Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the road not taken..

Fri 17/11/2006 09:03 :

'...Unfortunately you did not achieve a pass grade for the general practical test, for Topics 101. However, given your other grades, and your performance through the study period, Coralie and I wish to offer you the opportunity to re-sit. Could you please attend the waiting area near the level 8 office at 2.00pm on Monday November 20, for this test.....'

'...Just a reminder that it is a requirement for a pass overall that a pass grade is achieved in this assessment item...'

Mon 20/11/2006 15:46 :

'...Thank you for attending the re-sit of the general practical test today. Unfortunately you did not achieve a pass grade...'

Sat 09/12/2006 08:42 :

'...It was decided (based on your grades across SP5) to offer you supplementary assessment in Topics 101, and this needs to be organized between you and me. This will require you undertake the practical test again...'

Wed 31/01/2007 11:27 :

'...We are both very pleased for you. Enjoy the rest of your break, in readiness for 2007...'

failed 1st try, shaky. failed 2nd try, earthquake. passed 3rd try... wohoho.. nk tecabut pale otak.. bende yg agak susah utk fail pon buleh fail.. haih.. subjek2 yg susa2 spt anat pass dengan selambe je.. uhh.. tp i consider myself lucky to get such opportunity 3 times... merayu gile2 babeng... now i can really enjoy my 1st summer holiday.

thanx a lot to ali, coralie n Ed (a.k.a Whooper)

alhamdulillah... ~~ fuh~~

ps: this pass valued at AUD 9,800.... so relieved..

Monday, January 29, 2007

perkara2 yg terlupa...

there are few dates i forgot. my brain is no more working well on holidays, esp like this long summer wan...

important dates:

my birthday in Hijri Calender : 8th Muharram 1406 ( 22 last saturday)

my mother's birthday in hijri Calender : 7th Muharram .... (dunno the year)

1 year anniversary of my 1st step in the Wine State according to hijri calender ( 9th muharram 1427 - 9th muharram 1428)

what makes me suddenly realise of all these dates? becoz today is 10th muharram a.k.a Asyura day. i remember my 1st night here, i got a taste of bubur asyura bosnian style. so it is all that bubur which triggers all these memorable dates of my life.

the bubur.. but more like a fruit salad

ok then, got to study for my prac exam... if x pass, there might be no more anniversary post next year.


ps: sudah add satu lagu baru kat playlist, Peter Allen - Tenterfield Saddler ... lame sudah x letak lagu...

Saturday, January 27, 2007


ya.. hari ini aku berusrah.. tp kat Holiday Inn Hotel..
ini adelah yg kali kedua aku berusrah di situ... tp kali ini kat suite bernombor 7xx...
aku p sane berjumpe dgn abg halim utk mengclaim barang2 yg dihantar oleh mak aku, sambil mengusha tv.
setelah beberape lame bersembang2 dan bertukar2 maklumat mengenai usrah di malaysia, aku pon diserahkan brg2 dan balik.
itu sahajelah update utk kali ini...
tenkiu kepade abg halim atas barang2 yg dikirim n yg x dikirim, edi atas kesabaran menunggu serta milan yg menguruskan hal parking kereta.

bersama abg halim, 2 beg misteri

esok perlu keairport mengambil rozanizam.. dan blender..

ps: abg halim itu kazen aku. beliau memiloti plane ke sini

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

jumpa... wahuahuahauah..

a real fake... hahaha... tgk muka ferguson..wahuahuaha

Monday, January 22, 2007

ManU?? nUMa??

hahaha..puas ati.. manU kalah setelah leading. so, 6pts dicollect from manU this season. match bes gle n byk adegan2 yg xbuleh dilupekan. nasib baik tgh mlm xleh gelak kuat2 takut jiran2 en muaz dan mong marah.
apsal lehmann buleh membuat lawak sial akhir2 match tuh masih menjadi tanda tanya.. super bodo... kl aku ref aku dh kasik red card sebijik atas lawak yg buleh menginjuredkan tali perut serta cecum pemain2 serta penonton serata dunia.

ps: lehmann mmg org tua yg sengal, tp masih mempunyai refleks yg mantap..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


at around 3.45pm, my house went black-out. it really killed my life. no tv, no internet, no fan (luckily today is not as hot as yesterday, just about 33-36 C). my 1st thought is that the bushfire around adelaide hills may have affecter generator nearby (this happened in victoria yesterday). since my watching news routine was disrupted, i decided to go cycling. my long absence from such physical activity only allow me to cycle one-third of the distance i used to. on my way back, i glanced into the neighbous' houses and all of them seems to have no electricity supply problem.
it was around 7pm when i found out that the EnergyAustralia's hotline is already closed. i spent few moments to work out, is EnergyAutralia is the electricity provider of the house ( there's only "gas" stated in the bills).
so i approached an old lady (a neighbour to be exact), who was leaving the rubbish bin in front of her house. i have to shout a bit since she's already walking towards her house. she's so kind that she ask me to bring her to our house's meter box, and pointed out to me what to do. i thanked her and she walked back towards her house while i started the process of "gaining" back the electricity.

fine wire n meter box

it is only as simple as changing a string of fine wire of one of the fuse. the fine wire can be found in the meter box. so now, i can surf the net again n write this post, courtesy of "makcik yg suami die meninggal"

moral: proven.. having a good neighbour is a bless ... and important!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

cerita menarik...

aku terusha cite nih kat news arituh... so korg tgk la sendrik...
i forwarded the link to all the people in my YM list, and got few response and comments (+ comment at the utube itself).
my own opinion is... cite nih bukan nk insult islam pon, instead it is a good way of educating public, and make them aware of their paranoia towards islam and muslims. the difference is it is carried out trough comedy. it truly (or almost) reflects the community of the west, therefore people in malaysia (or other islamic country, or....) might not feel connected.
some people might not agree with me, but come on, can u find any better way??
nice effort by whoever making this sitcom (canadian i suppose).

