Tuesday, July 08, 2008

80,000 trees

fantastic experience, but too lazy to write. so i'll just put the highlights and some of the 700+ pics ere. more pics r here n other participants' Facebook pages.

day 1:
-arrived at bus terminal around 3pm, bus departed at 3.50pm
-arrived at ferry terminal at around 6pm, ferry departed at 6pm
-rough seas n arrived a moment later. cant really remember how long it took.
-later had dinner at one place, n back on the bus for another 1+hrs ride.
-reached the dorm/hostel.Nazerul chose the room 5.
-had supper n knowing the roomates, n dozed off!

day 2:

saya peladang berjaya (ask Dani to translate dis)

-woke up at 6am, pray, breakfast at 7am.
-on the bus again at 8am, to the planting area.
-arrived there after 45mins, a short briefing n then start planting.
-speed planting: 100 plants per mins
-1st day gp did 15000+, 2nd day gp did 17000+, we did 26000+!!
-back on the bus at 5pm
-had a shower, dinner n rearranging the room
-playing games with the roomates until late

some twisted roomies

day 3:
-woke up at 6am again, waking up other ppl with the help of Beck's teddy.
-packing-up, breakfast, walk to a beach nearby in rain.
-Seal Bay Tour, looking at seals n nice beach.

young n curious baby seal

-Sand Dunes, climbing sands n attacked by the sandstorm.

desert survival 101: Call for help

desert survival 102: jumping will make u tired.

-lunch at a secret place of Yakka Cult.
-Koala walk
-Bunker's hill lookout

look out for demented wildlife!

-Remarkable Rock

where Yakkas gain strength

n a place where family bonds r tightened..

-NZ Fur seals breeding area

not bred for their fur

-Flinder Chase National Park
-the fish n chip dinner

happy fishies

-the last ferry of the day departed at 7.30pm
-calmer water, playing uni, having fun

happy 'ammar' n gang on the ferry home

-bus ride to adelaide
-arrived safe n sound.

Yakka boss losing it's power.


we made a good team. (Ihsan, Dani, Nazi, Kerry-ann, Tom, Debb, Meagan, Beck, Lisa, John

I've made my mark!


Dani said...

Great photos!
And I can't translate that thing that you said I should...

ihsan_huhu said...

ohh... it's ok. mayb u can try to translate the title of the blog then..

taiko said...

Yakka boss?!

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I think the best part is when everyone was playing twister and i was just choosing hard positions rather than twisting the actual spinner thing!! I laughed so hard i almost peeed a little!! Lol. well it was a very fun experience and great that there is so many photos, too bad you cant figure out how to put them on facebook so i can steal them!!!

Peace out! x x


ihsan_huhu said...

eventally facebook allowed me to put the pics up!

n said...


jgn suh matsaleh translate tajuk blog ko. sian dia..

Zaid said...

gambar korang main twister tu dodgy gile siot. haha.

ink3r said...

wallaweih = translation: ??