Thursday, April 30, 2009

ManUre 1-0 Arsengal

dear mr wenger,

1st of all i think it's not too late to congratulate u for helping arsenal into the semi-final of the UCL, and it's not too early to congratulate u, again, for securing a UCL place for next season. having seen u managing young talents for few years, never in my mind i had any doubt of ur capability of achieving as those.

so it was the semi at old trafford last night, the build-up was massive, but WTF with Diaby in the starting line-up? he has no right to play champs league, nor he's adequate to be included in the 1st team. Fellow supporters n i do understand that the team is hardly hit by injuries to key players, but there r still few players more qualified to play in the UCL, nevermind UCL's semi-final.

the other thing is, why the fuck did u put the slowest player in the team as a support striker when u r adapting a lone striker formation? everybody knows that fabregas is a very talented midfielder, but he's fucking slow, so it's no good for any kind of counter attack, there is no such term as 'slow counter attack', and his left foot was good for nothing last night. his shooting is as weak as 100 y.o nanny infected with Swine flu. being a smart arse, u put samir nasri in deeper position in exchange. despite all the shadow of greatness shown by Fab in past few years, he's never a great player to put behind adebayor, please put him back to where he belongs to, otherwise i'll not be supprised to witness a pathetic performance by el Capitano such as last night. even eduardo with broken leg can do better job than him.

i tried hard enuff to comprehend the tactical changes u made this freaking morning, i came to a conclusion that u tried to field an ultra-defensive team, so u put quicker n tireless players, namely Nasri n Song surely not Diaby, in deeper position to help with defensive tasks, n u expect fab to supply Ade with an assist so that Ade can finish like he did at the El Madrigal, u really expected that dont u? still i think that playing Diaby is the shittiest decision u ever made in the club's UCL's history. he can shoot but he'll get spasm once the goal-post is on sight. in the end, we were lucky to concede just one goal, mostly thanks to almunia, which i believe u did expect such outstanding 80-pointblank-save performance from the Spaniard.

anyway, despite that i was heavily affected by the outcome, and i nearly fell asleep during my classes this afternoon, my sleep was not sacrificed in vain, i was entertained by CRonal-wanker-do when he started to cry as he was denied a freekick, and the referee seemed to allow any kind of foul on him, which u would expect from refereees around the world upon encountering with such antics-diver-whiner player. n the whole world witnessedthe coming of age ok Kieren Gibbs, not that he cum'ed near the sideline or during the halftime, but he beat that wanker-no7-guy by a stunning nutmeg, which him left tangled on the ground eating some old trafford's green pubic hair.

lastly, i am relieved that u did mentioned in the post-match press confrence that u will field a 'different team' for the 2nd leg, u know that we won 2-1 earlier this yr against the red devil was not because it was a home game, it was because we have a creative, quick, can-shoot-with-both-leg player upfront. n please, never start Diaby again, use Eboue instead, at least eboue rarely lost the ball and he worked his balls really hard.

You're still the man!

ps: nk bace psl Swine Flu g google ke call hotline kementerian kesihatan ke, xdek pasal aku nk tulis info2 bermanafaat camtuh kat sini.

Monday, April 27, 2009

babi punya selesema...!!

Racheal Finch, Miss Australia 2009,
bese je aku tgk...
budak2 physio pon mcm ade rmai lg cun je...

1. dah 3 hari ujan nih.. bosan r lak xleh naik beskal.. bosan r tunggu bas n tdo2 dlm bas.. gle xdek life.

2. internet kne shape smlm, so skang nih satu rumah survive on 64kbps 1200-0200 sampai 0000 9/5/09... so mls nk uplod2 gamba etc

3. sabtu lepas, 1st lost to the foxes, to the visiting, bottom club, salisbury. losing few key players due to injury and suspension seemed to hit the club hard, dropped to 2nd place in the table.

the results: ( Foxes vs Salisbury)

U-19: abandoned (ujan maa..)
reserves: 2-1
Seniors: 0-2

4. uni dah start, mix emotion abt dat but life goes on.

sekian, wassalam.

owh.. patut la mng...

