih Rally.

-Clean the electoral roll

-Reform postal vote

-Use indelible ink

-Free & fair access to media

-Minimum 21 days campaign period

-Strengthen public institutions

-Stop corruption

-Stop dirty politics

Taking a group photo of young Malaysians in Adelaide.

After Gathering : If the number of people who attended is massive, we would try to organize a place for all of us to hang out, share our thoughts and just chill out with some drinks.

komfem la aku x pergi punya kan! aku kan sayang Abg Najib dan geng2 beliau. yang kat mesia tuh xyah la p join, nanti kne asid kang cair pulak foundation you all. lagipon tok2 silat tok katak tok totok dah ready nk bersilat kat tgh2 KL tuh. nih bukan musim kenduri kawen la weh!

2. Tiger Air

please ah jgn extend ko nyer suspension period tuh, kang xbalik aku kang kesian plak awek2 yg tunggu kat airport tuh, kang ade yang pasang khemah kahwin tgh2 terminal kang sape yang susah. makcik2 bazar ramadhan pon komfem sedih punye la weh.

sekian. xdek ape pon nk cerita walaupon dh 2 minggu x update.

Friday, June 17, 2011

adoi sakit tengkuk

a big shoutout to Asma' Afifi my older sister. happy 30th gahahaha. to celebrate her birthday, go to her page here or here, buy some stuffs and make everybody happy!

1. desserts marathon continues

600g of caramel mudcake n of carrot cake went down in less than 3 days. i think i need to stop somewhere but ca't figure out the why factor yet.

2. gerhana bulan

i missed that one, i cant be bothered transforming into a kingkong and destroys everything within my suburb. kalau tgk dgn awek cun ke mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan.

3. lain2

ade awek baru kiut siot. pnt2 aku wat2 frenli sembang sampai sejam, sekali dh ade balak daa. xpe ah layan je r. cute n funny is a killer combination. ugly and funny is never funny enuff gahahaha. yup i'm half-joking.

gle ah camne r mak aku ajar dlu2, by tahap 2 tuh aku dh nk abes hafal 1 juz 30 dh. mak aku bukan housewife or ustazah pedidikan islam pon. tp abg n akak aku lagi power, adik2 aku lagi hampeh dr aku gahahaha. dh besar nih plak malas2.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

the Borat & Vinokourov link

1. packing

85% done. still a lot of space unfilled. nak beli basikal lagi satu ke tak. argh, ini sungguh memeningkan kepala. kerja pon xcarik lagi. haih.

2. kazakhstan.

the only 2 ppl from kazakhstan i know: borat, and alexander vinokourov, who currently is the overall leader of the TDF'11. kamon la Contador, haih.

empayar anak pinak membesar kat kazakhstan pulak skang.

3. Saifullah Gambit

i think the chick in the clip is fat. get a proper solid/curvy chick next time. perut berlipat2 tergedik2 boleh membuatkan penonton muntah2 hijau.

it's only fair

4. desserts marathon

3 apple pie, 1 chocolate n caramel pie, 400g napoleon cake and 400g apricot crumble pie within the past 3 days. this is awesome. in your face weightwatchers.

5. lain2

haih. entahlah.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


1. confirmed!

i'll be leaving adelaide on 23/07/11 for sydney. im not going to say im leaving for good. ah, wherever it takes, i don't really mind. but i'm shipping my stuffs back home.

2. hangover 2

gahahha. lawak haram. lawak yang berunsur haram. nasib baik tiket free.

3. i dunno

self-explainatory. i just dont know.

