Monday, December 27, 2010

special report (long and winding)

1. Christmas holidays

double pay always make ppl happy. boxingday shopping? i have to say it's much hyped than what it is around here. hopefully the bank wont be the ones who r still smiling comes january.

2. Garuda tergaru2

well done m'sia. a very impressive all-round performance, other than the DM, he still need to work on movement and quick passes. 3-0 seems enough to bring home the throphy. but this is football, who'd have predicted we'll win by a comfortable margin like last night? who'd have thought football can bring ronaldo many places? hot places, cold places?

laser pointers? it's the Indons who will need them, to assist with some accuracy. not that im supporting the dumbass brat who spoilt the match and the sweet win.

3. Ashes

ayam gila oz boxing day 1st innings. very slim hope left for the oz to win the urn.

4. Tour Down Giler 2010

the plan was a 48kms cycle up Mt Lofty summit again, but this time via Gorge rd, which shouldt take more than 2-3 hours. but... something didnt go to plan.

in red: the deviations.

there are a few things i learnt:

1. They have a really2 poor signage around the hills area
2. Google map is not that reliable
3. to bring a map next time/gps
4. who's up for cherry picking? apple picking? lychee picking? strawberry? let's cycle there.
5. keep urself hydrated. i only had coffee n biscuits for breakfast n 2 short choc bar all day.
6. the signage is really bad around there. ah i already put it at no 1 but seriously, it's really bad.

somewhere between Ashton-Summertown. a really steep descend. u cant see the bottom when u r on top of the hill, n u cant feel the steep climb due to the carrying speed when going down.

the stats: (if u r into stats)
total kms: 124.94 km
max speed: 78.0 km/h
average speed: 22.0 km/h
total time cycling (berenti solat n mkn2 donat umh sarah excluded): 5h37m25s

could have gone quicker if i know my way around, nevertheless a very very embarrassing average speed n time.

i was quite disappointed that i only reached the Crafers after 100+kms, and i think i made the right decision of not climbing up the summit, n just enjoy the ride downhill from there. what a memorable christmas day for me. suprisingly, it wasnt too tiring at all. i was working 12-8.30pm yesterday. double pay beb!

(sarah kate scale rosak, kne tambah 2kg)

the thing is, we only can now our potential if we push ourselves hard enough.

have a blessed holiday. stay blessed!

ps: any good opinion on this? i dont want to walk around with ppl thinking i'm having a semi erection.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

menyambut krismas adalah haram bagi umat islam????

apetah lagi kerja hari jumaat sbb dapat double pay sampai xsolat jumaat. lagi r haramjadah.

ppl dont give a shit* if ur name is khan, abdul, samdol, ipman, johnny, but ur actions define who u r n what u believe in.


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*ppl may throw shit at u on occasions

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

damn u new regulations

1. registration

went to WCH to get Nicole to be my referee, n met MDA frens. then went to AHPRA office on King William St to ask them abt the registration regulation, then went to immigration office on Currie St to ask abt my visa conditions, then went to Westpac on King William St for some financial arrangements, then went to uni, then to IELTS office, then Camwhore house on Rundle St to get passport photo with white backgroud (i knoe, WTF!), then back to IELTS office.

ah IELTS shit, they just changed the regulation this year.

still hensem walaupon tgh tensen n bengang

2. makan2

hari rabu, kuar makan2 malam kat pizzahouse west tce, kamis malam dibelanja oleh budak physio kat Sofra on west tce, on friday di half-belanja oleh nik hussein kat indian restaurant on sudholz rd.

3. Christmas day

Adelaide Hills here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Graduation

congrats to all yg grad smlm. mine will be on 31/03/2011. sape2 nk jadik photographer rasmi n xrasmi silelah dtg selambe. lg rmai lg bgs hahaha.

selamat balik kpd sume2 yg balik. aku chill2 dlu kat sini.

5. work

kejekejekejekejekeje... haih.

sekian. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENG! (oi dalam hati la bodo, nanti xberkat pulak!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ah bosan r plak cuti nih. g interview kje isnin lepas.

hmmm hmmm....