Monday, April 20, 2009

[isi sendiri]

1. let's start with football results. last saturday it was against SASI. against the talented teenagers, the senior game was marred by bad refereeing, which saw 2 cumberland players red carded n few more yellow carded. but in the end it was the foxes who had the last laugh. results:

SASI vs Foxes:
u-19: BYE (even SASI's average for snrs team is 16yo)
reserves: 2-2
Seniors: 1-2

n the results for the Cup rnd last monday:
Foxes vs The Cove
u19: 9-0
reserves: 10-0
seniors: 5-2

ps: WTF arsenal is out of FA cup. disappointing result reflecting bigtime disappointing display.

2. Menghangatkan rumah budak2 pompuan a.k.a housewarming umah dak pompuan kat2 epot, n highlight of the day was dimakan oleh aini depan2 diorg. xpe, bak kata pepatah; ade ubi ada batas, lepas korek buleh buat tapai ubi. i know i'm well inspired by "The Wedding Crasher" but i won't b attending girls' stuff if not invited k. kalau laki mmg aku balun je.

esok housewarming umah ovingham plak. caya la korg. korg mmg cun!

3. Food Safety Course with the HJ today. 9-4pm having fun at it's distribution centre, had lunch with Daddy Eddy at the Vili's. the best thing is we're paid for those 7 hrs. Not bad for a monday.

4. The shower is under renovation, so it's kinda fullfilling to have baths in the backyard kampung/asrama-bile-xdek-air style. it's refreshing, it's liberating, and it's not too bad for an autumn outdoor activity, the weather is nice and windy, u know what i mean.

5. other stuffs

Japanese Malaya Invasion notes i bought from ebay, i assume they r fakes (can't really tell), but since i did not spend a lot on them so no big deal. more pics ere.

FYI being fucked in prison will never b a pleasant experience, n u can see it here.
(EXTREME GRAPHIC IMAGES, basically a rapist's ass being torn apart by other inmates)
less graphic image here, part of my age old pain pleasure habit as if anybody cares.

Love dat french part!

last but not least, i love Hi-5. ok dat's it go do other stuffs n get a life!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

[exclusive] cumpleaños feliz, syafiq!

gambar version mangga; dlm air utk sorok perut

hepi besday yg ke 19 (16/04). study elok2.. ade rezeki kang kite lepak2 kat Perth ngn Muiz skali. selamat mengusha n melayan awek2.. jgn lebey2 sudah. contohilah makcik nih, p r audition AF ke Mesian Idol ke bedal je r. dah kaye kang kite kautim.

"You can have children who are talented very early in their lives but you don’t know how they will respond with difficulties..." (Arséne Wenger 2009)
Image Hosted by
Arsenal 3-0 Villareal
(pasang lagu 7 nafas lagi M.Nasir, mmg masuk r step die.. haha)

ps: nih baru puji, blom nk wat baju, tukar toilet seat, tukar kusi, etc

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i need some free easter eggs plz...

1. ini bukan surat kabar.
aku bukan org yg ske updet tiap2 kali ade isu, so kl bende yg aku tulis nih psl bende yg jadik minggu lepas tuh paham2 je r xyah komplen2.. aku lepuk gk kang.

2. SFA & CPR revision

ari selase lepas aku g mengulangkaji sijil Senior First Aid & CPR. tetibe time lunch break tuh tgn aku kne air panas plak. so sbb yg menybabkan air panas tuh tumpah kne tgn aku tuh tutor yg dok ajar course tuh, terpakse r mengikut protokol burn treatment. the good side is aku dpt satu roll bandage free. wahuahuahwua. spttnye aku curik byk2 bandage mase palcement kat hospital arituh. sng sket pasnih xyah mintak blk bandage yg org pinjam. oi Eddy, kasik balik bandage aku!

3. Kabinet baru
ramai yg xknal. ramai gk yg tukar post. Daddy M join balik persatuan, anak daddy M dapat post dlm persatuan. daddy A turun pangkat dlm persatuan, menantu daddy A xdpt post. tuh r lain kali kne selalu angguk dan cium buntut sambil menghirup kentut. baru la buleh berjaya. tahniah kpd anak Daddy AR sbb dh bebaskan tahanan ISA dan menjatuhkan hukuman mati kpd pengebom rakyat Monggolia. br la aku tau Azilah tuh laki, ade lak name laki camtuh. haih.

ps: xsabar aku nk tggu paklah wat blog n ckp "saya telah tersilap memilih najib sbg PM" plak.

