Saturday, October 18, 2008

makan2+++ n west beach..

makan2 free last week:
1. Community Centre makan2 (ahad)
2. Islamic College Open day, berbbq bersame thierry henry (Selase)

3. Ride to Work day breakfast (rabu)

4. Open house umah dak pompuan kat rosepark (ahad)

next up.. 1 day makan2 kat rosepark (rabu). gamba2 event di atas ade kat sini


went to Western Hospital for a job interview last Monday, n then spent some time swimming at henley beach. well, u cant really swim when in windy condition with rough tide, but being me, i just cant resist the temptation of seawater n waves. then spent some time to get my clothes dry, n then cycled back to the city. total km's cycling for dat day should be arnd 30++. good stuff!

ps: SRK news is stupid enuff, this one is the most stupidestest. most human with foreskin experienced dat when we're young, if not i think urs might not up to the standard size.


husna afifi said...

best nye byk mkn
xthn tgk tiery henry nye

desmond-t said...

thierry henry?
muka dia nampak macam freddy kanoute aje...

isuzu_aizu said...

hoho nmpk mcm menarik je ride to work day tuh. mmg ade ke selama nih. tak penah tauuu

Abang Ben said...

sebenarnya susunan ikut macam ni...

Jimi Hendrix <--- Thierry Henry <--- Imam Khalid

muka serupa.

Aaron said...

kerja ape di Western Hospital, en Ihsan?

kalau dah kaya, sila transfer ke account aku. huahuahuahuahua