Monday, December 06, 2010

Awal Muharram 1432 with extra juice

i met my course coordinator, Margaret, this morning to discuss my resubmission of one assignment. at the end of the meeting, I asked her a question,

Aku (A): so, u know about the batch photoshoot this friday?
Marg(M): yes
A: should i come or ot, or... hmmm....
M: Havn't you know it yet?
A: hmm.. im not sure...
M: U already passed this subject.
A: ah.. really??!
M: yes, i'm expecting u to b there...
A: ...............................
M: sorry, i thought u know... i should've told u earlier...
A: ............. .... .....

so, regardless of my resubmissio, i am unofficially waiting for the ceremony in March 30th. it has been a challenging yet unique extended 4 years!

have a blessed new year, n stay blessed!

ps; im going to resubmit the thing...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


1. tragedi hari sabtu

we passed our clinical placement at tQEH last friday at about 12+pm. so while i went away for my friday prayer, trish n masa spent some time eating icecream at a nearby cafe.

the next morning at about 6+am, i suddenly remembered that i think i might hav left my signed stuffs at the tQEH, which was the freaking truth. i gave trish a call straight away to ask her abt the weekend physio office hour (apparently she left her whole bag in Masa's car on friday hahahaha), n then rang masa to get him to check his car, in case i left it there, but sadly again, that wasnt the case.

so my impulsive n quick decission making ability took over my logic therefore i came out with a brilliant idea

"i'm going fishing today!"

nah, more like this one...

"i'm going to cycle to tQEH, now!"

so i got there within 40 mins, waited n waited until 8+am, when Paul appeared with the key to the department. i thanked him then rushed into the office to retrieve such important documents, as well as i grabbed a couple cup of coffee n biscuits while i was waiting for the rain to ease off a bit.

since i gotta b at work at 11am, i was forced to cycle in the rain on the way back. stopped a while at a BP near my place to clean up chainparts and gears, then this happened.

jangankan kevlar, burujim musyayyadah pon boleh tembus

never had any puncture like this one before, the tyre and the tube were slit mercilessly. i ended up playing my final emergency card, to rang fared to pick me n my crooked bike up.

many thanks to Paul n Fared for their assistance.

2. my final submission?

i finished working on sunday night at 8.30pm, got home at abt 9pm with the final EBP assignment lingering subconsciously in my brainstem, telling me "u shud have done it earlier, now suck it up @#$%$#$!". suddenly, a very strange landline no appeared on my phone screen. so i picked it up...................

so it was trish calling me using her neighbour's phone (fuh~~!), n she found out that her signed document went missing too, so she might have to scavenge the physio dept office the early next morning, or she might have to embarrass herself to ask her supervisor to sign the paperwork again. (ahahahahaha, good to know that im not the only one in misery)

i did what all men do, i laughed! n then i gave some advice, then i continue laughing again. dunno what was the outcome, hopefully she found it.

the next day, it was a race against time. i did managed to submit it before the due date, with crappy grammar n some error in the numbers n stuffs, but considering automatic 10% per day deduction for late submission... im on a very tight gamble at the moment, which i may regret in a few week time.

3pm due

so what's done is done. im taking 5 days break off work n just spending some time with graduating friends.


sekian. marilah mengisi cuti dengan aktiviti bermanafaat spt bermain FIFA11, mengusha muvi dan berbasikal denga lebih intensif lagi. gatorskin sudahpon diinstallkan kat Orbea Euskaltelku yang tercinta.

n kepada pelanggan2 yang dikasihi, selamat maju jaya. cilakak lu mangkuk!


update: i believe Im fucked.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 more days

dem cuak gaban!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

cuak siot. cuak gile. cuak nk mati. cuak cuak cuak nerves.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1st in 5 yrs

1. Geri unit

wahahahha. bosan gile. slow nak mati. kje pon senang n hepi2. no pressure. siap tido time multiD metting blakang supervisor aku wahahaha.

1 week n a tad more... iA.

2. Raya

dem 1st time in 5 yrs aku xsolat raya. pepagi bute dh tercongok kat TQEH tuh.

sape2 yg xdek/dh abes exam tuh buat r makan2. sangap gle.

3. Cycling

sape2 ade plan bes2 nk cycle p mane2? aku dah sangap tahap gaban dah nih, tp xdek mase plak nk cycle. tggu stok2 sampai dlu r huhuhu.

xpasal2 aku dok menyervis beskal raye2 nih r.