4. other things

happy whores' day 1/6/11

Friday, May 20, 2011

Adelaide-Sydney-Singapore, maybe.

post bahasa melayu kali ini adalah bagi menghormati kualiti bahasa melayu wartawan utusan malaysia yang semakin hari semakin hancur lebur bagaikan pinang dibelah lapan kemudian diblender lalu dipijak-pijak oleh gajah yang terkejut beruk digertak oleh sang tikus labu kepunyaan encik salehuddin.

sebelum kita masuk ke dalam perbincangan yang lebih serius, marilah kita merafakkan kesyukuran yang tak terhingga ke hadrat ilahi, atas kurniaannya yang melimpah ruah, lebih melimpah-limpah dari lampu limpah mahupun lemak perut dan manboobs peserta Biggest Looser Amerika Syarikat.

bak kata pepatah, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. kepala hotak anda lah kat sini lagi banyak hujan batu dari kat Malaysia. tapi memandangkan sudah lama tiada kelihatan hujan batu di sini, terpaksalah kita akur dengan kehendak tuhan yang menentukan segala-galanya. kalaulah di malaysia banyak hujan batu, tak perlulah aku baling batu atas van baru Encik M masa aku darjah satu dahulu, dan tak perlulah Encik M kejar aku pakai parang dan sudah pastinya tak perlulah aku menguncikan diri dalam bilik bagi mengelakkan diri daripada ditikam parang panjang kepunyaan Encik M itu. ya, sungguh nakal sekali budak-budak zaman dahulu, bukan macam budak2 zaman sekarang yang hanya tahu berbattle sesama digimon sahaja. sudahlah gemuk, lembik pula.

bagi mengelakkan sebarang ralat atau pening-pening lalat, apalah kiranya jika kita melayan Christina Grimmie dalam video di bawah. sungguh comel sekali beliau dalam klip tersebut. agak kurang comel dalam video lain, mungkin disebabkan faktor pencahayaan, bahasa badan serta mimik muka ketika bernyanyi.

kesimpulannya di sini, saya akan pulang ke tanah air tercinta bukan kerana hujan batu mahupon hujan emas, kerana saya sudah sedia maklum bahawasanya di kedua-dua tempat yang ada hanyalah hujan asid karbonik berasiditi rendah. ini membuatkan saya tertanya-tanya akan kemungkinan basikal berasaskan karbon boleh jatuh dari langit jika pencemaran udara digandakan dengan kerjasama sektor pembalakan sumatera? siapalah yang bodoh tidak mahu pisang berbuah banyak kali? lagi banyak kali frekuensi pembuahan sebatang pokok pisang pastinya lebih bagus, dan lagi kayalah para pengusaha ladang pisang sedunia. dan sudah pastinya pengusaha timun terkenal Kelantan, encik Pokcek akan memilih tanaman pisang untuk ditanam di kebun timun beliau. Gajah-gajah dan beruk-beruk juga pasti gembira kerana mereka tidak perlu lagi memerlukan khidmat sang kancil yang bersuara maknyah jalan hamzah kota bharu.

akhir kata, memandangkan saya pulang dan masih tiada kerjaya yang stabil, mungkin pihak pentadbiran utusan malaysia boleh mengambil saya sebagai editor akhbar anda, dan saya akan mengsub-conkan jawatan saya kepada abg fakir fikir yang diwarwarkan sebagai saterawan negara 2020.Link
majulah utusan malaysia untuk negara. sekian.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

rainy days

1. to stay or not

pretty much depends on this few coming days. the whole IELTS thing has been frustrating for me, but at the end of the day, u just have to accept it and move on. i was singing in my head verses from old songs which sounds like

"jangan difikir derita akan berpanjangan, kelak akan membawa putus asa pada tuhan..."

i guess that was why i smirked when my father told me to do increase my tahjjud etc.

the next few weeks are going to be busy with stuffs which i am uncertain of.

2. futsal

cam biase, xlepas grouping, but this time the results were unpredictable, unfortunately we don't condone betting.

3. travel

I'm thinking of travelling interstate n NZ within the next 2 months, but we'll see. planning for these travelling stuff is too much of a pain in the backside.

4. others

while m'sians r complaining of heatwaves, here it has been raining non-stop for 2 days. the temperature dropped to around 11C, but still who wears a shirt in the house, rite?

cycling in the rain, that is something different!

untill next week!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

entry basikal

1. UMNO cup

well done guys, the UMNO cup is in Adelaide for the 2nd time. a very convincing win indeed. hats off, pants still on.

2. Osama

haha dodgy news. pity those gays who were dancing in front of the White House celebrating. surely they're sore as from the long night.

