Monday, April 06, 2009

está muy aburrido... (M)

1. Najib (n bik mama) in da house

i've been looking around for quite sometimes, searching for who is Najib without political career. Dr M was a medical doctor, Paklah at least was a goverment servant, butNajib... straight into politic post-uni degree, at times when he still can't speak malay properly (so he's no diff to Syarifah Amani i-sound-stupid-if-i-speak-in-malay when he was younger, so i can see a female PM is on her way to Putrajaya)

so like other new PMs, 1st day in the office will be in the centre spotlight, so it was for the new PM. the F1 race was cut short due to rain. nevermind human intervention, even mothernature did not bless his 1st task. (ketentuan ilahi ur ass! there r things called money, C4, etc). anyway, goodluck to u and please do ur best for our beloved country (not do things best to ur interest).

new PM, fair complexion, specky, white hair

big Momma with big money to help hubby's political career
vs Hubby's-political-money-stuffed bik mama

ps: so Sri Perdana will need some more renovation again, at least make the single doors double.

2. Earth Hour

Another big gimmick by so called earh-concerned western country. yeah rite, 1 hr of staying in darkness did make the earth less polluted, surely the day after the arctic ice miraculously mounting like never seen before, the polarbear population increased by 56.77%, the concentration of Oxygen within the atmosphere increased to 70%, more tropical forests found in Brazil (n Sarawak). Bollocks!! the only number to boom is number of babies born 9 months from that night, we human must b so much envied, hated by the polarbears and orang utans by then.

what about the conservative switch-off-the-lights-when-not-in-use, close-the-tap-properly, recycle-newspapers-and-cans, and some other simple things taught in kindergardens? i remembered clearly how embarrased i felt during a discussion abt recycling in primary skool, when some of my clasmates said something about using "air basuhan beras to water the plant", which my mom never did (what, she didnt do that? no way, u must be kidding me, every moms in the world who washes beras do that, ur mom stinks, big time! lol)

but as we grow older, these things r not as important, I-have-money, I-can-pay,so-why-care attitude engulfed us, and those simple things dont make sense for us to do anymore. "well, they're just good times spent in kindies/skools, things have changed now". screw u, screw us, screw earth hour!

ps: what about no-fart day, or motionless day to reduce carbon and methane emission.

3. West Lakes

avoiding the hilly Grand Junction Rd

last saturday, 1st away game against the Cobras, played at the Western Strikers' ground near West Lakes. 18.8kms one way, it took me less that 50mins cycling there, which has been about my weekly saturday range. i also got to spent some times solat asar at Al-Khalil Mosque. these were the results:

Cobras vs Foxes
u-19s: 0-3
reserves: 1-0
Seniors: 0-1

so another week top of the league and it's looking good.

ps: xdapek aku g housewarming umah munir.. huhu

4. Senior First Aid & CPR cert revision

1 day course on Tue 07/04/09, i've been a holder for more than 4 yrs now, but never got a chance to practice those fancy techniques, other than the RICER, (not even dialing 000, huh), but not looking fwd to it tho.

5. when men bitching..

I just hate males who sound like bitches. u know it's too bad when u would rather hear their moans wanking to a mating whales. male bitchers, get some penisoplasty and a boob job for fuck sake.

n WTF with these fuckfaces? r they got jelous that some other ppl can recite quranic verses n they dont?

6. cool weather

bad for brain, good for testicles. so it's good. stop whining.


panggil aku sheh said...

Najib is the hottest pm, i can say that! lol~

Anonymous said...

eh, u salah la yg part sharifah aleya tu...its not her who said that but it's sh.amani..her sister:p

ihsan_huhu said...

to sheh:
yup, n my father will b the hottest man on the planet then.

to ano:
owh.. silap name.. thnaks. ko nih bkn sharifah aleya kan? sori la ye

NI BUKAN Lutfie said...

i love cool weather.definitely good for growth of the testicles and the attached to it.FTW

Cik Kmar said...

u know wat.

i gune air basuhan beras utk basuh kulit muka i. bkn utk siram pokok. ahahaha.

syed abdul khaliq said...

ohoho aku sungguh suke comparison saintifik yg anda lakukan tersebut


ihsan_huhu said...

to lufie:
ko mmg budak archi sejati r.. testis besar2 nk watpe.. nih sperm production aspect r lol

to kmar:
owh patut r muke ko sp skang mcm awek blom akil baligh ag...

to syed:
kl xsuke mmg xlaki r... hahaha

Anonymous said...

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