4. Kje

ahad lepas lepak 10jam kat HJs. fuh boleh jem otak aku camnih.

5. Lain2

- Arsenal menang, ManUre seri, Cel$ki & Loserpool kalah. cun la!
- adoi malasnye nk buat assignment

sekian. selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin. kl nk kasik duit raya kat aku boleh YM/FB/Email aku k. thanks la.

Christmas's coming

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sorry i forgot...

it's bloody thursday already....

1. uni

assignment due esok pkl 3pm, haram xstart lagi. layan beauty & the geek lagi bagus. dem hot gle kara.

pretty much 2 weeks to go for more good things to come, iA.

2. bola

manjang miss je sbb hospital start pagi2 bute. huhuhuh.

3. .........

(read no 1 again)

ok bye.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

please.. don't!

1. kje.

worked only 1 shift last week. i pulled my hamstrings on saturday, unable to work on the sunday shift. looking fwd to start running again this weekend.

on a more serious note, i'm going to submit another job application later tonight, i've been delaying it for the past few days already. so 2 jobs applied so far.

2. study.

currently doing AMU rotation, which i think, is much much more relax n slow-pace compared to ortho. so everything is looking bright at the moment.

n still working on other plans at TQEH too.

3. sports.

oz lost to Sri Lanka twice within few days, ayam r!

what a shame my orbea euskaltel has been sitting in front of me for 3 weeks now.

4. others.

i've submitted my organ donation form last week. yup, i agreed to donate ALL parts of my body when i die.

so please, DO NOT KILL OVER MY LEFT TESTICLES. i'm pretty sure the right one is equally functional too.

have a blessed week.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TQEH week 2

hmm.. nothing interesting. out of the house the latest 6.30am everyday, n work on both days during the weekends.

argh bosannye xcycle hari2. haih.

sekian. selamat maju jaya.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TQEH week1

1. Study

finished Advance rehab last friday. started Advance Hospital Care last monday. got to b at TQEH before 7.30am for Ortho ward round. oh dammit missed the 2nd half of the UCL dis am.

2. Cycling

on hiatus. partial hiatus. err.. what is hiatus anyways?

3. Work

had my final closing shift last monday. not going to do any closing shift in these crucial 6-week period.

4. Job

already forwarded my interest to work at BHP mines in NT. not as a miner obviously.

5. others

shit, i need to go to the loo. bye.

Uploaded by arsenalist. - Videos of family and friends from around the world.
at the arsenal, even the DM doesnt do simple tap-in

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

palestine weekend

1. Seacret protest & Tariq Ali lecture

Joined AFOPA for both activities. it was a no-soccer weekend. doing something different once in a while is well worth it tho.

2. National Ride To Work Day

nah, i took the bus today, n missed the free breakfast.

3. Bank Negara talk

there was a clip, n free food. please come more frequent

4. clinic

final week, hopefully everything is going to be ok.

ooh, my neck is really sore. sore as.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

a night at the uni XIII

1. futsal.

dapat no 5/8. dpt hamper team mng fairplay award. ok la tuh. lps futsal pg ptg g kje,

2. lain.


sekian update. hari rabu hari berlepakan

Thursday, September 30, 2010


makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan makan.

paradise '10

ps: 4 patients today in <3hrs.>

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thanking you in advance

1. Una balik UK


2. Raya+MC10+Open House

p la tgk gambo kat fb.

3. Cuti

budak2 sume tgh cuti midsem. next cuti aku bln december kang. haih. skang lepak2 clinic je r.

4. lain2

xdek yg lain pon.

teringat kat budak2 yg 'puasa' 10 yrs ago.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

updet bes

malas. mggu lepas aku update 2 kali. bz dgn clinic uni skang. ptg selase g pilates class dgn makcik2 kaye kat2 umah Im.

sekian. selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

selamat hari raya 1431

wah dah lame xjumpe budak2 kecik 2 org tuh huhuhu

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the 11th hour

still at least a few hours left before ramadhan ends. instead of spending on new shoes, food n stuffs, y not do something more beneficial to the public.

donation for Islamic Dawah Centre (Grange Road)
bsb: 035-212
Acct no: 224233

donation for new Wandana Mosque (Wandana Avenue)
name: Islamic Society of SA
bsb: 065-000
Acct no: 11358279


