Wednesday, October 31, 2007


saya bosan dan malas.. x mcm budak2 rumah saya yg sedang tekun belajar penyakit2.

bosan: xdek bola, xdek org yg buleh dikacau, xdek bende yg bes utk dibuat
malas: prac test jumaat nih wajib di pass kan dengan warnawarni berterbangan

solution: tidur dgn byk! (exam 14 n 23 nov) dan melayan utube, mencarik bende2 yg dilayan zaman mude2 dlu.

berite lain: bace kat sini... wa caya sama lu!


ps: kamis depan buleh berenang2 di WnC hospital, adelaide utara.. yay

Sunday, October 28, 2007


just finished watching L'pool-Arsenal match, which end up a 1-1 draw. great game, beautiful football as usual. l'pool with the long shots and Arsenal hit the post twice. gonna get some sleep then do some preparation for the gay seminar this afternoon.

mari mengenal player2:

Emmanuel ADEBAYOR, 23 (Forward) Signed from: Monaco, France; Price: £7m Togolese son of Nigerian immigrants, moved to Metz's youth academy

Nicklas BENDTNER, 19 (Forward) Copenhagen, Denmark Spotted by Scandinavia scout Bobby Barnes. A signed No7 shirt helped lure the Robert Pires fanatic

Gael CLICHY, 22 (Defender) Cannes, France Current Spurs director Damien Comolli scouted him while working for Arsenal

Abou DIABY, 21 (Midfield) Auxerre, France; £2m Spotted in Northern Ireland with France U18s. Arsenal went undercover at Auxerre

DENILSON, 19 (Midfield) Sao Paulo, Brazil; £3.4m Brazilian scout Orlanelli spotted him, Wenger liked him and Rowley had to climb a fence to watch him

Johan DJOUROU, 20 (Defender, on loan, Birm'ham) Etoile Carouge, Switzerland At the Swiss second division club when 65-year-old Italy-based scout Tony Banfield saw him

Emmanuel EBOUE, 24 (Defender) Beveren, Belgium; £1m Beveren were the controversial feeder Belgian club to Arsenal, housing Ivorians obtaining EU passports

Lukasz FABIANSKI, 22 (Goalkeeper) Legia Warsaw, Poland German scout Thomas Kost alerted club to Petr Cech. Didn't hesitate when Kost had 'Cech's successor'

Cesc FABREGAS, 20 (Midfield) Barcelona, Spain Prised from Barcelona in an operation masterminded by Rowley and Cagigao

Mathieu FLAMINI, 23 (Midfield) Marseille, France A Wenger-Grimandi signing, the boss's hunch on out-of-contract midfielder

Justin HOYTE, 23 (Defender) England Nurtured at Arsenal's academy in Grays under the tutelage of Andy McDermid

Fran MERIDA, 17 (Midfield) Barcelona, Spain Another coup for Cagigao, almost broke relations with Barca. Arsenal paid £2m compensation

Havard NORDTVEIT, 17 (Defender) FK Haugesund, Norway Wenger rushed back from holiday to secure the young Norwegian, who will feature this season

Bacary SAGNA, 24 (Defender) Auxerre, France; £6m Only scout Gilles Grimandi trailed him last season and they had a clear need to bolster their defence

Philippe SENDEROS, 22 (Defender) Servette, Switzerland; £2.5m Another initially spotted by Kost before Rowley

Alexandre SONG, 20 (Midfield) Bastia, France; £100,000 Cameroon ace wanted by Wenger and Grimandi

Kolo TOURE, 26 (Defender) ASEC Abidjan, Ivory Coast; £150,000 Jean-Marc Guillou, a friend of Wenger, took his ASEC academy charges to train at Arsenal. They passed on his brother Yaya, now at Barca

Armand TRAORE, 18 (Defender) Monaco, France Wenger's contacts at his former club smoothed the path of yet another classy left-back

Robin VAN PERSIE, 24 (Forward) Feyenoord, Holland; £2.75m Misfit at Feyenoord, Arsenal took a risk on him when everyone else was watching Arjen Robben

Carlos VELA, 18 (Forward on loan at Osasuna) Chivas, Mexico Mexican top scorer at the 2005 U17 World Cup should have a Spanish passport by March

Theo WALCOTT, 18 (Forward) Southampton; up to £12m No secret about Walcott. Arsenal joined the queue to watch him being kicked by sides playing Southampton's youth team Gunners

ps: found this on after the match finished "Cesc Fabregas grabbed a late equaliser for Arsenal as the Gunners held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw in a lively top-of-the-table clash at Anfield."

the top of the table clash will be next saturday, no big fuss anyway.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Liburan minggu ini...

mari menghiburkan diri yg demam dan batuk2 ini dengan mengusha youtube, uhh!! (selain drpd mengusha ini)

lagu jepon bersenikata english (jumpe kat blog kuares)

never liked the original version, this one is better (the ella ella thing mcm gelabah je)

dan hiburan yg lebih bermanafaat sket ade kat sini!! (a must-see for all Malaysian)

sekian.. marilah kita jadikan lagu ini sbg lagu rasmi bulan ini. sekian

ps: seminar gay isnin depan, mls btol mau present!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

$1000 in ten days, anyone?

i found 1 ad on uni job page, great offer, but considering hav to miss solat subuh for 10 days, i did not apply for it. suitable for people with long sleep ability and like to do a bit of exercise like my fren ACS. so come on, only 2 persons needed... by now this exciting position might be taken oredi..

