Tuesday, February 08, 2011

al iz vell

1. pt noarlunga

went snorkling at Pt Noarlunga last sunday despite of the unpermissible weather. the water was as cold and the waves was rough. a few people were drifted away but nobody died; whatever happened in between really did not matter. oh except that ugly sound made by ikhwan when he was kinda drowning. that's funny as.

next trip will be in a fortnight.

2. panda

received 2 free tix so i asked somebody out, but she happened to be in Tiddy Widdy (what kind of place is this?), so i put up a status on fb. sarah was the 1st to reply therefore the tix is hers. chika was the 2nd to reply, so bad luck.

the zoo was no different to other zoos i've been, n the pandas were.... pandas. they dont juggle balls, they even have problem touching their own ball themselves.

more pic here.


if anything i've learnt post IB, it is to accept failure as it is with open heart. i flunked the writing part and got 6.5, .5 short of the much needed 7. other components score are >7. i guess it's the handwriting and lack of practicing of the summary part which let me down.

im still thinking wether i shud appeal for re-check or shud i go for another IELTS test end of this month.

4. visa

will marry any australian for PR. no question asked.

fuck it's a fucking meticulous nitpicky business. dont even mention the cost anymore. fuck.

5. freshies

good luck. study hard. play hard. housewarming jangan lupa ajak.

6. work

i hate that fat bleached blondy lazy motherfucking bitch.

ok off to work. bye.


Anonymous said...

IELTS strict sgt kat oz ni baii,,aku pun dah terkena.so plan nak ambik test kat msia

n said...

gi jual diri kat macik fat bleached blondy lazy motherfucking bitch. nati dapat PR

ihsan_huhu said...

ano: sape ko r?

n: xdapek r. tp pk2 blk cm xlogic je 'motherfucking bitch'

Wahida Shukeri said...

ihsan, cam xcaye ko dapat 6.5 ielts ngn english ko yg power tu..strict giler kat sana..baik amik kat mesia, aku yg ngok ngek terkapai2 ni pun dpt 6.5...haha..ko amik con4m dpt 8 la bai...

p/s: teringt mache cerita pasal ko xnak buka pose time naik gunung ape ntah..giler kental...salute la bro!!

wafa azman said...

gi zoo tgk panda?? comel2 (tam mcm ko langsung)..ahhahahhahahha~

wafa azman said...


ihsan_huhu said...


kalau power kat mane2 pon power jugak

ps: byk plak cite mache psl aku, die syok kat aku ek?


oi mahal tuh tiket panda. dpt tiket free kne r g

Hijaz Kamal said...

snorkelling tgk ape..aku tau tgk seaweed je

Hijaz Kamal said...

ikhwan gemok lemas? mmg pun...tatau benang die tu..hahahhaah