* i'll be at uni clinic startng today for 6 weeks
**update bumper raya akan menyusul (bile2 aku rajin)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53 yrs later, the powerdrunks are losing it

1. AMNO r desperate dumbfucks

isu kafir masuk mesjid, isu namewee, isu kepala lembu etc. they r big national issues, unlike the once-every-4-year-erection-problem *dude, or so they want them to be, some kind of an issue.

this imbecilic act of the highest level should stop, and it should stop now. they r destabilizing the nation with their limitless 'issues'. it is not surprising to see MCA walk away from their alliance anytime soon. what a bunch of half-wit knucklehead shingles-infested shitheads they r. yes they r, seriously. the whole bunch r.

c'mon... get ur sense right. WTF!!

yeah AMNO is long been irrelevant, n it's just getting worse. 53 yrs n that should be it. thankyouverymuch.

2. two-third gone

we are getting into the last 10 days of ramadhan, and it seems my Azam Ramadhan this time failed miserably. to not swear is just beyond my comprehension. especially at work. yeah work is hard, but can b fun, put aside the money factor.

i lost nearly 5kg already since coming back from malaysia the last time i checked it.

3. study

alhamdulillah, presentation at the RAH was a successful one, 4 physios n an ergonomist attended our presentation n they were pretty impressed/happy/delighted with the project outcome.

next rotation starts next week, yeah, no midsem break for me. 2 more subjects to go. cmon!!

4. Hidayat Centre Iftar

it wasn't my money, it is somebody else's money which i have full power over it. it's kinda my money but it's just not. so no thanks necessary, privately or publicly.

im just supporting a friend, a good old friend.

5. lain2

- seorg awek oz yg cun telah memintak no tepon aku, tp aku syok kat kawan die yg lagi super cun.
- arinih cuti merdeka (tp mlm kje)
- im loving the weather but im tanned enuff to go to the beach.
- the U-19 lost 1-0 to Blue Eagles, a must-win play-off game this weekend. plz give me another FFSA medal thanks.

sekian, selamat berpuasa. Jangan undi BN.

*hopefully, u'll get better. once every 3.5 yrs is a good start.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I still don't like Theo

1. study

alhamdulillah, setelah berhempas pulas berdmeeting dgn lauren, final draft dah pon disubmit, so skang tunggu correction n pastuh present kat RAH. so it's pretty much 2 subjects to graduation.

n minggu nih kelas hari rabu je, n maybe meeting on Thu/Fri for the presentation prep.

2. kje

i realise dat the reason im still working now is just to make other ppl happy. i used to work for money for the past few years.

oh n the cute new crew is what keeps me going.

3. bola

bes wo. especially bile tgk ManU seri dgn fulham last menet pg td.

4. puasa

dem la aku miss 2 hari grand iftar kat uni yg besenye grandismo abes. kje nyer pasal huhuhuh.

puase r

5. lain2

I wonder if i should apply for a job in Perth.

oh n the hung parliament. boring.

ok dah. nih update wajib mingguan, kang kl xupdate kang korg kate tak istiqamah plak. assignment workcover xsiap ag.

selamat berpuasa. selamat berterawih. selamat bershopping raya.

Monday, August 16, 2010

We Love Pepe Reina

abg Pepe mmg ensem r

0. Sahur
aku mmg spesis malas sahur. minum air kosong segelas pastuh kl rajin telan kurme 2 bijik pastuh tdo balik sampai subuh.

1. Puasa
macam bese, camtuh r. nk ckp ape ag pose je r. still cycling cam bese.

2. Bukak puasa
kadang2 nk bukak pose pon xsempat sbb tgh kje. minum air then lari p solat maghrib. tp kl berbuke kat mesjit or IDC or mane2 makan mcm terlebih plak. nk kne control hawa nafsu serakah nih.

3. Terawih
aku ske terawih panjang2 tp imam bace laju2 tapi sedap. so mmg kl boleh nk g wandana hari2, tp kat wandana xdek makan2 free so mcm sukar je.