3. basikal

since sekarang nih aku tgh in the market for basikal untuk aku n abg aku, n pok kem, meh aku cte sikit pasal basikal, especially roadbike. kalau korg nk bli roadbike ini adelah bende2 yg perlu diusha.

i) brand: xpenting. brand ape pon lebey kurg aje unless korg nih tahap athlete olympic or kalau kompeni tuh nk sponsor korg. kalau sponsor, korg bedal je r.

ii) frame: very important in the sense of size. ade mcm2 size n dimension kadang2 berbeza ikut brand. kalau korg kaya, korg boleh lah p kedai dan try size ape yg sedap ditelur, tp kl korg duit pon kais pagi makan pagi je, carik la online. kalau beskal second hand, tanye la seller tuh the height of the rider, n korg yg tinggi 160cm xyah la poyo2 bajet 180cm plak. xsedap lepas dh bli tiada gunanya.

biasanya frame utk roadbike standard low end kedai, frame die alloy. yg up sket carbon fibre. kalau basikal yg oldskool mcm basikal buruk aku tuh frame die steel, mmg berat gaban.

iii) specs: PALING penting, ini kira mcm orang nk bli kete, nk enjin V8 ke V12 ke camtuh r. kalau dlm konteks basikal, it is called groupset. kdag2 kedai2 suka tipu, letak one part bagus, part2 lain die letak componen2 generic, so harga murah tp performance mungkin kurg bagus. so to be safe just go with the sets. 3 most common groupsets are: SRAM, Shimano n Campagnolo. Prorider biasenye akan pkai SRAM Red or Shimano Dura-Ace. according to mechanic kedai basikal, the difference between Shimano 105, Ultegra n Dura-Ace adalah berat components, which is very important kalau korg proracer, tp kalau berat perut pon dh 36kg, xyah la susah2 nk spend more on the higher end components, unless korang mmg kaya dan byk duit lebih.
hierarchy of shimano groupsets: ayam-sora-tiagra-105-ultegra-duraace-+++ electronic shifter blablabla

kalau korg kaki2 tukar sets n rim, kne refer kedai, xsemua rim complements certain sets. tools pon lain2 ikut brand. so advantage shimano is rmai org pkai so sng kalau tangan gatal2 di masa hadapan.

iv) rim n tyre: basic rim n tyre consist of a rubber tube n tyre. up sket org pkai tubeless tyre with valve, kalau dh tahap Tour de France tuh diorg pakai tubular tyre. tubular tyre nih biasenye pkai rim carbon, n each tyre can cost around $100ea. tuh duit buat makan lagi bagus.

v) tribike/TT bike: aku igt nk angkat satu tapi pk2 balik mcm gile mahal je mantainance die, n mcm x seswai nk pkai outside race. tp sedap utk speeding. hmm.. pk pk.

vi) fixie: utk org2 stylo

so kalau korg kaye nk mati boleh r angkat yg superhighend

4. Biggest loser

Emma duncan.. gle xcun langsung time gemuk.

5. Hutang2

ok sape2 hutang kat aku leh start bayar, sape2 yg aku hutang kat die pon boleh sound aku.

sekian update kali ini. bosan cam gaban.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


1. Mudir Madrasah Idrisiah meninggal

semalam ustaz kamaruddin ahmad meninggal, n akan dikebumikan dekat makam al ghufran seblah masjid ubudiah. komfem la kuala kangsar tuh jam gile hari nih., biase la, org2 baik meninggal dunia.

semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat.

ps: nasib baik aku xtdo time kelas i'dadi dlu. kalau satu kelas tidur pon bukan nyer ustat2 tua nih kesah.

2. futsal

aku tau aku mmg kool. sila baca kat sini. sape2 nk otograf ke nk suro aku standby utk event2 catwalk supermodel ke boleh r kontek aku dgn kadar yang segera.

3. cuti easter + ANZAC day

5 hari siot public holiday. gle puas omputih2 nih mabuk2.