4. Kempen kesihatan

kalau nk wat kempen pon pilih la catch phrase yg motivate org nk wat, nih terang2 "10,000 langkah sehari" mmg gagal r. tgk nombor 10,000 tuh pon dh seram, lagi lak nk wat. pilih r slogan mcm "30 mins a day" ke, "5 & 2" ke, pandai2 r. sape la yg bodo sgt approve program nih. haih. mmg bodoh tahap kuasa 8. Nih r akibat salah pilih Menteri Kesihatan nih. n sape2 yg berminat tips2 menguruskan badan dan menjage ketiak silelah mengusha blog ini, mcm2 bende pelik2. tips dr aku lak, makan la ape pon asal cukup ekesesais. kl rajin wat r 10,000 langkah sehari tuh lol

5. Bola

goal of the season?

aku tau budak2 bola sungguh kecewa dgn ketidak joinan aku ngn diorg g main Melben Cup taun nih. sbb aku injured, n sbb aku kje. tp dgr2 sayur je team kat melben tuh. harap je ramai org tp xberkualiti.. hahahah.. gelakkan mereka. wahuwahwuahuwah! n dgr cite Im mengekalkan status badboy lagi kali nih.

owh nih ex-bos aku br sms, diorg br mng final, penalti 4-1 ngn Carlton Blues. hahaha. Congrats2. So Melbourne Cup taun nih dpt kat Adelaide. wahahahahah!

sabtu arituh kje cam bese, n mng lagi. top of the league lagi. results:
Foxes vs Olympics

u-19: 2-0
reserves: 2-2
Seniors: 2-0

assistant coach n his 2 balls

nih spttnye kne kje isnin utk cup round, tp mls r sbb ptg tuh aku kje kat HJ. so baik lepak2 je.

6. benda2 rawak a.k.a bende2 yg aku nk dump drpd bookmark/laptop aku

Utusan 'Bumper' Version
taylor swift tuh cute gile dlm vid clip "love story", lagu yg catchy tp lyric die mcm xleh pkai je, esp part ending, tros2 dh nk kawen. xlogik2.

beruk pon reti kasik nafkah, well, nothing is free skang nih.

ps: kpd makhluk2 yg bace blog nih, tahniah sbb anda tergolong dari golongan yg boring mcm aku gk

Monday, April 06, 2009

está muy aburrido... (M)

1. Najib (n bik mama) in da house

i've been looking around for quite sometimes, searching for who is Najib without political career. Dr M was a medical doctor, Paklah at least was a goverment servant, butNajib... straight into politic post-uni degree, at times when he still can't speak malay properly (so he's no diff to Syarifah Amani i-sound-stupid-if-i-speak-in-malay when he was younger, so i can see a female PM is on her way to Putrajaya)

so like other new PMs, 1st day in the office will be in the centre spotlight, so it was for the new PM. the F1 race was cut short due to rain. nevermind human intervention, even mothernature did not bless his 1st task. (ketentuan ilahi ur ass! there r things called money, C4, etc). anyway, goodluck to u and please do ur best for our beloved country (not do things best to ur interest).

new PM, fair complexion, specky, white hair

big Momma with big money to help hubby's political career
vs Hubby's-political-money-stuffed bik mama

ps: so Sri Perdana will need some more renovation again, at least make the single doors double.