4. Moreh
kat sini xdek moreh. kl kat mesjid UTM moreh die kuih2 je, kl kat KMKP moreh die dahsyat sket sbb bese r mesjit kampung2, kl dgn ayah kat mesjit ade mroeh ke x komfem la die ajak p makan roti canai ke ape dlu b4 balik umah. kalau kat KMB nasik lemak die mmg super bes. aku ngn nisam bedal sampai kembung, sorg 3 bungkus on the spot kat dewan makan.

5. Quran
cam bese r iA khatam ujung bulan kang skali. xpernah miss sejak taun 1997 dlu. respek gk r org yg khatam 2-3 kali sebulan. aku plg2 kuat pon khatam quran ngn tafsir skalik. tp pon dh nk tergolek2 dh.

6. Bola
Arsenal seri je dgn Lifervool smlm. attacking slow sgt. haih. nasib baik abg pepe ade buat zakat fitrah.

n mayb akan start kje balik dgn CUFC utk U19 nyer final 5 cup.

7. Lauren

ari2 jumpe minah nih buat projek, weekend pon same sbb arituh nk siapkan draft. esok jumpe ag. haih. nasib baik ko cun.

8. Lain2
- topek n syafiq dh balik.
- nk bli henpon raye
- laptop raye dlm pertimbangan. laptop skang nih dh nazak dh
- nk bli superbike utk ship balik mesia.

sekian. selamat berpuasa. jgn layan porn siang2.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The past days n Ramadhan 1431

i believe the last week was quite busy eversince i came back from my long holiday in malaysia. no, i was not occupied by my part-time work as i already cut my no of shifts per week as well as im only waiting for next season for the trainer work with cumberland utd, speaking of which, is already relegated back to premier league with a few matches to go.

i think im spending too much time with frens n at frens' places. u shud already known dat i fancy sleeping over at others' places, wilcox st to name one. i never failed to spend a night there, weekly for the past 2-3 yrs. so we had makan2 x2 last week for mejat's bday. well, the bday is surely just an excuse. so umah2 yg aku selalu lepak2 tuh, it's just a matter of time, iA. (plan party besar2an utk final yr taun lps ade, tp last2 xsempat nk buat)

football has been plenty for the past few weeks, n i do regret my decision of not buying a new pair of futsal shoes when i was in m'sia. forget the kuih raya baju raya kad raya etc, send me futsal shoes please thanks.

had a 30-mins solo presentation yesterday, n i am pretty sure it did not went well towards the end. strange enuf shit happens at times when u don't want it to happen. i was thinking of going mental n cry on the beach in the view of the mesmerizing sunset, but hey that is just too much effort to put in, n the weather was not as forgiving, so i went to work instead. surely u know which part of the above is made-up shit. it amazes me how some ppl easily cry over small things. get over it bitches! (hahaha.. joking)

havn't done much cycling since the holiday, despite cutting down a few kilos my 6-pax program is bound to fail, thankfully, its Ramadhan tomorrow! to those ramadhan muslims out there, if u r not becoming any better muslim, at least lose some weight. it is as frustrating to have to design hospitals for fat ppl. how low can u go is for u to decide. (might not b applicable to some)

so hepi ramadhan to all n have a blessful one. sape2 yg dpt lailatul qadar tuh jgn lpe doakan aku dpt bini yg hot, seksi, tp beriman. impossible? nothing is impossible on lailatul qadar. hahaha.

ibadah2 jugak, uni/kje/famili/etc jgn terabai plak. ah projek org2 gemok aku xsiap ag!

contact mongger pon boleh.awek2 cun contact aku xpe

Saturday, August 07, 2010

update malas

nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan. sila cuba lagi. terima kasih.

"Most Beautiful Mom" of 2009 a.k.a the arab MILF of 2009

ps: Jen Hawko is losing it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tax return, X setel!

1. uni

for me, uni started a week ago, not like most of the students here who started their new semester last monday. hopefully this will b my last semester for the course. PR? IELTS? Interviews?

nk kne update resume ah malas r.

2. bola

my job at CUFC is pretty much done this season. there are only 3 games to be played this season, and it is quite sad that the club will be relegated to the premier league next season.

main bola mmg bes ah!

