Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dead Possum

1. Work

gotta start with work. been working at the same place for 2 weeks and very glad that the difficult task was completely done last week. now i am waiting for the verdict, whether to stay here or to move, again. oh well oh well. there have been gastro outbreaks at the workplace, the staffs were all pushed to the limit, except us. this is one cool stuff about being physios. we dont deal with shit and we dont give a shit.

2. Bribie Part V

went cycling to Bribie Island again on saturday, the surf was surprisingly calm. supermoon effect maybe? i dunno. on the way back somebody threw a glass beer bootle at me n it's shattered once it hit the pedal. bloody bogans what's ur problem mate? had a quick swim and then went back.

i felt sick on that night and sat out during the weekly league game. what a shame. so yesterday i only went to the nearby pool in an attempt to use up my remaining passes on my card.

3. football

final day of EPL was fun, i stick to arsenal's game regardless of the excitement of CityVsUnited. the poor start costs us the season. i was hopeful Newcastle could secure 4th, but this morning Blues' victory just as sweet as anything for the Gunners. my word dear Spuds u cannot be more unlucky than this time, the God must be hating u so much!

like i said before, i sat out of last week's fixture due to sickness, and the team lost 5-0 to a shitty team. this week we did better against another shitty team and won 4-1. there r a few shitty teams left to be played but all looking good at the moment. shortly after the game the president of the club tried to persuade me to join the club's reserve/senior rank but i think with sunday gone, i need my saturday as a lazy/cycling/whatever day.
had 'Hangi' after the game prepared by the Kiwis

and yeah, nothing beats a full-on multicultural brawl on the field. it's about time. just fuck the Fijian team off the league already. they're a bunch of cunts and are the fucking pests to the tournament.

4. other stuff

i went running on wednesday and thursday last week. ah things are exciting again ahahahaha. i need to service my car, and i bought a microwave. doesn't look like much is happening so yeah till the next time.

Monday, May 07, 2012


1. work

so far i've worked at 6 different places already; Caboolture, Morayfield, Burpengary, Lakeside, Boronia Heights and Calamvale. In a way, it keeps me away from that boring monotonous routine, but on the other hand, it reduces my cycling mileage significantly. Oh well it's all about the money and how to enjoy yourself while making them.

2. Redcliffe

the beach is located about 30kms from home. it's a very safe beach even by kids standard. the only drawback on the day was i had to share the swim with a shitload of jellyfishes. a good distance for a cycling day out tho.

3. Stoney Creek

the best spot for a retreat around Caboolture area, and IMO it's ten times better than the infamous Sunshine Coast. very secluded, very preserved reserve. unfortunately the day was relatively cool and the water froze the balls the moment u have a dip. but you should know cold temperature is bloody fantastic when it comes to testicles.

4. Pasir Mas

waist depth? perfect for b*lls cooling while looking at bouncy t*ts. pffft!

again, i think it is overrated. the beaches are average, waves are too big for a decent enjoyable swim, too many people to have a quiet time. too touristy and more a pocket pincher than anything else. if you have a lot of money at your disposal, this is a perfect place for you. you've got rides and parks all around. but if you come here just for the sunbaked girls, you are better off going to strip clubs. obviously i am not the latter.

the Malaysian Gold Coast Mosque

oh and the food festival, went there, had a look around and left early. i was not in the mood for rice. but what a job well done by the QLD Muslim community. Please donate generously.

5. League Of Nations

Proud to say we are the pioneering bunch for this interesting multicultural project in the area. The South American team consists of a Malaysian, 2 Peruvians, a Chilean miner, a Mugabe-an and 2 Vietkongs. Despite having only a player on the bench, we managed to record a win on our first game together, a well-placed goal scored by the no 10 left winger, who was often the target of ill-timed tackles by the opposing posers. Cibai punya F*jians, eat shit you f*cking losers, this is a friendly tournament bitch! what a shipload of headless twats they were.  Nothing feels better than a win in a fun-friendly fixture. it's good to speak spanish again, new swear vocabs are just as important.

all's good. till next time, whenever it will be.