4. lain2

aku rs bangun pagi2 bukak ebay mmg xdek life r. xdek life tp ade duit.

someone who is so confident with internet security.

sekian, marilah beli beskal byk2.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fun fun think about fun

1. Adelaide Gaol night tour

a total rip off. would be better to visit during the day, a lot more to see and it's bloody cheaper.

2. Showdown XXX

a good game it was. since it was a port's home game, the atmosphere was nothing short of what u can expect when a team beats a local opponent. 33K crowd, where the hell r these ppl come from?

pics r on fb.

3. everythig else

-nk bli tri bike ke x. hmmm...
-congrats ManU

sekian update mingguan.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

in my dreams

life is ok at the moment, but nothing really interesting to talk about. u better off watching rebecca black's friday instead.

a random thought, if u have AUD8K-1oK, would u:

a) buy a 2nd hand R1
b) buy a full carbon tri bike + a 2nd hand GSX
c) save it for future plans a.k.a kahwin
d) take a break, go travelling n do skydiving n stuffs
e) p haji with parents this year
f) stop working n become a full-time bogan
g) do nothing

on a different note, i've been getting weird dreams lately, but i cant help but to enjoy the bout. like this morning in my dream i updated this blog into a cooler interface. i guess i've been looking too much at smartphone clips n stuffs.

can't wait for the Adelaide Gaol night tour tomorrow n The Showdown at the AAMI on saturday. the least i can look fwd to.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

from bicycle to Audi n back to familiar ground

ayah, umi n mama

all praise to God, everything went well, except that i wont have my on-stage grad pic due to a string of miscommunications, which i only have myself to be blamed, but certain things are easily to get over with.

the apartment was more than sufficient, the car was excellent, everything went accordingly as planned, and i still left with a significant amount of money in the bank. good to know that i wont have to rob a bank or go all-out busking at Rundle Mall, anytime soon.

graduation was ok. i'm yet to reap the benefit of it so far, but you got to make do good of what you've got, i believe i embraced the convo spirit whole-heartedly. a 'compulsory' part of my life is done n dusted... at least for now.

it was kinda dream, everything seemed so out of my world. the feeling of disbelief still lingers around my head for me to digest. it was a week that is totally contradict everything that im familiar with. such an upheaval it was, the whole experience.

having my parents here was a bless itself, never-mind the Audi, comfy apartment, jacuzzi n stuff. but at the end of the day, i opted to sleep on the floor in front of the tv.

my sincere apologies go to all those who weren't invited to the dinner. it was such a secluded, secured apartment that i already start developing arthritis from repetitive card tagging to open the door.

here are the guests and the reasons:
Rumah Wilcox, Rumah Paradise, Rumah Syamil, Rumah Im, Alturkistiano: Rumah2 yg aku selalu crash since 2006. rumah pokcek dah dissolved so aku terlupa ade haikal the survivor.
Anep n co: ex-housemate 06 n my father knows him from work.
Rumah Aisyah paradise: my bro's sister in law. invited tp xdatang.
Kak Ipah n co: sbb ade baby comel. gahahahahaha.
jubek: mr photographer, xdatang jugak.

a million of thanks to all, especially the wilcoxes, yg jadik pusat mengeteh lepas subuh utk bpk aku. layan siot hahahaha.

i know my real enthusiasm is on bikes, but firmly, i can confidently say "money well spent". and i'll do it all over again anytime soon, without hesitation of course!

ps: more pic here. more r coming. such an asian, snap anything that moves.

Friday, March 25, 2011


1. parent aku + mama datang!!

fuh $$$ kuar mcm air tuh. tp so far xnampak effek lagi sbb die xtolak lg dr bank acct. apartment n kete sudah di book, tp xtau la nk bawak jalan p mana. hmm...

tiket grad sudah dibeli, tp mcm nk kne bli satu lagi utk en photographer mr Jubek. bp aku nk bayar mamat nih pon aku tatau.

ps: sape2 yg nk kasik hadiah, bunga, coklat, pakej percutian 3 hari 5 malam ke fiji boleh r tunggu kat luar festival centre dlm pkl 11.30am 30/03/2011.

