Monday, January 24, 2011

"how did ur test go?"

well done AHPRA, because of your new regulation the IELTS-conducting companies r richer. imagine there were 92 A4 paper, with 14 names of candidates on each A4 paper, and each and every candidate paid AUD319 (GST incl)

that is a whopping AUD410,872 in half a day! im so going to stuff my physio careerpath for that kind of money.

now the academic part. the listening was not worth of mentioning, the reading was ok, the writing... ah the writing was not as good as expected. only now i can appreciate why ppl put craps in IELTS essay. u dont get enough time, and my handwriting is bloody shocking since circa 1992 anno domini.

the speaking part was a WTF kind of moment where u knew that the interviewer doesn't give a shit on what u r going to say as long as u talk. so hopefully i did alright for this part, n for the other part as well.

so finger-crossed, leg crossed, boob-crossed, and if u happen to have 2 penises, or the one which branches into two, please get them crossed for me as well. i need ur kind of luck too.

oh that dude with two belly buttons, i dont need ur help, that's just pure ugliness.

ps: why all examiners were a bit curious when comparing my passport pic to my current look? have i really had evolved into a irresistible species within these few years? or they're just sad they've became uglier as days go on?

ps2: TDU ended yesterday. Mark Cavendish got 1st, from the bottom lol. talking abt upsets!

ps3: u boob-crossed chick, if u r below 25 yo, please pm me thanks. (terms & conditions apply)


soleil_m said...

ko tlh develop mjadi spesies yg rare lagi hensem kot, tu psl dorg mcm amaze

soleil_m said...

haniwei, insyaAllah ko pass. klu x pass, kene extend agenda kwen ko ke mcm mana?

ihsan_huhu said...

pass x pass tuh berkadar terus dgn kerja yg juga berkadar terus dengan kahwin.

aQila Aini said...

letak ar butang 'like'. meh aku nak like banyak2.

ihsan_huhu said...

ade je. tp leh npk kl ko bukak specific link to post instead of main blog link. aku dh malas nk pomen2 dh

aQila Aini said...

usaha lagi. aku malas nak tekan2 setiap post. baru ingat nak like SEMUA entri kat blog nih

ihsan_huhu said...

hendak seribu daya taknak kosong daya

Anonymous said...

lepas ke ielts tu?nape xamik kat msia je,senang maaa