3. kje

rs mcm malas nk kje r. duit mcm dh byk, uni mcm makin gile2. tp xkje kang mcm bosan plak dok umah. hmmm.

dem r tax return mcm xdpt balik sume je. demmit la!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


24/01/09 voided

my holiday this time was a fulfilling one. i spent some times in most of the penisula states (except pahang & perlis) lepak2 dgn kawan2 etc, as well as i had times with my family doing familial stuffs. thanks to all the major contributors, im now 10kg heavier yet charming nonetheless.

1. ilham hazim

anak sedare aku yg terel buat muke sedih nih dh selamat menjalani craniotomy (xsure keyhole ke, craniostomy ke ape) smlm. sgt sedih utk meninggalkan budak nih b4 operation die smlm. mak aku ckp, amik la gambar last dgn die, kot2 pasnih 'die dh xdek dah'. but i refused.

speedy recovery 4 him iA. nnt dtg la jalan2 kat sini k!

2. dh sampai

slept over at the Melbourne airport, then connecting flight to adelaide was delayed twice. but, reach here anyway. a bit disappointed when my bicycle lock was not allowed to be carried on flight. wtf. what harm can it do? Girls' highheels can bring more destruction than the bloody lock. stupid law.

15/07/10 re-dated

3. mat kawen

tahniah mat yg berjaya berkahwin smlm walaupon bukan dgn kazen ali al-iraqi mahupon anak ali al-maghribi.

esok dh stat klas. shit weather.sekian.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

aiseh, seminggu lagi.

• This will be the seventh all-European final and means that a European nation will win the tournament for a record 10th time.

• It will be the first final to not include one of Brazil, (West)Germany, Argentina or Italy

• Netherlands go into the final unbeaten and if they are victorious on Sunday, they will become only the fifth side to register a 100% record in WC finals so far, joining Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1938, and Brazil in 1970 and 2002.

• The Dutch also had a 100% record in qualification for South Africa and could become only the second nation ever to win all their qualifiers and finals games, after Brazil achieved this feat in 1970.

• The Dutch are now unbeaten in 25 successive international matches and have conceded more than one goal in only one of their last 14 games in World Cup finals tournaments (1-2 v Croatia in the 1998 third-place play-off).

• Spain are the first reigning European champions to participate in the World Cup final since West Germany in 1982 and are the 12th different side to reach a World Cup final.

• If Spain - who have seven goals - are to avoid becoming the lowest scoring winners of all time, they will need to net at least four. Italy (1938), England (1966) and Brazil (1994) all won the tournament with 11.

• Xavi has created 25 goalscoring chances in this tournament - eight more than any other player. He has made 560 passes at this tournament, completing 509 so far. Only Dunga (Brazil 1994) has completed more in a single World Cup tournament since 1966.

esok ade akikah kat umah aku meh r dtg meh. dtg lps pkl 11am k.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

jom g kl lg

If you get down get up, oh oh
When you get down get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Awela Majoni Biggie Biggie Mama One A To Zet
Athi sithi LaMajoni Biggie Biggie Mama From East To West
Bathi . . . Waka Waka Ma Eh Eh Waka Waka Ma Eh Eh
Zonke zizwe mazi buye
Cuz this is Africa

Friday, June 18, 2010

seminggu xbalik umah..

lek luh, jom pusing2 mesia, byk lagi acara makan2 yg perlu dikunjungi


Monday, June 07, 2010

Penang Kedah Terengganu KL Johor

p la usha gambo kat fb kat sini r, bz cuti nih wahahaha.

next: KB plak, tunggu signal asap dr perkampungan ketereh dlu.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

stretching perut

1. study

submitted the project report on last wednesday, so had a few days off study, wandering around on both bikes alternately.

2. kje

last saturday it was a cup round weekend, only the U-19s & Res played, at the white city place. both game were won on extra time. then i waved hasta la vista to all the ppl from the club.

posisi obsin

3. bola

i tot i would hav missed the UCL final, but lickily the flight was delayed for half an hour. managed to watch it until the special one lifted the throphy, n i watched it at the airport.

posisi biawak

4. the journey

stayed up pretty much the whole night despite that i cycled 40kms+worked for 4 hrs+half-nandos-chicken. packed up all the remaining food left in my burrow+freezer, all the chocs n whatever i could carry, bcoz my flight will not be boarded until midnight. not the best way to arrange flights. good on me. syafiq my beloved cute cuddly charming housemate drop me off at the adelaide airport at about 4.20am checked in, go to the toilet, open my pants, put out my.... (boring).... then went out scouring for tv showing a white ball rolling around on a green field.

