Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sape tau ade rumah sape2 free 28/3-2/4?

jumaat lepas hujan satu hari, malam2 sangap kuar rollerblading. bosan gaban. sabtu petnag main bola lawan timor leste kalah 4-2. petang sabtu main tenis double. bosan ah double. ahad pagi p berenang2 kat aquatic centre. petang sket p umah sarah+im makan2. petang sikit main bola. kalau tiap2 weekend camnih mmg 18pek r aku.

ok sape tau rumah mane2 free (tuan rumah balik mesia ke jalan2 goldcoast ke mati tertimbus kat CC ke) 28/3 - 2/4? nk suro bayar pon xdek hal.

sekian update mingguan. majulah suka utk negara.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPP done. what's next mr croc?

1. SPP
this ultimate fitness program was launched circa 2007 by Mr ACS (currently known as Dr ACS a.k.a Mr Buaya) with a few exclusively chosen participating members.

i believe i have completed the mission. hahahahhaa

tips: find something physical u like, practical n sustainable.

2. IELTS part II

after a very anlytical thinking, i arrived to a decision to retake the whole thing instead of submitting a re-mark application for my writing part. another $320 gone.

so the next test will be on 5/03/11. hopefully it'll b the last one, but u'll never know.

3. work

ok skip this part

4. V-day

ok skip this part as well

5. sports

i bought a new tennis raquet, n i think it suits me well. now i just need a cute blonde hot-looking russian chix to b my playing partner.

oh snorkling this sunday iA.

6. Juniors

lets break some legs!

weekly update's done. i desperately need a haircut, i might just do it myself.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

حمزة نمرة - احلم معايا

"Therefore when you are free still labor hard" (alquran 94:7)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

al iz vell

1. pt noarlunga

went snorkling at Pt Noarlunga last sunday despite of the unpermissible weather. the water was as cold and the waves was rough. a few people were drifted away but nobody died; whatever happened in between really did not matter. oh except that ugly sound made by ikhwan when he was kinda drowning. that's funny as.

next trip will be in a fortnight.

2. panda

received 2 free tix so i asked somebody out, but she happened to be in Tiddy Widdy (what kind of place is this?), so i put up a status on fb. sarah was the 1st to reply therefore the tix is hers. chika was the 2nd to reply, so bad luck.

the zoo was no different to other zoos i've been, n the pandas were.... pandas. they dont juggle balls, they even have problem touching their own ball themselves.

more pic here.


if anything i've learnt post IB, it is to accept failure as it is with open heart. i flunked the writing part and got 6.5, .5 short of the much needed 7. other components score are >7. i guess it's the handwriting and lack of practicing of the summary part which let me down.

im still thinking wether i shud appeal for re-check or shud i go for another IELTS test end of this month.

4. visa

will marry any australian for PR. no question asked.

fuck it's a fucking meticulous nitpicky business. dont even mention the cost anymore. fuck.

5. freshies

good luck. study hard. play hard. housewarming jangan lupa ajak.

6. work

i hate that fat bleached blondy lazy motherfucking bitch.

ok off to work. bye.