2. Earth Hour

Another big gimmick by so called earh-concerned western country. yeah rite, 1 hr of staying in darkness did make the earth less polluted, surely the day after the arctic ice miraculously mounting like never seen before, the polarbear population increased by 56.77%, the concentration of Oxygen within the atmosphere increased to 70%, more tropical forests found in Brazil (n Sarawak). Bollocks!! the only number to boom is number of babies born 9 months from that night, we human must b so much envied, hated by the polarbears and orang utans by then.

what about the conservative switch-off-the-lights-when-not-in-use, close-the-tap-properly, recycle-newspapers-and-cans, and some other simple things taught in kindergardens? i remembered clearly how embarrased i felt during a discussion abt recycling in primary skool, when some of my clasmates said something about using "air basuhan beras to water the plant", which my mom never did (what, she didnt do that? no way, u must be kidding me, every moms in the world who washes beras do that, ur mom stinks, big time! lol)

but as we grow older, these things r not as important, I-have-money, I-can-pay,so-why-care attitude engulfed us, and those simple things dont make sense for us to do anymore. "well, they're just good times spent in kindies/skools, things have changed now". screw u, screw us, screw earth hour!

ps: what about no-fart day, or motionless day to reduce carbon and methane emission.

3. West Lakes

avoiding the hilly Grand Junction Rd

last saturday, 1st away game against the Cobras, played at the Western Strikers' ground near West Lakes. 18.8kms one way, it took me less that 50mins cycling there, which has been about my weekly saturday range. i also got to spent some times solat asar at Al-Khalil Mosque. these were the results:

Cobras vs Foxes
u-19s: 0-3
reserves: 1-0
Seniors: 0-1

so another week top of the league and it's looking good.

ps: xdapek aku g housewarming umah munir.. huhu

4. Senior First Aid & CPR cert revision

1 day course on Tue 07/04/09, i've been a holder for more than 4 yrs now, but never got a chance to practice those fancy techniques, other than the RICER, (not even dialing 000, huh), but not looking fwd to it tho.

5. when men bitching..

I just hate males who sound like bitches. u know it's too bad when u would rather hear their moans wanking to a mating whales. male bitchers, get some penisoplasty and a boob job for fuck sake.

n WTF with these fuckfaces? r they got jelous that some other ppl can recite quranic verses n they dont?

6. cool weather

bad for brain, good for testicles. so it's good. stop whining.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

erk.. [bosan cam ci........pan]

gambar hiasan

1. berita terkini hari nih: (jarang gle ade segmen terkini pagi2 buta)
mmg berita kekalahan Argentina penting dan urgent utk org2 kat mesia

(click to enlarge)

2. For those who dont know, Kelantan is not a state within Malaysia. owh, no wonder they speak weird foreign language and their chix r hotter! n u might need to have an international passport to go there. so it seems dat Oz is not the 1st foreign country i travelled pursuing my study, i knew it. lol

(click to enlarge)

3. Religulous review
a docudrama ridiculing religions around the world, cant comment much on points he made against other religions due to lack of knowledge etc, but from a muslim perspective, i think this film is a failure. This 'Bill' guy is kinda snooty, always refused to listen to explainations, and he did not get the best person to explain things which he doesnt agree of. forget the high IMDB rating, it is a lame thing to watch.

my conclusion: Kill Bill!

4. berpelukan x melanggar tuntutan agama?

menurut Ummu Vanida Imran dalam kitab fi zilalil utusan,

"SEBAGAI pelakon, Vanidah Imran sentiasa bersedia melakonkan pelbagai watak sama ada menerusi teater, drama atau pun filem.

Menurut ibu kepada dua anak ini, setiap watak akan cuba dilakonkannya asalkan ia tidak melampaui batas agama dan budaya Timur.

Antaranya kata Vanidah ialah, adegan peluk yang akan dipersembahkannya menerusi teater berjudul Mahsuri pada 24 April ini."

"Dalam teater Lantai T. Pinkie yang saya lakonkan pada tahun 2000, pelakon Che Kem pernah menepuk bontot saya dalam satu adegan."

ya, mmg kat kampung2 penduduk2 ske berpelukan dan saling menepuk bontot. so ape ag, next time lepas open house missa ke usrah ke leh r aku peluk awek mane2 sambil menepuk bontot mereka.

jage2 jgn tepuk bontot sampai mati pulak. mcm budak nih.. isk2 kesian.

5. tiket free

membuang mase 2 jam attending string quartet yang sungguh bes (utk org2 yg nk tdo n utk org2 yg ske dress up)

ps: kenape aku skang nih makan byk tapi still lapar gk? bosan? stress?bele hantu?