Sleep study participants

Sleep study participants
$1000 for 10 consecutive days
Centre for Sleep Research, UniSA, North Terrace
  • The Centre for Sleep Research is conducting a study into recovery from sleep loss, and we are looking to recruit 2 participants to take part.
  • Participation involves staying in the Sleep Centre for 10 continuous days in November (without leaving), during which you will be required to complete an array of performance tests every 2 hours, beginning at 9:00am.
  • This is a control condition, so there is no sleep deprivation involved. Instead, your sleeps will be 9 hours (from 11:00am to 8:00am) in length. (shud be 11pm-8am)
  • During all sleep periods, your sleep will be monitored using standard polysomnography, which consists of electrodes attached to your face and scalp. You are also required to refrain from consuming any alcohol, caffeine or medication for the 24 hours prior to and during the experimental period.
  • You will be compensated for any inconvenience associated with your participation in this study. If for some reason you do no complete the entire protocol, you will receive a pro rata payment.
Application Procedures
  • There are a number of screening criteria that must be satisfied before you can take part in the study. These include being a healthy, non-smoker, aged 18-35 years old, taking no medication and with a regular sleep pattern.
  • Before commencing the study, potential participants will be required to complete a 7-night sleep/wake diary and attend a screening interview where they will complete a general health questionnaire.

Contact Details

Ms Rebecca Tremaine

tahukah anda akan kewujudan simbol Ovingham ini?
(br pasan smlm gamba2 aku sume bertarikh taun 2008, uhh)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hard life...

one underrated star which caught my attention in past few seasons (not to mention his elderly face!). he did not wentto any football academy or anything, but his close-control is one of the best i've seen so far. just put it here in case u all interested.


Alexander Hleb, Arsenal and Belarus midfielder


Attacking midfielder Alexander Hleb's influence in the Barclays English Premier League is increasing rapidly. Hleb took time to find his feet after moving to Arsenal two years ago but now seems well settled and has played a big part in the club's fine start to the season.

Hleb's story is the classic rags-to-riches tale. The 26-year-old, whose Christian name has been Anglicised from the native Aleksandr, grew up in poverty in Minsk before striking it rich as a footballer in the West, first with German club Stuttgart and then Arsenal.

Hleb's parents worked hard to make ends meet during his childhood, his father a bus driver and his mother a bricklayer. When Hleb was four his father was 'volunteered' to help with the clear-up after the Chernobyl disaster. He was away for six months demolishing houses affected by radiation. Hleb is convinced his father's health was badly affected and he is still suffering the side-effects today.

Hleb remembers the fall of the Iron Curtain at the age of 10 and the formation of the separate Belarus republic.

Such was his impoverished upbringing that he did not own a pair of football boots until the age of 12. He learned his game playing on concrete pitches, avoiding the injuries that befell a number of his contemporaries and forced them to stop playing.

At 17, he signed for the tractor factory workers' team Bate Borisov and immediately caught the eye. He won the domestic title in his first season and within two years was snapped up by Stuttgart.

Under the tutelage of manager Felix Magath, Hleb developed in to a feared playmaker and earned international recognition. He was outstanding as Stuttgart finished Bundesliga runners-up in 2003 and enjoyed a run in the UEFA Champions League.

That impressive team began to break up, however, after Magath moved to Bayern Munich and Hleb had a number of disagreements with his replacement Matthias Sammer.

Arsenal kept an eye on the situation and pounced in the northern summer of 2005 with a successful GBP10million ($A22.7million) bid.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger did not expect immediate returns from his signing but the fee was difficult for observers and fans to ignore.

Arriving as the talismanic Patrick Vieira left also gave Hleb a lot more to live up to and he initially struggled to make an impact.

That began to change towards the end of the season as Arsenal reached the UEFA Champions League final. He became a regular in the 2006-07 campaign and has been outstanding during the Gunners' excellent start to the current season.


Hleb recently said that he enjoyed a good break, taking a trip home, holidaying in Turkey and the United States and spending a lot of time with his girlfriend. His mother should be pleased.

