Thursday, April 30, 2009

ManUre 1-0 Arsengal

dear mr wenger,

1st of all i think it's not too late to congratulate u for helping arsenal into the semi-final of the UCL, and it's not too early to congratulate u, again, for securing a UCL place for next season. having seen u managing young talents for few years, never in my mind i had any doubt of ur capability of achieving as those.

so it was the semi at old trafford last night, the build-up was massive, but WTF with Diaby in the starting line-up? he has no right to play champs league, nor he's adequate to be included in the 1st team. Fellow supporters n i do understand that the team is hardly hit by injuries to key players, but there r still few players more qualified to play in the UCL, nevermind UCL's semi-final.

the other thing is, why the fuck did u put the slowest player in the team as a support striker when u r adapting a lone striker formation? everybody knows that fabregas is a very talented midfielder, but he's fucking slow, so it's no good for any kind of counter attack, there is no such term as 'slow counter attack', and his left foot was good for nothing last night. his shooting is as weak as 100 y.o nanny infected with Swine flu. being a smart arse, u put samir nasri in deeper position in exchange. despite all the shadow of greatness shown by Fab in past few years, he's never a great player to put behind adebayor, please put him back to where he belongs to, otherwise i'll not be supprised to witness a pathetic performance by el Capitano such as last night. even eduardo with broken leg can do better job than him.

i tried hard enuff to comprehend the tactical changes u made this freaking morning, i came to a conclusion that u tried to field an ultra-defensive team, so u put quicker n tireless players, namely Nasri n Song surely not Diaby, in deeper position to help with defensive tasks, n u expect fab to supply Ade with an assist so that Ade can finish like he did at the El Madrigal, u really expected that dont u? still i think that playing Diaby is the shittiest decision u ever made in the club's UCL's history. he can shoot but he'll get spasm once the goal-post is on sight. in the end, we were lucky to concede just one goal, mostly thanks to almunia, which i believe u did expect such outstanding 80-pointblank-save performance from the Spaniard.

anyway, despite that i was heavily affected by the outcome, and i nearly fell asleep during my classes this afternoon, my sleep was not sacrificed in vain, i was entertained by CRonal-wanker-do when he started to cry as he was denied a freekick, and the referee seemed to allow any kind of foul on him, which u would expect from refereees around the world upon encountering with such antics-diver-whiner player. n the whole world witnessedthe coming of age ok Kieren Gibbs, not that he cum'ed near the sideline or during the halftime, but he beat that wanker-no7-guy by a stunning nutmeg, which him left tangled on the ground eating some old trafford's green pubic hair.

lastly, i am relieved that u did mentioned in the post-match press confrence that u will field a 'different team' for the 2nd leg, u know that we won 2-1 earlier this yr against the red devil was not because it was a home game, it was because we have a creative, quick, can-shoot-with-both-leg player upfront. n please, never start Diaby again, use Eboue instead, at least eboue rarely lost the ball and he worked his balls really hard.

You're still the man!

ps: nk bace psl Swine Flu g google ke call hotline kementerian kesihatan ke, xdek pasal aku nk tulis info2 bermanafaat camtuh kat sini.


ainishamsi said...

macam nih cakap tak terer bahse omputih?


cakap cam keling.

dah, g cari awek blonde sane.

husna afifi said...

seronoknye dapat kakak ipar blonde hair

ihsan_huhu said...

to aini:
ape ko carut nih? lg cam keling.. p carik balak kelings ane

to una:
ki dh nk kawen lg satu ke? hahaha