Monday, January 15, 2007

cerita menarik...

aku terusha cite nih kat news arituh... so korg tgk la sendrik...
i forwarded the link to all the people in my YM list, and got few response and comments (+ comment at the utube itself).
my own opinion is... cite nih bukan nk insult islam pon, instead it is a good way of educating public, and make them aware of their paranoia towards islam and muslims. the difference is it is carried out trough comedy. it truly (or almost) reflects the community of the west, therefore people in malaysia (or other islamic country, or....) might not feel connected.
some people might not agree with me, but come on, can u find any better way??
nice effort by whoever making this sitcom (canadian i suppose).

"It is hard to believe that the CBC will buck tradition and bring forward anything truly daring or even funny, with this series. More likely, it will be a recycling of corny jokes and situations involving misunderstood Muslims and intolerant non-Muslims. I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not, expect to see it on preachy European television channels, too" - the brussels journal -

ps: sambungan die carik sendrik r... xkan aku nk fwd sume link lak.. lemak r..


manusia said...

ada carlo rota.. haha..

hidayah said...

not bad at all.

zacharias said...

i think, this is the best way to tackle islamophobia. just by making people realise that they are being very stupid when they have this islamophobia thingy.. haha..

just like little brittain playing with the racial issue

ikanbilis dalam feri said...

episode 2 kuar sudah