"He doesn't have a girlfriend - he's so obsessed with his career that he has no time," she said at the time of his move to Arsenal. "I hope he meets someone nice soon."


Hleb is now reaping the rewards of his hard work, earning a salary reputedly in the region of GBP60,000 ($A136,200) per week. His childhood was markedly different.

"There was always a lack of money," said his mother, who earned around GBP20 ($A45.40) per week laying bricks. "We depended on relatives to give us food."

"He was about nine when my brother, also called Aleksandr, won a real leather football. He gave it to our son."

"God, that was a happy moment. Aleksandr, his brother and other boys would spend their days and nights playing football."

Growing up in such a close-knit family, Hleb found it hard when he first moved to Germany.

"My heart was bleeding because I knew it would be a very hard time for him," Lidia Hleb said. "Initially it was a nightmare. Several times he called to say he was planning to come home."

"But then he said, no, he was going to stay. He wanted to show he was strong, and he has done that."


Hleb acquired something of a playboy reputation in his younger days at Stuttgart and did attract criticism back home for his lifestyle.

He was noted for his women and fast cars but a car accident in his Audi back in Minsk forced him to reassess his lifestyle.


Hleb got Arsenal's current season up and running when he netted a last-gasp goal to secure a 2-1 win over Fulham at the Emirates Stadium on the opening day.


One of the reasons for Hleb's slow start at Arsenal was a knee injury. Hleb played in a World Cup qualifier against Scotland in October 2005 but returned needing surgery and was ruled out for two months.

Position: Midfielder
Club: Arsenal
D.O.B.: 01/05/1981
Belarus Caps: 34
Belarus Goals: 4
Belarus Debut: v Wales, October 2001

hard life? be thankful

ps: td last day primary skool visit to kilkenny primary, good stuff...gamba2 ade kat sini... assignment sket lg nk siap tp nk tdo dlu.. hahahaha

Monday, October 15, 2007

gila punya raya!

mcm bese, malam raye kene bizi masak dan bermain lari dalam guni

kenapa struggle memasak nasik hempet? mereka buleh didapati dari shopping complex berdekatan dengan harga 15 doler setrolley!!! *(lisa is not included)

bermula dgn solat raya kat mesjit, di imami oleh sheikh al ezaidin al whooper, mendapat pendidkan awal di universiti of mexicano. tiada baju raya...argh2!!

salah size baju raya... haih... pasrah...

sheikh al ezaidin mendermakan jubah beliau, skang baru boleh beraya...

amik gamba dulu...

tiap2 taun raye kat taman, taun nih buat dlm tram r pulak, baru happening n ramai org.. letak belon sket2...

pacik bername Mikel David Rann nih pon hepi beraye2, die keje dekat2 SA parlimen house...

akak2 nih pon hepi gk, makan free nyer pasal... tgk badan pon dah tau...

gle grand raye camnih...

hidangan yg xdiusik di hari raya... haih...

awek2 bersusu manis dan pelbagai perisa... uhuk2..

percubaan effy menelan sebijik gelas dan wajah kekenyangan asrul

kenyang2pon....lest we forget... gle patriotik....

dah kenyang ape lg.. tdo r.. hoho

sekian post ini.. campuran gamba2 raye taun nih... sume telah diuplod kat page multiply. silelah usha kl nak.

gle raye taun nih, xbalik rumah 4 hari (friday-monday), nih td br balik beraye kat umah sendrik

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

ps: mari membuat assignment.. lalalalala

Friday, October 12, 2007

pose hari nih or esok?

(dicurik from , November 2005 archive)

raya: hari ini atau esok?


teringat aku, syaaban yang lalu. ada mesyurat di bristol, soal bila kita akan mula berpuasa. terdengar dari mulut orang melayu:

"majoriti puasa hari rabu, cuma muthanna(presiden islamic society) nak juga puasa hari selasa".

(statement ini sendiri tidak substantif, memandangkan, ada pendapat yang berkata majoriti adalah sebaliknya)

maka, islamic society dan kebanyakan student pun berpuasa hari selasa. kecuali umat melayu yang berpecah. ada yang ikut perisytiharan islamic society (kumpulan A), ada yang ikut kumpulan B.

tiba musim raya:
terkejut aku. aik, ramai pula raya ikut islamic society. bukan kat bristol ni majoriti raya hari jumaat? setelah secara tak langsung mereka meragui kredibiliti presiden islamic society, kali ini ramai pula yang ikut beraya. pelik bin ajaib.

dalam kes pertama tadi, kita memberi kepercayaan bulat kepada kumpulan B, kenapa bila berhari raya kita tidak beri kepercayaan kepada kumpulan B? bukankah ini satu inconsistency?

kumpulan B akan tetap kumpulan B, dan kumpulan A akan tetap kumpulan A. cuma, di tengah-tengah, ada umat melayu yang bergoyang ke sana dan ke sini.

