Saturday, September 29, 2012


1. cycling

stuff cycling, spent the weekend in Brisbane with geng2 kaya korek minyak, pi test drive kat subaru n mazda. peh kaye weh korang kalau nak laki kaya, carik la geng2 korek2 minyak nih.

cant get into their conversations, i just have no/very little interest in cars.

2. work

elderly abuse report. gahahaha. nk gelak pon ade

3. bajet 2013

a.k.a bajet desperate a.k.a bajet pancing dan yang sewaktu dengannya. fastabiqul khairat nih mesti geng2 ILMU yang ajar kan kan?

very classy as always

4. long weekend

xtau xdek plan. maybe just lepak2 rumah tgk AFL n NRL final. n makan2 kat rumah abg bahrin. Hawks and Storm should do.

the keyboard chic is 13. am i a pedobear now?

5. lain-lain

thanks for the well-wishes last sunday. coles giftcard $30 aku pakai tak abes lagi nih r.

still have a few more days to decide about this. on sunday but looks fun nonetheless


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ini fortnightly ke 2bulansekali-ly?

let's just say I had a wonderful time in Malaysia, and it is impossible to put it in words? damn smooth!

n now back to figuring out what are the plan for the near future and all other important stuffs, like whether i should wear this new pair of cycling shoes or should i just leave it in BNWT condition for the reselling purpose. and i'll try join the 6am saturday community ride whenever it's on.

no idea why the pic, but that'll do. till next time. c'mon Arsenal!!