Wednesday, April 27, 2011


1. Mudir Madrasah Idrisiah meninggal

semalam ustaz kamaruddin ahmad meninggal, n akan dikebumikan dekat makam al ghufran seblah masjid ubudiah. komfem la kuala kangsar tuh jam gile hari nih., biase la, org2 baik meninggal dunia.

semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat.

ps: nasib baik aku xtdo time kelas i'dadi dlu. kalau satu kelas tidur pon bukan nyer ustat2 tua nih kesah.

2. futsal

aku tau aku mmg kool. sila baca kat sini. sape2 nk otograf ke nk suro aku standby utk event2 catwalk supermodel ke boleh r kontek aku dgn kadar yang segera.

3. cuti easter + ANZAC day

5 hari siot public holiday. gle puas omputih2 nih mabuk2.

4. lain2

aku rs bangun pagi2 bukak ebay mmg xdek life r. xdek life tp ade duit.

someone who is so confident with internet security.

sekian, marilah beli beskal byk2.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fun fun think about fun

1. Adelaide Gaol night tour

a total rip off. would be better to visit during the day, a lot more to see and it's bloody cheaper.

2. Showdown XXX

a good game it was. since it was a port's home game, the atmosphere was nothing short of what u can expect when a team beats a local opponent. 33K crowd, where the hell r these ppl come from?

pics r on fb.

3. everythig else

-nk bli tri bike ke x. hmmm...
-congrats ManU

sekian update mingguan.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

in my dreams

life is ok at the moment, but nothing really interesting to talk about. u better off watching rebecca black's friday instead.

a random thought, if u have AUD8K-1oK, would u:

a) buy a 2nd hand R1
b) buy a full carbon tri bike + a 2nd hand GSX
c) save it for future plans a.k.a kahwin
d) take a break, go travelling n do skydiving n stuffs
e) p haji with parents this year
f) stop working n become a full-time bogan
g) do nothing

on a different note, i've been getting weird dreams lately, but i cant help but to enjoy the bout. like this morning in my dream i updated this blog into a cooler interface. i guess i've been looking too much at smartphone clips n stuffs.

can't wait for the Adelaide Gaol night tour tomorrow n The Showdown at the AAMI on saturday. the least i can look fwd to.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

from bicycle to Audi n back to familiar ground

ayah, umi n mama

all praise to God, everything went well, except that i wont have my on-stage grad pic due to a string of miscommunications, which i only have myself to be blamed, but certain things are easily to get over with.

the apartment was more than sufficient, the car was excellent, everything went accordingly as planned, and i still left with a significant amount of money in the bank. good to know that i wont have to rob a bank or go all-out busking at Rundle Mall, anytime soon.

graduation was ok. i'm yet to reap the benefit of it so far, but you got to make do good of what you've got, i believe i embraced the convo spirit whole-heartedly. a 'compulsory' part of my life is done n dusted... at least for now.

it was kinda dream, everything seemed so out of my world. the feeling of disbelief still lingers around my head for me to digest. it was a week that is totally contradict everything that im familiar with. such an upheaval it was, the whole experience.

having my parents here was a bless itself, never-mind the Audi, comfy apartment, jacuzzi n stuff. but at the end of the day, i opted to sleep on the floor in front of the tv.

my sincere apologies go to all those who weren't invited to the dinner. it was such a secluded, secured apartment that i already start developing arthritis from repetitive card tagging to open the door.

here are the guests and the reasons:
Rumah Wilcox, Rumah Paradise, Rumah Syamil, Rumah Im, Alturkistiano: Rumah2 yg aku selalu crash since 2006. rumah pokcek dah dissolved so aku terlupa ade haikal the survivor.
Anep n co: ex-housemate 06 n my father knows him from work.
Rumah Aisyah paradise: my bro's sister in law. invited tp xdatang.
Kak Ipah n co: sbb ade baby comel. gahahahahaha.
jubek: mr photographer, xdatang jugak.

a million of thanks to all, especially the wilcoxes, yg jadik pusat mengeteh lepas subuh utk bpk aku. layan siot hahahaha.

i know my real enthusiasm is on bikes, but firmly, i can confidently say "money well spent". and i'll do it all over again anytime soon, without hesitation of course!

ps: more pic here. more r coming. such an asian, snap anything that moves.