Thursday, July 28, 2011

journey to the west

1. Adelaide
rumah paradise

cycling to Glenelg with Omak

budak2 wilcox st

budak new kirby + paradise

2. sydney
thx wannas n co
3. Newcastle
nobby's beach
4. Wollonggong

Ayoh Zang & co

in perth atm, the 1st rainy day on my "trip" so havn't explored much of this side of oz. finger-crossed for a better weather at midday or i might give up on cycling to freo, n the city of course.

remember the times when she wasn't so famous, less crazy and definitely cuter?

what lies in the future? God knows. i'm so quick-sanded.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

men have needs

just when i thought everything is showing towards one direction, other option appears. im pretty much stranded irresolutely at the beginning of a diverge.

3:35-3:50 FTW!!!

just a littlebit bullsh*t.

Friday, July 08, 2011

tomorrow is 9/7/11

praying for a sunny day tomorrow to understand what "undang-undang terpakai" stands for.

n goodluck to all fellow good malaysians.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

live like dogs, die like dogs

1. Bersih 2.0 Adelaide

Venue: Victoria Square Water Fountain

Date : 9th of July, 2011

Time : 2pm (Adelaide Time)

Colour of wear : Yellow (Casual)

Things to being : Your self and self made paperboard/cardboard support messages!!

Main Agenda : To raise awareness about the demands of Bersih Rally.

-Clean the electoral roll

-Reform postal vote

-Use indelible ink

-Free & fair access to media

-Minimum 21 days campaign period

-Strengthen public institutions

-Stop corruption

-Stop dirty politics

Taking a group photo of young Malaysians in Adelaide.

After Gathering : If the number of people who attended is massive, we would try to organize a place for all of us to hang out, share our thoughts and just chill out with some drinks.

komfem la aku x pergi punya kan! aku kan sayang Abg Najib dan geng2 beliau. yang kat mesia tuh xyah la p join, nanti kne asid kang cair pulak foundation you all. lagipon tok2 silat tok katak tok totok dah ready nk bersilat kat tgh2 KL tuh. nih bukan musim kenduri kawen la weh!

2. Tiger Air

please ah jgn extend ko nyer suspension period tuh, kang xbalik aku kang kesian plak awek2 yg tunggu kat airport tuh, kang ade yang pasang khemah kahwin tgh2 terminal kang sape yang susah. makcik2 bazar ramadhan pon komfem sedih punye la weh.

sekian. xdek ape pon nk cerita walaupon dh 2 minggu x update.