Monday, November 26, 2012

having kittens

things that happened since the last update:

1. Cycling

went up Mt Coot-Tha. like a cougar's k-pop toyboy; very metro with an upmarket name yet not that hard. the whole climb took about 20 mins. might do it again tho

went cycling to bribie island again, but wasn't tempted to get into the surf. it was a windy stormy weekend

2. Work

very flat like a flat-chested chick... superficially it *can look very boring.

3. Caboolture

volunteered myself to help with Arabic and Quran class for local kids. for Arab kids not to be able to recognise Arabic letters is just sloppy parenting. very interesting nonetheless.

Ashura Mauritius style

and when one local woman converted last week, it made me think of my logic behind a job transfer request stating "to be closer to mosque and muslim community" as the reason behind it. what a poofter.

4. Other stuffs

futsal: will try and participate fortnightly on thursdays in Nundah
tennis: weekly; finally i won a match last weekend. hoyeah!
golf: will have to make more time 

"abandoned, inconsistent and lack of depth..." the perfect description of this blog circa 2012.

*a very safe choice of word