Thursday, April 14, 2011

in my dreams

life is ok at the moment, but nothing really interesting to talk about. u better off watching rebecca black's friday instead.

a random thought, if u have AUD8K-1oK, would u:

a) buy a 2nd hand R1
b) buy a full carbon tri bike + a 2nd hand GSX
c) save it for future plans a.k.a kahwin
d) take a break, go travelling n do skydiving n stuffs
e) p haji with parents this year
f) stop working n become a full-time bogan
g) do nothing

on a different note, i've been getting weird dreams lately, but i cant help but to enjoy the bout. like this morning in my dream i updated this blog into a cooler interface. i guess i've been looking too much at smartphone clips n stuffs.

can't wait for the Adelaide Gaol night tour tomorrow n The Showdown at the AAMI on saturday. the least i can look fwd to.


Wahida Shukeri said...


ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

send me angel sehh..

ahaha. gi skydiving cam syiok gak. tapi lepas kumpul duit ah!

ihsan_huhu said...


ah dlm $300 je

yanaSham said...

send me an angel!

ok la tu.berdoala.heh

zacharias said...

gi haji. pasal haji ni wajib pada yang berkemampuan. kalau dah mampu, wajib pergi.

Sarah Ramli said...

save a bit more and do everything on the list!

wafa azman said...

aku sokong semua dr a sampai g..heheheh
tp paling best d & e !!comfirm best gile!! ;D