Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update bosan

amaran kerajaan: ini adalah update yg malas.

rundle lantern arituh. ade robot yg mantap-pop. tq kpd en Munir yg mempromotekan bende nih kat aku.

dah sekian, gamba2 lain ade kat sini.

kl xilang rs kebosanan anda, silelah bace cite psl Denilson nih. kl xilang gk korg p r jalan2 ke makan2 ke. ok?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

makan2+++ n west beach..

makan2 free last week:
1. Community Centre makan2 (ahad)
2. Islamic College Open day, berbbq bersame thierry henry (Selase)

3. Ride to Work day breakfast (rabu)

4. Open house umah dak pompuan kat rosepark (ahad)

next up.. 1 day makan2 kat rosepark (rabu). gamba2 event di atas ade kat sini


went to Western Hospital for a job interview last Monday, n then spent some time swimming at henley beach. well, u cant really swim when in windy condition with rough tide, but being me, i just cant resist the temptation of seawater n waves. then spent some time to get my clothes dry, n then cycled back to the city. total km's cycling for dat day should be arnd 30++. good stuff!

ps: SRK news is stupid enuff, this one is the most stupidestest. most human with foreskin experienced dat when we're young, if not i think urs might not up to the standard size.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Forbidden Face + YDP Melaka +

before reading the book, i am already aware dat the book is sponsored by the west n Elle mag, so there r things u can expect from it.

basically the book is abt an afghani girl's horror experience living under the Taliban regime in South California (sure la afghanistan). she came from a middle class family, whose living r influenced by some western cultures. her sister is a stewardess, her mom is a senior nurse, she go to uni etc etc so it's pretty similar to ppl in Malaysia. everything changed when the taliban came, women r not allowed to work, no skool, women were raped, women being dis n dat which im pretty much convinced they do happened.

but her confusion abt hudud shows how shallow her knowledge abt the matter, and she's surely not as religious as she claimed to be (back cover). it might b the taliban's fault not to educate the ppl, or there might b ppl within the taliban who took matters in their own hand without proper judgement etc, or mayb she's exagerating things.

it's like when watching Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda n Titanic, i do believe in some of the things mentioned, as for some other things, i might get some othe reliale sources. anyway, it's good to know stuffs.

i think everybody knows dat i dont like reading novels n buku2 cite etc, n this is the 2nd book i finished in past 5 yrs. what a milestone for me!


what the F*ck is going tru YDP Melaka's ageing brain? r they lack of locals worth of datukship? what has Shah Rukh Khan contribute so much dat the YDP decided to give him Datuk? entertainment? how stupid is dat. if dat's the case, i'll suggest he give Datukship to Paris Hilton, Borat n some other HBOllywood shitheads, not to forget the pornstars. they r more entertaining than mr SRK. what a waste!

ps: good luck to
Rebecca Morse who anchored her last news yesterday. she's off for her maternity leave. good on ya. c u next yr!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

AFC + new PM + holiday cont'd

Datang ler bwk sedare mare sume!

it's good dat Adelaide Utd just won the 1st leg of the AFC semifinal against Kuruvci Tashkent by a quite comfortable margin of 3-0. i was a bit upset when the shaped internet speed failed me to at least gave me any chance of being the 1st 25 watchers to email ten news to get a double passes for the game, n studyadelaide also didnt offer any ticket, as well as Oscar. there goes all my chances of free tickets. against my mom's advice to purchace one, i stick to my go-if-get-free-tix policy. mayb if the final is held here, i'll re-evaluate the policy (by dat time, AUD1 might be equivalent to RM0.56, please keep falling). so, hopefully The Reds will win the 2nd leg at the expense of Rivaldo (the shitty actor) n co. all look good for now.


malaysia is getting a new PM next yr. we might get a fatter but richer guy, or the skinnier with back pain but still good in sodomising ppl. i dun hav much against the skinny guy, who got skinny after few yrs of eating ikan kering ala carte n dog food (according to the reporter, fuck u, the food at my skool was far worse than urs). here r reasons y the fat guy as PM is not good for us

1. he's fat, i dont want malaysians to b known as a fat country (like The US, Australia etc)
2. less hot chix, esp from Mongzolia will come here.
3. C4 stocks in the military store will b depleted.
4. he looks like Alisher Usmanov ( the face n surely the tummy)
5. i'll have to buy everything associated with submarines tru him
6. he'll keep stuffing his pockets.. for another few yrs
7. he's fat.. did i mentioned it earlier? i guess he just got even fatter within seconds.
8. i just hate everything abt him ( at least pak lah got a nice nickname)

eventho the points above r made ups and not true (except the fat one), i still hate to see the fatty bum bumming around as our new PM. If he still succeeded, i better contact Mr Zoolander to assassinate him during the next runway.

ps: I've met a lot of nice fat ppl, i just hate this 1 fat guy, owh maybe a few more.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Raya n lain2

Raya = byk mkn = kenyang = malas

kemere rosak = xdek gamba raye = sape2 yg ade tuh pass r kat aku

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

ps: selamat berUni kepada rakan2 yg dh abes cuti. aku cuti sp 12/10