Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hepi Oz Day. I'm a bloody asian.

i dunno if this blog is still relevant to people, n if there're still people reading it other than myself, but maybe one day when i'm a prime minister, or waiting for the death sentence in jail, ppl will be offering money for this autobiography.

1. Work

i think careerwise, i wish the Pantai offered me the job before i accepted this one. not the best, but quite a humbling one. i learnt, and still learning a lot from this people, some of them centenaries, about life. i will try to put a few here in later posts.

2. Life

WTF is dat? this feels like foreveralone but worse. but can't really complaint. siapa ada jumpa awek cun* yang sanggup nk dtg sini dok dgn aku, silelah kontek aku secepat mungkin. all-inclusive. the earlier the better. or maybe i should apply for a position at the nearby HJs to keep me busy at night.

3. Queensland

i prefer Adelaide more. something im more familiar with, and cheaper public transport. just going to the beach and back last saturday on the bus cost me about $8. padan muka aku. ombak dah la tahap surfing, boleh dapat sixpac dengan duduk dibantai ombak je. kepala pon boleh concussed. berasap je tengok budak2 nih bersnorkling tiap2 hari cuti. dem ah. skang nih musim ujan, apa lagi boleh pergi kerja pakai kasut futsal pakai alasan kasut basah akibat hujan.

4. Bola

physically, i had a session of ball-kicking with 3 other local dudes last sunday, and that's about it. yup pocketball is never considered a non-contact sport. virtually, it has been quite frustrating for Arsenal Fans. TW14 is shit n does not deserve the starting 11. like RvP, i would have thought Wenger to sub TW14 with Arshavin, but well... enjoy the song...

*tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

when we expect a certain bitter end to it...

why i always have to be away when things like this happen in M'sia? why why why?!!

ps: nasib baik la #901 tuh hari kerja, kalau hari cuti mesti lg ramai. congrats PDRM, that's how you handle peaceful gatherings

Sunday, January 08, 2012

out of place at the new place


went to my ex-roomate wedding in Kelana Jaya, didn't spend much time over there but managed to take some photos with the couple. terbuat lawak sepontan pulak kahkahkah. i think he's up for revenge. hahahaha

then the flight, thanks to those who came, n azad asal boleh nak dtg lambat. masuk2 tros dh nk final call, sempat la lari p toilet n buat ape2 yg patut.siap sempat transfer remaining credit kat una lagi hahaha. ye, xdek party tgk bunga api pon dalam flight tuh, tp stewardess name amy tuh mmg cun la. rugi xamik gamba sepam due, boleh gak buat wallpaper laptop nih r :-"


this was the fastest custom check ever. didnt hav to open my bags or anything, he just asked few quick questions n then i'm a free man. rugi xjadik keldai dadah. abg usop waited for me n sampai2 rumah die, kak noli sudah masak nangka masak lemak. ini silap amik flight ke ape nih gahahahaa enjoyed the stay there, seronok melayan budak2, bawak p main kat padang etc. entah bape kilo naik pon tatau.


moved to the room im renting now. i am living with a hippie lady and her son. she's not home much, semalam pon die p meronggeng p tdo kat beach, pagi td baru die balik. yg best nye die nih mcm vegan, so xdek la bau2 bacon berkumandang dlm rumah. n dlm rumah pon xpkai kasut sbb geng2 nih mmg xpkai kasut. ok la so far, tp agak sangap sbb tv xdek antena la plak. aduih! camne nk tgk docos bersub kuning sbs nih??!! gambar bilik? nnt2 la ok.

the new adventure, starting fresh