jangan ketika berhadapan dengan Allah kelak, kita akan dituduh orang yang sengaja mengambil ringan hal ehwal agama. kategori mengelak dari melakukan tanggungjawab.

salam eidulfitr,
pohon maaf,

ps: wandana raya jumaat, city sabtu, ayn academy sabtu or ahad...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

See u next year, Ramadhan..

ramadan dh nak abes... rugi lak sehari miss terawih.. kat cleve arituh.. haih.. ape nk jadik
papepon semoge berjumpe lg dgn ramadan taun depan. selamat hari raya lagi skali!!!

budak kecik bace doa kat mesjit city lepas terawih td... panjang sungguh doa beliau.. sengal2 bahu nk tadah tangan.. hoho

ps: igt mau buat post lagu arab tp postpone la ble2 rajin kang... n paklah dh dpt ipod mase Soyuz berlepas td, so xtdo la kot dlm meeting pasnih layan ipod, pop yeyeh!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iklan raye...

from that moment, the father realised that bringing up his boy will never be as easy as expected.

'aduhai.. apsal la anak aku nih lembap sgt!!'

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

ps: paklah kejut budak2 bangun sahur pkl 12 mlm, ade sape2 brani kejut paklah time meeting?? lalalaa~~

Saturday, October 06, 2007

saya sudah berubah....

bersempena dengan Ramadhan al Mubarak ini, saya ingin memaklumkan bahawasanya saya sudah berubah.....

kepada ini!!

kronologi penggunaan simcard, start from left:

selamat tinggal Optus. sekian pemberitahuan. slmt berpuasa dan beraya dgn seronok sekali. jgn makan byk sgt.

eh.. pembetulan kat sini, saya bukan pelajar uni of adelaide... tq kpd en mongger.

ps: still gune no lame, 0416635507.. kpd yg blom kasik no hp die kat aku silelah kasik, no2 lame sume dah ilang.. tq2....cuti pon dh abes.. haih...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cleve mode..

few things i learnt during my clinical placement:

1. Cleve country people:
  • they r much like "org2 kampung" in malaysia, frenly, everybody knows everybody, "hi" and wave hand to everybody, including passers-by in cars.
  • "dont talk to stranger" policy is not applicable for their kids. i remember a group of young ballerinas surrounded me on my way to my accomodation, n asked me my name etc. there was also a boy asking me "who r u?" when i went past his house.
  • they drink and use rain water instead of pipe water. pipe water is no good and taste bad.
  • most of the houses in farms powered by solar and wind energy due to the extra costs they have to pay to get electricity installed. im talking about around 30k.
  • the men's hobbies are stuffing their sheds ( with things such as lorries, cars, tyres, bikes...everything!!), fishing and shooting (rabbits, kangaroos, pigs, wildcats.. but not emus, foxes, birds)
  • the women's hobbies are quilting, gardening and fishing.
  • other hobbies are scuba diving, bush walking and swimming.
  • U feel safe in a car driven by a man holding a stubby in hand, and already had few bottles before.
  • rain brings happiness to everybody (the draught is really affecting averybody, especially the farmers)
  • only a cop working in the police station.
  • the nearest neighbour is 30-40 kms away

2. health n diseases:

i've never see as much people with total knee replacement (TKR) in Malaysia. we had a good discussion and derived a conclusion:

u will have to have TKR if:
  • u get injury to the knee due to sports, accidents etc
  • u use sitting toilet instead of squatting toilet
  • u TAK SOLAT 5 waktu*
  • u didnt do a lot of movement, especially the inner range one.
  • other reasons...
when i was very young, i thought that for an elderly, having to pray 5 times a day is unappropriate and doesnt make sense at all. but looking at the outcome, it is clear enough why solat is compulsory as long as u r living. do u expect average old people to do yoga and aerobic everyday? u wish!!

u dont belive me? wait until the time when u will have to spend ur gaji, KWSP or pencen money on orthopedics, physios and surgeons. even if u r covered by insurance etc, i bet u wouldnt want to experience the pain and sufferings.

above all, thanks to all who make my stay in Cleve confortable, fun and educational (kes kes). i wish i dont have to come back to this boring city life of Adelaide the babelaide (anybody heard this b4?).

cuti cuti cuti....

* also applicable for frozen shoulder, athritis, flaccid spine, bad posture, muscle weakness. they come in packages.

Monday, October 01, 2007

cuti lagi...

selamat bersekolah kepada rakan2 yg sudah abes cuti midsem... saya masih bercuti sampai 7/10 nih.. hoho.. tahniah kpd diri sendiri.. hoho..

aktiviti sambilan cleve: menembak

selamat berpuasa, jgn jadik spt abg talib n kak ros