Sunday, April 15, 2012

it's becoming a fortnightly thing...

1. Easter holiday

i think 4-day off was just too long, went cycling to Brisbane on Friday, played football with the undergrads on that afternoon, swimming at the Street Beach, South Bank on saturday wasn't much fun because there were too many people. wonderful for 'itchy' eyes though. i overheard a mum telling his husband " this place is heaven for paedophiles..." oh well im no pedo but how do u distinguish between an underage and err... overage? they all look equally sluttish to me. it's you who created the system and then you feel insecure about it?
cycled back to Caboolture on Sunday after the QSC a.k.a aktiviti menggadis Nazerul, and went swimming on Monday because i was too bored to stay at home.

a total of 170kms done over the 3 days, and i might do it again now that i already know the way around. the road from Narangba up to Burpangary is prime for cycling i have to say.

2. 500kms of driving in four days

i was relieving a physio in Sunshine Coast for the remaining weekdays last week. i have to say if you are not a surfer nor an ironman, you will not enjoy the surf. the tide is too strong for a noob swimmer like me. i might not go up there anytime soon, i would rather go to the waterfall or Bribie Island instead.

i did a crappy job up there as well hopefully the Physio will not be too pissed off when she's back in the office.

3. Bribie Island part II

went cycling to Bribie Island again yesterday. it started raining as soon as i hit the water and i was pounded by the 3m waves a couple of times. damn i miss adelaide's and Malaysia shores.

62kms done in 2h15m the headwind getting there was a bummer but coming home was smooth as. and the fish and chips on the Island was alright, it tastes like any other fish and chips with a $10 tag.

4. other things

SBFC were knocked out early, tsunami alert and i have been eating too much peanuts and raisins. i was told that i am a too serious of a person because i spend few hours watching news everyday. i am serious and you are obviously dumb.

not sore enough today, i might go for a paid quick dip and get wet in skimpy clothes, if it's not raining of course, it sucks to get wet while swimming. hasta la proxima!