2. that footage flooding the fb...

mcm biasa, yg ditunggu2 x dpt, yg random2 bersepah2an. we want dat fucking tambi fucking amoi vid, not that KB mall chick hanging, n she did not even die! if u wanna ccommit suicide, p terjun laut la, xdek orang, mayat reput ikan makan, no mess left for others to clean. boleh masuk neraka dengan tenang.

ps: hot jugak sideview miera liyana nih!

3. gemilang

apsal aku rs mcm cite nih slow, xbes n tiz zaqiyah mcm gemok n watak die aku rs mcm nk rembat2 je. gelabah gle babeng. tp mak aku kate, xelok buat keje separuh jalan. so terpakse r tgk sampai abes.

4. lain2.

Oz kalah dgn india pagi tadi ngahahha. amik lu ponting! india vs pakistan is next. somebody is gonna die!!!

sekian update mingguan yang terlambat sikit. selamat hari jumaat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

kurang green tech & poor planning

marilah kita mulakan session minggu ini dengan one-minute-silence utk penduduk2 Jepun. n kepade rosnah mancur, 1 year silence. as much as i thought u r quite dumb, i never knew u r such an idiot. no wonder the arab kings paid you to come over to their kingdom, for a bit of old-style stand-up comedy gig i suppose.

1. Tsunami

i was in Tailem Bend having my fush&chups when i saw the news on tv. it looked much better than the scene in the movie 2012. can the world cope to rebuild with this chain of endless natural disasters? what will happen tomorrow?

argh kne kawen cepat r camnih.

2. Lameroo trip

alpacas r guardians of lambs

it was a different kind of experience. this is not the 1st time i stayed at a country place, but it did not fail my expectation. well, the 1st time i was on a farm, i shot guns. it requires something special to top that but Lameroo was special in it's own way.

i got to drive a big farming tractor n herded sheep, woke up to a vast uninterrupted view, had quiet and peaceful nights. sounds like im ready for retirement already.

Rufat, a dude from Azerbaijan, and i were blessed to be placed with a lovely couple as our host. we stayed on their farm estate, and helped them with sheep n stuff.

other activities were sheering sheep, boomeranging, spotlighting kangaroos etc. more pic here.

if u feel like "ah pegi xajak..." . aku dah letak ad die kat FB so pandai2 lah ye.

background song: wearing white.

3. housemate

housemate aku sorg baru lari balik mesia. tau2 je dh ilang. so skang nk kne carik housemate baru. sape2 yg homeless tuh kontek r aku.

sape2 yg nk blah dari rumah tuh, bawak2 r bincang. jgn blah camtuh je.

4. lain2

- arsenal? disappointing as usual. 4 reduced to 1 n it's hard to stay positive with all the injuries.
- aku xkerja arinih. gile awkward abes.
- had a sweet dream abt my IELTS result. i remembered the last time i did my IELTS test, i had a similar dream as well, and the result was identical to the one in the dream. hmmm...

ok la cukup la tuh, nk kne p plan mcm2 n menambahkan lagi pengguaan green energy. green energy ur fat ass la makcik oi!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

off for the long weekend

- will be out of Adelaide during the long weekend, and the being given a swing shift on double pay rate on monday. it seems like a less boring weekend compared to the last one.

- bring on barca! Eboue to score 4 and replace Messi as the player of the year.

- a few things yet to settle before convo n stuffs.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ok, skang nk carik kereta sewa pulak

1. snorkeling part deux

bes. ini baru bes. xdek suara orang jerit2 nk mati lemas hahaha. puas2 sampai kaki luke2 pijak coral. unfortunately the summer, according to the calendar, ended yesterday. arinih sejuk gaban r plak. sejuk2 xdek org p laut weh. gambar2 ade kat sini.

ye, aku mmg spesis yg xpkai baju. kalau dok dlm rumah winter2 pon aku xpkai baju.

2. accomodation

dh jumpe accomodation yg affordable n seswai utk parent+mama. boleh masak2 etc. xpe2, duit boleh carik.

skang nk carik kete plak. pastuh nk kne plan nk jalan2 p mane.