"It is hard to believe that the CBC will buck tradition and bring forward anything truly daring or even funny, with this series. More likely, it will be a recycling of corny jokes and situations involving misunderstood Muslims and intolerant non-Muslims. I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not, expect to see it on preachy European television channels, too" - the brussels journal -

ps: sambungan die carik sendrik r... xkan aku nk fwd sume link lak.. lemak r..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

aku pon ade hobi..

bosan gile skang... lalalala....xtau nk tulis ape... so tulis je r menatang nih
aku ade suatu hobi yg pelik dan gila...iaitu mencabut kuku ibu jari kaki... ya..mencabut... bukan memotong.. (tertakluk kepada jari yg mana satu)
dlm tempoh sebulan aku sudah mencabut kuku kaki kanan sebanyak 2 kali....
semamngnye sakit dan berdarah2...namun xtau r... sejak form 1 camtuh sudah membuat aktiviti sebegini... pain pleasure...lalalala...mcm org yg gila tatoo tuh..
start mungkin sbb terlalu takut utk memiliki cekam... dan terbukti berkesan..xpnh ade cekam..wah2.... sbb kuku pon jarang ade...hahaha
tips kepade sesape yg nk menginvolvekan diri dlm aktiviti sebegini, ia sesuai dilakukan pada waktu mlm, basuhlah darah2 yg mengalir b4 tdo... ble bgn pagi esok sure sakit gle sampai kadang2 xleh jalan tros... dan juga boleh menyebabkan infection dan demam yg acute.
sekian post utk kali ini... ang silelah update blog dengan kadar 2 hari sekali...
majulah sukan utk negara...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Ber YM bersama pustakawati

Paradise, mon, 1/8/2007 12:32:04 PM

asknowim: HI
asknowim: this is Belinda at the National Library
ihsan_huhu: hi
ihsan_huhu: my name is ihsan
ihsan_huhu: do u have that book?
asknowim: I'll just check our catalogue and see if we have that book
ihsan_huhu: ok
ihsan_huhu: thanks
asknowim: We don't seem to have it at the National Library, I'm just checking Libraries Australia now, to see if any other libraries have it...
ihsan_huhu: ok
ihsan_huhu: thanks a lot
asknowim: There's no record of any holding libraries in Australia....
asknowim: There are a few other options if you would like to get hold of this book...
asknowim: I could try searching some online second hand book stores to see if its for sale
ihsan_huhu: there are few at
asknowim: Or your local library could try to arrange an interlibrary loan from overseas
ihsan_huhu: can i?
asknowim: There would be a cost involved in this of around $26
ihsan_huhu: owh
ihsan_huhu: i see
ihsan_huhu: i'll make up my mind 1st then
asknowim: Ok, I'll just give you the ISBN No. for the book: 1590080025
asknowim: This will make it easier to find when searching library catalogues or online book stores like amazon or
ihsan_huhu: owh
asknowim: You can search on the ISBN, or quote it to book stores and they'll be able to find the a record of the book easily using this number
asknowim: Sorry, I couldn't be more help:(
ihsan_huhu: its alright
ihsan_huhu: u hav done ur best
ihsan_huhu: thank you very much
ihsan_huhu: this service is really great
asknowim: You're welcome
ihsan_huhu: easy and fast
ihsan_huhu: thanks again
asknowim: And thanks for the nice comments! Please IM us again if we can be of any more help
ihsan_huhu: yeah sure
ihsan_huhu: no problem
ihsan_huhu: have a nice day
ihsan_huhu: :-h
asknowim: Goodbye and thanks for using the AskNow! Instant Messaging service. Please help us to improve and evaluate this trial service by filling out a quick survey at

at 1st without looking at the ID, i tot it is just another "hi, view my profile, got sum XXX pic there", then i remembered that i just added this ID to my list on saturday. thankfully i was too occupied to click the "ignore" icon.

fenomena pre-peperiksaan (lihat tarikh gambar)

for a non-library-goer like me... i never knoe this kind of service is available... got smileys sum more... cayalah... budak2 Oz silalah add ID tersebut.

ps: sape2 nk tau ape buku yg diusha... p la search ISBN no atas tu.. wahuahuhuaa

Saturday, January 06, 2007

berapa Watt u mau??

bodo gila... Ang yg sudah bertaubat pon kantoikan kesesatan ajaran sesat nih...
baik bukak kedai lampu la ... hoho...
malas hendak mengupdate... bosan2 p la bace blog Ang yg menarik hati.. aku bercuti bersalin seketika waktu...
mude gile mufti baru perlis nih...dasat2... ceramah pon bes.. johor ade mufti mude gk name fathi..hoho

ps: woi cina... p baca buku2 buddha bagi melayakkan u menjadi seorg sami hebat...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

azam taun baru..

شكوت إلى وكيع سوء حفظي
فأرشدني إلى ترك المعاصي
وقــال إن علم الله نـــــــورٌ
ونور الله لا يعطى لعاصي

“I complained to Wakee` about my bad memory,
and he taught me that I should keep away from sin.
He said that knowledge of Allaah is light,
and the light of Allaah is not given to the sinner.”

-Muhammad ibn Idris ibn al-`Abbas-

selamat tahun baru dan selamat maju jaya