Monday, January 29, 2007

perkara2 yg terlupa...

there are few dates i forgot. my brain is no more working well on holidays, esp like this long summer wan...

important dates:

my birthday in Hijri Calender : 8th Muharram 1406 ( 22 last saturday)

my mother's birthday in hijri Calender : 7th Muharram .... (dunno the year)

1 year anniversary of my 1st step in the Wine State according to hijri calender ( 9th muharram 1427 - 9th muharram 1428)

what makes me suddenly realise of all these dates? becoz today is 10th muharram a.k.a Asyura day. i remember my 1st night here, i got a taste of bubur asyura bosnian style. so it is all that bubur which triggers all these memorable dates of my life.

the bubur.. but more like a fruit salad

ok then, got to study for my prac exam... if x pass, there might be no more anniversary post next year.


ps: sudah add satu lagu baru kat playlist, Peter Allen - Tenterfield Saddler ... lame sudah x letak lagu...


Anonymous said...

belated bday budak..
oh oh dah tumbuh belum rumput depan umah?lalalala~

fiezanur said...

lepak la ehsan, besdey sy 9 zulhijjah pun x ada org wish. selamat setahun lebih dekat dgn kematian. :) senyum senyum senyum