Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tax return, X setel!

1. uni

for me, uni started a week ago, not like most of the students here who started their new semester last monday. hopefully this will b my last semester for the course. PR? IELTS? Interviews?

nk kne update resume ah malas r.

2. bola

my job at CUFC is pretty much done this season. there are only 3 games to be played this season, and it is quite sad that the club will be relegated to the premier league next season.

main bola mmg bes ah!

3. kje

rs mcm malas nk kje r. duit mcm dh byk, uni mcm makin gile2. tp xkje kang mcm bosan plak dok umah. hmmm.

dem r tax return mcm xdpt balik sume je. demmit la!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


24/01/09 voided

my holiday this time was a fulfilling one. i spent some times in most of the penisula states (except pahang & perlis) lepak2 dgn kawan2 etc, as well as i had times with my family doing familial stuffs. thanks to all the major contributors, im now 10kg heavier yet charming nonetheless.

1. ilham hazim

anak sedare aku yg terel buat muke sedih nih dh selamat menjalani craniotomy (xsure keyhole ke, craniostomy ke ape) smlm. sgt sedih utk meninggalkan budak nih b4 operation die smlm. mak aku ckp, amik la gambar last dgn die, kot2 pasnih 'die dh xdek dah'. but i refused.

speedy recovery 4 him iA. nnt dtg la jalan2 kat sini k!

2. dh sampai

slept over at the Melbourne airport, then connecting flight to adelaide was delayed twice. but, reach here anyway. a bit disappointed when my bicycle lock was not allowed to be carried on flight. wtf. what harm can it do? Girls' highheels can bring more destruction than the bloody lock. stupid law.

15/07/10 re-dated

3. mat kawen

tahniah mat yg berjaya berkahwin smlm walaupon bukan dgn kazen ali al-iraqi mahupon anak ali al-maghribi.

esok dh stat klas. shit weather.sekian.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

aiseh, seminggu lagi.

• This will be the seventh all-European final and means that a European nation will win the tournament for a record 10th time.

• It will be the first final to not include one of Brazil, (West)Germany, Argentina or Italy

• Netherlands go into the final unbeaten and if they are victorious on Sunday, they will become only the fifth side to register a 100% record in WC finals so far, joining Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1938, and Brazil in 1970 and 2002.

• The Dutch also had a 100% record in qualification for South Africa and could become only the second nation ever to win all their qualifiers and finals games, after Brazil achieved this feat in 1970.

• The Dutch are now unbeaten in 25 successive international matches and have conceded more than one goal in only one of their last 14 games in World Cup finals tournaments (1-2 v Croatia in the 1998 third-place play-off).

• Spain are the first reigning European champions to participate in the World Cup final since West Germany in 1982 and are the 12th different side to reach a World Cup final.

• If Spain - who have seven goals - are to avoid becoming the lowest scoring winners of all time, they will need to net at least four. Italy (1938), England (1966) and Brazil (1994) all won the tournament with 11.

• Xavi has created 25 goalscoring chances in this tournament - eight more than any other player. He has made 560 passes at this tournament, completing 509 so far. Only Dunga (Brazil 1994) has completed more in a single World Cup tournament since 1966.

esok ade akikah kat umah aku meh r dtg meh. dtg lps pkl 11am k.

Monday, July 05, 2010