Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cleve mode..

few things i learnt during my clinical placement:

1. Cleve country people:
  • they r much like "org2 kampung" in malaysia, frenly, everybody knows everybody, "hi" and wave hand to everybody, including passers-by in cars.
  • "dont talk to stranger" policy is not applicable for their kids. i remember a group of young ballerinas surrounded me on my way to my accomodation, n asked me my name etc. there was also a boy asking me "who r u?" when i went past his house.
  • they drink and use rain water instead of pipe water. pipe water is no good and taste bad.
  • most of the houses in farms powered by solar and wind energy due to the extra costs they have to pay to get electricity installed. im talking about around 30k.
  • the men's hobbies are stuffing their sheds ( with things such as lorries, cars, tyres, bikes...everything!!), fishing and shooting (rabbits, kangaroos, pigs, wildcats.. but not emus, foxes, birds)
  • the women's hobbies are quilting, gardening and fishing.
  • other hobbies are scuba diving, bush walking and swimming.
  • U feel safe in a car driven by a man holding a stubby in hand, and already had few bottles before.
  • rain brings happiness to everybody (the draught is really affecting averybody, especially the farmers)
  • only a cop working in the police station.
  • the nearest neighbour is 30-40 kms away

2. health n diseases:

i've never see as much people with total knee replacement (TKR) in Malaysia. we had a good discussion and derived a conclusion:

u will have to have TKR if:
  • u get injury to the knee due to sports, accidents etc
  • u use sitting toilet instead of squatting toilet
  • u TAK SOLAT 5 waktu*
  • u didnt do a lot of movement, especially the inner range one.
  • other reasons...
when i was very young, i thought that for an elderly, having to pray 5 times a day is unappropriate and doesnt make sense at all. but looking at the outcome, it is clear enough why solat is compulsory as long as u r living. do u expect average old people to do yoga and aerobic everyday? u wish!!

u dont belive me? wait until the time when u will have to spend ur gaji, KWSP or pencen money on orthopedics, physios and surgeons. even if u r covered by insurance etc, i bet u wouldnt want to experience the pain and sufferings.

above all, thanks to all who make my stay in Cleve confortable, fun and educational (kes kes). i wish i dont have to come back to this boring city life of Adelaide the babelaide (anybody heard this b4?).

cuti cuti cuti....

* also applicable for frozen shoulder, athritis, flaccid spine, bad posture, muscle weakness. they come in packages.

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isuzu_aizu said...

hm hm hm.. sound so educational. n very good for us to know too ^_^