Monday, January 31, 2011

curret temp: 40.2 C

1. Visa


2. makan2

- had lunch at the Oporto with Aie last friday prior to Solat Jumaat. he went back to malaysia the day after.
- BBQ at Devenport Tce, even firemen unexpectedly appeared suspecting a fire. all blame is on the shisha.

3. bicycle

after a careful consideration, i've decided to keep my repco tri-a-cycle. i'll try to restore it when i have time (+money)

4. Snorkling

cant wait for this sunday forklift licence test. i havnt been in deep water for a while. not as much as i've been in deep shit.

5. kasut futsal

to all my fans out there, please send me a pair of size 8UK futsal shoes. thanks.

6. raya cina

oh how much i miss all the sweet as limau and the pretty sight of sweet ass chixs in cheongsams.

7. Revolution

Hosni Mubarak is a powerdrunk dumbass knob. just bloody fuck off already!

have a blessed weekend. ok now it's 40.5C already.

ps: ANTM audition is a crap show with a lot of spectators.


wafa azman said...

limau sgt sedap!!! angpao tak rindu?? ;D

Anonymous said...

ape cite visa dan ielts ko ,weih

ihsan_huhu said...

wafa: cis tau r kt mesia skang

ano: adoi la ano. xdek name lain ke?