Sunday, July 27, 2008

week 16 + cuti abes+MC08 promo

against Western Strikers at home. as usual, only the U-19 gained points, which made them the league champion, with 2 more matches remaining. same goes for the Western Strikers reserves team. n their seniors win also put them in contention of promotion to super league next season. so the final fixture at homeground really reflects the whole season, lack of luck n poor finishing!

results: Foxes Vs Strikers
U-19: 3-1
Reserves: 0-2
Seniors: 0-1

n i still have few more weeks to lay my eyes on Che, a checkout chix at the nearby Woolies. too bad it closed early yesterday!


cuti (yg boring) dah habis. hopefully the new sem will futher enhance my CGPA.

be a qualified drug abuser today!

oh.. marilah berMC08... supportlah program anjuran En Mong n Co!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

week 15 + result exam.

Waited for Murry to pick me up in front of Adelaide High skool at 9.45am, then found out dat Matt came for the U-19's preparation as well.. less work to do, more money to gain! hoho
away games at the Pirate's (near Port Adelaide) rarely gave us good results, no exclusion this time as well. went back to the city in a manager's CLK (again).. woo~~

results: Pirates vs Foxes
U-19: 0-1
Reserves: 3-0
Seniors: 1-0


few months ago... a phone conversation...

Ihsan: rs mcm nk amik language la utk elektif..
Umi: oo.. nk amik bahase pe?
I: Italian or Spannish kot..
U: amik la Arab. kamu dh ade basic.. sure boleh score!
I: xnak r.. boring r blaja bende senang2 budak tadika nyer.
U: xpe la.. bolah kasi cantik sket CGPA tuh..
I: hish.. mcm bazir duit je.. baik amik bende yg x tau lg..
bla bla bla

Escuchen! dengan ini dimaklumkan dgn tawaduknye, aku dpt HD utk Spannish! ohoho. olé!
at last, dpt gk merase HD sebijik. kes2. satu subjek xkuar result lg.. pelik lak. haih.


ps: hari yg sungguh mencabar fitness sekali: Berbeskal ke Magill-4hr futsal-berbeskal balik umah-berbeskal g city plak... fuh~~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

week 14 + tiket balik!

so.. all 3 games won! a busy day for me, i popped back in a dislocated patella (xsusah tp xpnh buat je), 1 player concussed, etc etc. yeah!

results: Foxes Vs Olympic
U-19: 2-1
Reserve: 4-0
Seniors: 2-0


so setelah tiket jetstar dikensel oleh pihak jetstar, n diorg janji utk refund + $100 voucher, aku pon sudah bli tiket balik utk summer nih.

Flight: MAS
Brisbane-KL 2/12/08 11:55pm
KL-Brisbane 15/02/08 9:30am
total paid: AUD873.12 by my mom (pjg cte nye..)
so skang nk kne carik flight adelaide-brisbane le plak.
ready2 la korg utk membawak aku jalan2 n makan2 ye.. dgr2 ramai yg dh kje... haha!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

80,000 trees

fantastic experience, but too lazy to write. so i'll just put the highlights and some of the 700+ pics ere. more pics r here n other participants' Facebook pages.

day 1:
-arrived at bus terminal around 3pm, bus departed at 3.50pm
-arrived at ferry terminal at around 6pm, ferry departed at 6pm
-rough seas n arrived a moment later. cant really remember how long it took.
-later had dinner at one place, n back on the bus for another 1+hrs ride.
-reached the dorm/hostel.Nazerul chose the room 5.
-had supper n knowing the roomates, n dozed off!

day 2:

saya peladang berjaya (ask Dani to translate dis)

-woke up at 6am, pray, breakfast at 7am.
-on the bus again at 8am, to the planting area.
-arrived there after 45mins, a short briefing n then start planting.
-speed planting: 100 plants per mins
-1st day gp did 15000+, 2nd day gp did 17000+, we did 26000+!!
-back on the bus at 5pm
-had a shower, dinner n rearranging the room
-playing games with the roomates until late

some twisted roomies

day 3:
-woke up at 6am again, waking up other ppl with the help of Beck's teddy.
-packing-up, breakfast, walk to a beach nearby in rain.
-Seal Bay Tour, looking at seals n nice beach.

young n curious baby seal

-Sand Dunes, climbing sands n attacked by the sandstorm.

desert survival 101: Call for help

desert survival 102: jumping will make u tired.

-lunch at a secret place of Yakka Cult.
-Koala walk
-Bunker's hill lookout

look out for demented wildlife!

-Remarkable Rock

where Yakkas gain strength

n a place where family bonds r tightened..

-NZ Fur seals breeding area

not bred for their fur

-Flinder Chase National Park
-the fish n chip dinner

happy fishies

-the last ferry of the day departed at 7.30pm
-calmer water, playing uni, having fun

happy 'ammar' n gang on the ferry home

-bus ride to adelaide
-arrived safe n sound.

Yakka boss losing it's power.


we made a good team. (Ihsan, Dani, Nazi, Kerry-ann, Tom, Debb, Meagan, Beck, Lisa, John

I've made my mark!

Friday, July 04, 2008


i'll be back!

double rainbow last match. c'mon Foxes!