Monday, January 31, 2011

curret temp: 40.2 C

1. Visa


2. makan2

- had lunch at the Oporto with Aie last friday prior to Solat Jumaat. he went back to malaysia the day after.
- BBQ at Devenport Tce, even firemen unexpectedly appeared suspecting a fire. all blame is on the shisha.

3. bicycle

after a careful consideration, i've decided to keep my repco tri-a-cycle. i'll try to restore it when i have time (+money)

4. Snorkling

cant wait for this sunday forklift licence test. i havnt been in deep water for a while. not as much as i've been in deep shit.

5. kasut futsal

to all my fans out there, please send me a pair of size 8UK futsal shoes. thanks.

6. raya cina

oh how much i miss all the sweet as limau and the pretty sight of sweet ass chixs in cheongsams.

7. Revolution

Hosni Mubarak is a powerdrunk dumbass knob. just bloody fuck off already!

have a blessed weekend. ok now it's 40.5C already.

ps: ANTM audition is a crap show with a lot of spectators.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"how did ur test go?"

well done AHPRA, because of your new regulation the IELTS-conducting companies r richer. imagine there were 92 A4 paper, with 14 names of candidates on each A4 paper, and each and every candidate paid AUD319 (GST incl)

that is a whopping AUD410,872 in half a day! im so going to stuff my physio careerpath for that kind of money.

now the academic part. the listening was not worth of mentioning, the reading was ok, the writing... ah the writing was not as good as expected. only now i can appreciate why ppl put craps in IELTS essay. u dont get enough time, and my handwriting is bloody shocking since circa 1992 anno domini.

the speaking part was a WTF kind of moment where u knew that the interviewer doesn't give a shit on what u r going to say as long as u talk. so hopefully i did alright for this part, n for the other part as well.

so finger-crossed, leg crossed, boob-crossed, and if u happen to have 2 penises, or the one which branches into two, please get them crossed for me as well. i need ur kind of luck too.

oh that dude with two belly buttons, i dont need ur help, that's just pure ugliness.

ps: why all examiners were a bit curious when comparing my passport pic to my current look? have i really had evolved into a irresistible species within these few years? or they're just sad they've became uglier as days go on?

ps2: TDU ended yesterday. Mark Cavendish got 1st, from the bottom lol. talking abt upsets!

ps3: u boob-crossed chick, if u r below 25 yo, please pm me thanks. (terms & conditions apply)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

saya tak tahu nak tulis apa

kerja macam biasa, bola macam biasa. ajim n co p Bangkok, Brisbane banjir, TDU dah start, Australian Open dah start.

and IELTS test sabtu ni.

n still malas gle r nak buat pape

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arsenal menang, yaay!

sekian update tertunggak minggu lepas. para peminat diharap dapat bertenang.

segala kesilapan amat dikesali.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011. full of plans.

since im preparing for my IELTS test in a few weeks, i will be writing in standard English, which means less swear vocabs for you guys. well, suck it up, u can always continue reading the day after if u dozed off midway through.

so 2010 had gone past, leaving a lot of memories and emotions to remember. if you are one of my keen follower, religiously reading my blog week-in week-out, you surely well-informed of what sort of things i am talking about (and i can imagine how boring your life is to find my life interesting), nevertheless i am more than delighted to rewrite some of 2010 highlights, from memory, the good and the not-so-good one of course!

the good ones:
- met and spent a couple of month with the 2 newborns in Malaysia
- world cup 2010
- passed all the subjects, thus graduated.
- Harimau Malaya won the two titles.
- some bad-ass dude died

the sad/upsetting/less-happy ones:
- back-stabbed by project partner
- the diagnosis of one of the 2 boys
- got lost in the hills on Christmas day
- some good people passed away

i think you all can see that i am losing points to write on, and surprising enough, not many things happened throughout the year, which we nagged times and times about, are not significant at all to hang around in our cerebral cortex.

all in all, 2010 was a year which i had been over-cautious, study-wise especially, due to all the things that happened in the past 2-3 years. 2010 thought me to spend more times with family and friends, to appreciate little things around me(flat chested chicks? no not that kind of 'little things'). it was a challenging year full of possibilities, yet a very kind and humbling year in comparison to previous years. all praise to God the ever-perfect planner.

my plan for 2011 is to fulfil my IELTS test to the required level of achievement, to find a job, to find a wife, n hopefully get marry as soon as possible...


ps: for those sponsored students, especially medic students, who finished their study in 2010, it is ethical for you to work in Malaysia . if u think working in Malaysia is hard, you can only imagine the hell others went through to fund your RM1,000,000 + cost of study abroad. it is not a choice, it is a responsibility.