3. ah-long

sape2 yg ade financial prob tuh, boleh r jumpe aku bawak borang J, esp sape2 yg xdek duit nk byr yuran uni ke ape meh sini meh. sape2 yg xdek duit nk bli CBR ke nk bli Conek DSLR ke tuh boleh jumpe aku gak, aku rembat telur korg. (terms & condition applies)

4. free tix

3 free tixs to give away. malas nk advertise skang.

5. lain2

selamat belajar kpd budak2 yg baru bukak uni semalam. bosan la plak xdek uni.

sekian buletin mingguan.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sape tau ade rumah sape2 free 28/3-2/4?

jumaat lepas hujan satu hari, malam2 sangap kuar rollerblading. bosan gaban. sabtu petnag main bola lawan timor leste kalah 4-2. petang sabtu main tenis double. bosan ah double. ahad pagi p berenang2 kat aquatic centre. petang sket p umah sarah+im makan2. petang sikit main bola. kalau tiap2 weekend camnih mmg 18pek r aku.

ok sape tau rumah mane2 free (tuan rumah balik mesia ke jalan2 goldcoast ke mati tertimbus kat CC ke) 28/3 - 2/4? nk suro bayar pon xdek hal.

sekian update mingguan. majulah suka utk negara.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPP done. what's next mr croc?

1. SPP
this ultimate fitness program was launched circa 2007 by Mr ACS (currently known as Dr ACS a.k.a Mr Buaya) with a few exclusively chosen participating members.

i believe i have completed the mission. hahahahhaa

tips: find something physical u like, practical n sustainable.

2. IELTS part II

after a very anlytical thinking, i arrived to a decision to retake the whole thing instead of submitting a re-mark application for my writing part. another $320 gone.

so the next test will be on 5/03/11. hopefully it'll b the last one, but u'll never know.

3. work

ok skip this part

4. V-day

ok skip this part as well

5. sports

i bought a new tennis raquet, n i think it suits me well. now i just need a cute blonde hot-looking russian chix to b my playing partner.

oh snorkling this sunday iA.

6. Juniors

lets break some legs!

weekly update's done. i desperately need a haircut, i might just do it myself.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

حمزة نمرة - احلم معايا

"Therefore when you are free still labor hard" (alquran 94:7)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

al iz vell

1. pt noarlunga

went snorkling at Pt Noarlunga last sunday despite of the unpermissible weather. the water was as cold and the waves was rough. a few people were drifted away but nobody died; whatever happened in between really did not matter. oh except that ugly sound made by ikhwan when he was kinda drowning. that's funny as.

next trip will be in a fortnight.

2. panda

received 2 free tix so i asked somebody out, but she happened to be in Tiddy Widdy (what kind of place is this?), so i put up a status on fb. sarah was the 1st to reply therefore the tix is hers. chika was the 2nd to reply, so bad luck.

the zoo was no different to other zoos i've been, n the pandas were.... pandas. they dont juggle balls, they even have problem touching their own ball themselves.

more pic here.


if anything i've learnt post IB, it is to accept failure as it is with open heart. i flunked the writing part and got 6.5, .5 short of the much needed 7. other components score are >7. i guess it's the handwriting and lack of practicing of the summary part which let me down.

im still thinking wether i shud appeal for re-check or shud i go for another IELTS test end of this month.

4. visa

will marry any australian for PR. no question asked.

fuck it's a fucking meticulous nitpicky business. dont even mention the cost anymore. fuck.

5. freshies

good luck. study hard. play hard. housewarming jangan lupa ajak.

6. work

i hate that fat bleached blondy lazy motherfucking bitch.

ok off to work. bye.

Monday, January 31, 2011

curret temp: 40.2 C

1. Visa


2. makan2

- had lunch at the Oporto with Aie last friday prior to Solat Jumaat. he went back to malaysia the day after.
- BBQ at Devenport Tce, even firemen unexpectedly appeared suspecting a fire. all blame is on the shisha.

3. bicycle

after a careful consideration, i've decided to keep my repco tri-a-cycle. i'll try to restore it when i have time (+money)

4. Snorkling

cant wait for this sunday forklift licence test. i havnt been in deep water for a while. not as much as i've been in deep shit.

