Friday, October 10, 2008

My Forbidden Face + YDP Melaka +

before reading the book, i am already aware dat the book is sponsored by the west n Elle mag, so there r things u can expect from it.

basically the book is abt an afghani girl's horror experience living under the Taliban regime in South California (sure la afghanistan). she came from a middle class family, whose living r influenced by some western cultures. her sister is a stewardess, her mom is a senior nurse, she go to uni etc etc so it's pretty similar to ppl in Malaysia. everything changed when the taliban came, women r not allowed to work, no skool, women were raped, women being dis n dat which im pretty much convinced they do happened.

but her confusion abt hudud shows how shallow her knowledge abt the matter, and she's surely not as religious as she claimed to be (back cover). it might b the taliban's fault not to educate the ppl, or there might b ppl within the taliban who took matters in their own hand without proper judgement etc, or mayb she's exagerating things.

it's like when watching Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda n Titanic, i do believe in some of the things mentioned, as for some other things, i might get some othe reliale sources. anyway, it's good to know stuffs.

i think everybody knows dat i dont like reading novels n buku2 cite etc, n this is the 2nd book i finished in past 5 yrs. what a milestone for me!


what the F*ck is going tru YDP Melaka's ageing brain? r they lack of locals worth of datukship? what has Shah Rukh Khan contribute so much dat the YDP decided to give him Datuk? entertainment? how stupid is dat. if dat's the case, i'll suggest he give Datukship to Paris Hilton, Borat n some other HBOllywood shitheads, not to forget the pornstars. they r more entertaining than mr SRK. what a waste!

ps: good luck to
Rebecca Morse who anchored her last news yesterday. she's off for her maternity leave. good on ya. c u next yr!



alaa dah die minat shah rukh khan nak wat camne.. wakakaa

selamat hari raya bro..

mangkuk statik said...

Kalau kau jadi YDP melaka pon kau dah bagik datuk kat sesaper kat ASSengal tuh.Dari ex-player ke kit man.Physio Assengal mesti dapat tan sri punyer. Wenger confirm kau bagik TUN. Jadi jgn jeles syahBeruk khan dapat datukship.
Wei blog aku .Harap2 aku rajin lah mengupdate.

ainishamsi said...


our bos now blogs~

Muhammad Teja said...

rosyam nor dapat datuk x?

desmond-t said...

Wahaha the PDF File is extremly hilarious!

h3l3n said...

i suka ur pdf pic! hehe

n said...

apesal hrithik roshan yg berlakon kat penang x dapat Datok ah? dia siap berenang merentasi laut lari dr kne kejar ngan buaya. YDP penang tanak kasik dia Datukkapal ke?

eh penang under YDP ke sultan ek?

husna afifi said...

dh r cite wan to ka for tu xbest
adeeke dpt datuk sbb tu

{Suria Muhammad} said...

'if dat's the case, i'll suggest he give Datukship to Paris Hilton, Borat n some other HBOllywood shitheads, not to forget the pornstars'

kalu paris hilton dpt datok, maka haruslah partner beliau dlm satu malam di paris itu mdapat datin