Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ayaan hirsi ali

ini adelah contoh pemutar belit agama masa kini. name die Ayaan Hirsi Ali
i think she's just confused between religion stuffs, tribal stuffs, crimes and bad luck.
then suddenly with "sufficient" research and understanding, she wrote a book n then make a movie.

she is not the problem, but the things she talked and wrote are nothing but big Lies and Twisted in every way that she could.

how can a muslim allowed to rape women when even having sex out of marriage is prohibited ( if it's allowed, y do u think i would waste my time writing blogs and watching tv?).

n she got every media access and publicity too. unfair? advance australia fair.

terbace artikel sotkaba kat library td.

lot more to learn.evaluate.decide.

baik aku usha gamba Miss Japan yg mng drpd aku usha muke die yg x cun tuh (hadari! hadari!)

ps: 2 hari lepas ade artikel psl Lina Joy dlm The Advertiser.half page. xlupe juge dlm paper td psl Gay Bashed kat Moscow. haih

Sunday, May 27, 2007

resuscitation.. anyone?

hari ini berulangkaji kardiopulmonari resusitasi. setelah setaun sbg pemegang sijil CPR bertauliah maka perlulah merenew sijil tersebut. proses yg memakan belanja 25 doler merupekan syarat2 utk pergi berklinikal dibulan november akan datang.

berbanding full course senior 1st aid n cpr taun lepas yg memakan masa sehari, ulangkaji ini hanya memakan beberape menet saje (bergantung kpd turn anda), membolehkan proses pemakanan AGM MISSA berlaku setelah itu.

walaubagaimanapun, im not looking fwd to perform this CPR on anybody who's not hot. bias? stendet r...


tema tahun ini: tarik diri

ps: gamba2 baru telah diupload kat tpt bese. gamba2 meliputi AGM MISSA, Minda&Hati & CPR. sile klik di sini atau sidebar.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hydro prac..

nih baru balik drpd hospital wanita dan kanak2 yg terletak die adelaide utara. upacara dimulai dengan penyainan consent oleh manusia2 seramai 12 org.

manusia bershort:

peter x 2

manusia selain short:


upacara seterusnya mendengar sedikit talk sebelum bershower dan melangkah masuk ke dalam kolam yg mengandungi air yg mempunyai suhu suam2 kuku.sedap gila, tambahan pula skang nih autumn..ohh..bes.... dalam air, pergerakan secara rawak berlaku secara terkawal, sambul seorg tutor memberi tunjuk ajar exercise dan terapi2 yg buleh dilakukan ke atas peserta2 hydro prac.

setelah penat berlarian dlm air dan menarik rakan2 yg terapung2 spt tepung.. sesi bersuka ria ditamatkan dgn perlawanan polo air. aku yg gagal merampas bola dari lucy membulehkan beliau menyekor. kalahlah team kami. uhh.. pasrah..

pastuh sume org pon baliklah ke destinasi masing2..

ps: smlm terjumep seorg Oz bername Hamish (hamid name melayu yg dikasik oleh rakan2 melayu beliau). die skola 5 taun kat Penang. he's 21, and will get marry this weekend. wicked.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

(letak la tajuk sendrik)

exam sudah dekat, keje makin byk. besenye 1 assignment seminggu, skang mungkin 2 or 3 or ade test2 yg ntah pape. test anat arituh aku pass.. yeaahhuu.. 34.5/60 .. ok la dr taun lepas fail midsem spotter test (ala.. test yg usha mayat2 sambil mereka nama2 saintific tuh) 50% otak 30% teka n 20% bedal adalah kebiasaan bagi test2 sebegini.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

bedal sajaa..

hari ibu (bukan Ibu Nesmah atau Eboue).. sekadar meng SMS dipagi hari dan mengekol di mlm hari. npknye mcm xbalik lg taun nih. hmmm... hibernasi musim panas? xtau lg

mak aku


smlm menguruskan hal2 kewangan, dan berdiskusi dengan Branch Manager (baik sungguh akak ini) dan membuat appointment jumaat nih. psl ape? nk beli bank? rumah? o-bahn? telstra? cantas? bangunan santos? bankrupt? xdek nyer.. dan appointment pon sudah dikensel.

makin dekat exam, makin sket study (bukan sbb byk dh cover, tp sbb tdo awal dan bz dgn bende2 lain.. ish2)

budak comel menyikat rambut

ps: Ibu Nesmah adelah helper rumah aku. ktorg panggil die Ibu. Ummi br la mak aku..

Friday, May 11, 2007

lagi cerita budak2...

dialog2 lain ketike visit arituh

paul: (drawing 2 circles with a dot in the middle)
aku: what's that?
paul: its a finge...
aku: sorry??
paul: its a finge...
aku: what is finge??
paul: its a place to keep ur things cold...
aku: ooo.. Fridge...