5. kasut futsal

to all my fans out there, please send me a pair of size 8UK futsal shoes. thanks.

6. raya cina

oh how much i miss all the sweet as limau and the pretty sight of sweet ass chixs in cheongsams.

7. Revolution

Hosni Mubarak is a powerdrunk dumbass knob. just bloody fuck off already!

have a blessed weekend. ok now it's 40.5C already.

ps: ANTM audition is a crap show with a lot of spectators.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"how did ur test go?"

well done AHPRA, because of your new regulation the IELTS-conducting companies r richer. imagine there were 92 A4 paper, with 14 names of candidates on each A4 paper, and each and every candidate paid AUD319 (GST incl)

that is a whopping AUD410,872 in half a day! im so going to stuff my physio careerpath for that kind of money.

now the academic part. the listening was not worth of mentioning, the reading was ok, the writing... ah the writing was not as good as expected. only now i can appreciate why ppl put craps in IELTS essay. u dont get enough time, and my handwriting is bloody shocking since circa 1992 anno domini.

the speaking part was a WTF kind of moment where u knew that the interviewer doesn't give a shit on what u r going to say as long as u talk. so hopefully i did alright for this part, n for the other part as well.

so finger-crossed, leg crossed, boob-crossed, and if u happen to have 2 penises, or the one which branches into two, please get them crossed for me as well. i need ur kind of luck too.

oh that dude with two belly buttons, i dont need ur help, that's just pure ugliness.

ps: why all examiners were a bit curious when comparing my passport pic to my current look? have i really had evolved into a irresistible species within these few years? or they're just sad they've became uglier as days go on?

ps2: TDU ended yesterday. Mark Cavendish got 1st, from the bottom lol. talking abt upsets!

ps3: u boob-crossed chick, if u r below 25 yo, please pm me thanks. (terms & conditions apply)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

saya tak tahu nak tulis apa

kerja macam biasa, bola macam biasa. ajim n co p Bangkok, Brisbane banjir, TDU dah start, Australian Open dah start.

and IELTS test sabtu ni.

n still malas gle r nak buat pape

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arsenal menang, yaay!

sekian update tertunggak minggu lepas. para peminat diharap dapat bertenang.

segala kesilapan amat dikesali.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011. full of plans.

since im preparing for my IELTS test in a few weeks, i will be writing in standard English, which means less swear vocabs for you guys. well, suck it up, u can always continue reading the day after if u dozed off midway through.

so 2010 had gone past, leaving a lot of memories and emotions to remember. if you are one of my keen follower, religiously reading my blog week-in week-out, you surely well-informed of what sort of things i am talking about (and i can imagine how boring your life is to find my life interesting), nevertheless i am more than delighted to rewrite some of 2010 highlights, from memory, the good and the not-so-good one of course!

the good ones:
- met and spent a couple of month with the 2 newborns in Malaysia
- world cup 2010
- passed all the subjects, thus graduated.
- Harimau Malaya won the two titles.
- some bad-ass dude died

the sad/upsetting/less-happy ones:
- back-stabbed by project partner
- the diagnosis of one of the 2 boys
- got lost in the hills on Christmas day
- some good people passed away

i think you all can see that i am losing points to write on, and surprising enough, not many things happened throughout the year, which we nagged times and times about, are not significant at all to hang around in our cerebral cortex.

all in all, 2010 was a year which i had been over-cautious, study-wise especially, due to all the things that happened in the past 2-3 years. 2010 thought me to spend more times with family and friends, to appreciate little things around me(flat chested chicks? no not that kind of 'little things'). it was a challenging year full of possibilities, yet a very kind and humbling year in comparison to previous years. all praise to God the ever-perfect planner.

my plan for 2011 is to fulfil my IELTS test to the required level of achievement, to find a job, to find a wife, n hopefully get marry as soon as possible...


ps: for those sponsored students, especially medic students, who finished their study in 2010, it is ethical for you to work in Malaysia . if u think working in Malaysia is hard, you can only imagine the hell others went through to fund your RM1,000,000 + cost of study abroad. it is not a choice, it is a responsibility.