Saturday, March 31, 2012


1. work

started at a new place last monday. atm im doing full time at Abbey Gardens, but will be a split part-timer over there and Burpangary Garden in a couple week time. too much paper work, less fun.

what do u do with the 1st german plane shot down in Scotland in WWII?
turn it into a letter opener and give it to ur wife. war can be romantic sometimes.

2. bribie island trip

weather was good, imo the bike is a little bit heavier compared to my orbea despite being composite-alloy. i think it is due to it's purposely built for tri not for race thus the very steady handling. boleh tongkat dagu atas handlebar at 30-40km/h selambe, if u're confident enuf la kan. other than i need to build up my fitness again, it was a pretty text-book 63km cycling trip. forever alone but enjoyable. ha ha.

oh n the surf wasn't too rough so 1hr swim wasn't too bad after all.

3. passport

going to Brisbane today to renew my passport for the 2nd time since i 1st step my very foot on this vast country. been here so long and havn't achieved much, n can't wait to go back one day. selamanya harimau malaya ahahahahaha

dat's it. have a lovely weekend to all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

age care

if i learnt anything, that is the most disappointing thing to a parent is them being disowned by their children. so kids, be good to your parent. kecik2 taknak mati.

changing workplace starting next monday, but can't wait for the weekend for the inaugural ride on the bike, still i need to find replacements for all the cycling treasures i left in KMKP. duh!

Caloundra then Bribie, not too bad for a coming weekend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

weekend arituh main bola kat UQ. termenang pulak walaupon xtau main utk team yang mana satu. alah, main side mane2 pon komfem menang punye lah!