Boy X: my mom got a baby in her tummy...

a lot more... but none like in this clip... hahahahaha
thanks to Farouk G....
The Landlord

to much watching naked babies... too much into Early developement stuffs

btw, already bought new Mitre Reflex boots, $20, n still looking for Lotto Optika (orange-white). 2 years and counting... haih

like boots, life isnt always bright....

prev boots colour: lotto hitam, umbro merah, cap ayam putih, diadora biru, mitre hitam.... (see the pattern?)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

melawat kanak2..

paul: i can draw
aku: then draw something here (my pad.. i mean testpad)
paul: (drawing)
aku: what's that thing?
paul: it's a friendly monster..
aku: where can u find it?
paul: in the bush....

jack: i can write my name..
aku: here, show me
jack: (writing j.a.c.k)...
aku: is that an 'a'? it's the other way around
jack: it doesnt really matter... bla2..
jack: and i can write my dad's name too...
aku: so, write it there as well
jack: (writing g.r.e.g)
aku: cool...

tessa: i can write my name too.. (bellerina yg pemalu)
aku: alright, here is the pen and paper, write your name here..
tessa: (writing t.e.s.s.a)
aku: yeah.. you're better than jack..
tessa: (smile.. malu2+cuak2)

few other drawings by paul n spencer (i pic was kept by jack to add to his own collection)

sedikit sebanyak pasal visit to RAH child care center last wednesday (smlm la tuh.. haih)

4 of us: aku, john, mark n ruth (feeewitt..)..

i met ruth in front of the cafe, and walk together since i didnt know the place (n the place name as well.. haha..no idea at all). we found that place (not that hard actually..) and met coralie, mark and john who were already there. there, we had to observe the movement and gross motor skills in different ages children. the center is divided into 3 division: 0-1y.o, 1-3 y.o and 3-5 y.o. 1 hour surrounded by small kids really wasnt enough for us. it has been quite some times i didnt play or talk with infants/small kids (used to be a popular figure to my neighbour's grandchildren in JB.. hoho)

my favourite for that day is Thomas (1 y.o). according to the carer, he's a shy type. the fact that i did pretty well with him quite impressed the carers. the carers help me to understand him as climbed the fence and kept on pointing to other few older kids on the other side. he just want to tell me that they are his friends... semangat habes.. hahaha

just b4 i step out from the room, Paul give me this message:
"dont forget to show it (the pic of the friendly monster) to ur mom n dad"


i just amazed how fast these people work, less then 5 hrs upon request, these thing was installedin the surau and ready to use. let's use them wisely

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Girl Gets Stoned to Death for Dating a Man of Another Religion..wtf

i found this vid, but quite hesitate to fwd it to most people. this is much more crueler+bloody disturbing.... (due to the responds i recieved after fwding the "org kena makan singa" clip. some people just have some trouble reading.. what to do)

i've watched few 'proper' stone-to-death ceremony clips b4, but this one surely not one of it. in the vid:

1. the girl is still in her blouse/dress
2. the size of the stone is enormous
3. kicking and bashing by the people around
4. the situation is just out of control
5. stoned for dating a man of other religion?.. never heard of it.

so i spent some times reading all the comments. as usual, all the abuses and shitty stuffs bombarded on muslims n islam. just becoz the "allahuakbar" and the stoning are synonyms to us.

so i kept on reading, and found the most likely true story (internet stuffs, hard to verify)

Mosul, Iraq -- Up to 1000 men from the Yezidi Kurdish community of Mosul killed a teenager who's only crime was running away to marry a Muslim man whom she loved and converting to his religion.

For four months ago the girl had been given shelter by a local Muslim Sheik. It was reported that in the last few days her family persuaded her to return home, convincing her that she had been forgiven by her parents and relatives for her mistake.

In a short mobile video clip which appears to have been taken by locals at seen of the murder, the girl is seen being ambushed on her way home by a group of up to 1000 men who were waiting for her to return; the men killed her in the most brutal way possible, by throwing large stones on her head. The following clips show that while she is alive and crying for help she is taunted and kicked in her stomach until someone finishes her off by throwing a large stone on her face.

i dont really blame the readers who put such stupid and immature comments. they r just a bunch of low-class scums with loose screws. too much watching F*x News i suppose.

for those who thought that Islam is a religion of terror, go and get some more information from the right sources.

poor girl... n crazy men!!

more detailed info about the Yazidi, click here
more vids and info of the clip, click here

ps: not to disrespect the bible n the chritians, in John, there are added verses which cant be found in any ancient n historic scriptures (eg: dead sea scroll etc).. about not to stone people who commit adultery.. can anybody explain to me where can they come from then?