arrived at the melbourne airport at approximately 8.30am... then... oh im fucked. not literally. i wish i had but i did not. it's just an expression of the ultimate unfuckable time expenditure deficit issue syndrome thingy bobby (UUTEDITB) with the given informed consequences of the gap between the two flights.

ok, i actually already planned ahead, or maybe beyond the problematic predicament. so it's still a problem, but not as big, still fucked but not as fucked, so it's like half-fucked. while waiting i managed to finish 4 movies (Ip Man 2, Madagascar 2, ketika cinta bertasbih, n XXX2, oh i dont remember but who cares anyway) as well as playing PES on my laptop in between.

like the wise men say, good things worth waiting. the stewardess were nice, like nice nice. no wonder they won lots of awards. n the uniform fits them well. as much as they're looking fwd to fly with me again (that what they said at the end of the journey), i don't mind doing any other thing than flying with them at anytime soon. well done air asia, keep up the good stuff, if it cant, push up bras might come in handy.

ZZzzZZZzzz.. boring...!

i landed safely at the LCCT at 8am on monday, met ki at 9am, went to his place, take a bath etc. had nasik lemak, roti canai, teh tarik for breakfast, then took a bus to terminal 2 seremban, then took the 11.30am bus to JB. arrived at abt 2.30.

later dat day we went to the hospital to see my nephew. he's improving well. went there again today n managed to get him in my cuddle. come on, u can make it!

oh i already attended a masjid-mate today. he used to go the mosque 5 times a day.

5. 0137956780

call/text me as u wish. im pretty bored at the moment. mek cptla ko beranak.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

apsal aku balik?

stok cartel de mexico

1. why why why balik?

apparently, ramai pulak yg tanye apsal aku balik. sbb balik nih sungguh la x sinonim dgn aku. kat sini pon aku ske lepak umah org lain. so hopefully this will make ppl stop asking me the why question.

- akak aku suro balik, boleh jumpe sume org b4 adik aku fly g UK in september.
- nk tgk budak2 yg baru lahir.
- nk tgk org2 yg baru bersalin.
- sbb kl aku grad ujung taun nih, aku xplan nk balik. nk carik kje. so kl dpt kje xtau plak ble boleh dpt cuti lame2
-sbb aku nk rehat, gemokkan badan aku yg semakin taff nih. kang riya' plak
- sbb nk setelkan satu bende yg penting

ha.. teke la apebende yg penting tuh. jawapan akan dikasik last2 post nih nanti.

bende2 yg perlu disetelkan b4 balik:
- potong rambut, rimas r plak rambut nih.
- bli ape2 yg xbli ag
- kemas umah hahahaha

bende2 yg kne buat kat mesia kang:
- g dentist. dentist kat sini mahal gle.
- g mane2 kenduri yg sempat
- lain2

2. Ramsay St revisited

the last time i saw the boys was in 2006, n since today was my last day going to mt barker for the project im doing, i gambled and knocked the house door, which im not really sure. a tall dude open the door, then i asked him if i've got the right house. i never thought my memory is that good. he introduced himself as james, the 2nd son. then i asked him if he still remember me from few yrs ago, suprisingly, he remembers my name, n he got it right at the 1st guess. unfortunately, everybody else werent home. we had a short chat inside the house while waiting for the bus. oh, roger is still there, still struggling to open the sliding door.

3. kje

work more hr this week, sbb balik nih byk plak abes duit. ala lgpon dok umah je cam bosan gk

4. study.

project report to be submitted later this week, then this semester is done. gudluck la sape2 yg ade exam tuh wahahhahahaha

5. bola

bosan. season bola dh abes. adelaide utd pon dh kalah ACL. n aku baru pasan aku akan miss UCL final sbb tiket g melben pagi tuh argh2!

ok dh dapat teke blom? bende yg penting tuh adelah...



UPDATE STOK SPENDER R! tokey2 spender skalian, ready la aku p borong nnt!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

feliz el dia de madre

1. family

i just dont know what to write or say anymore, you can read abt them here. i just hope that everything went well and i'll be home in about 2 weeks time. we can hav a quiet time together (as if we r quiet when we're together pffft!) n we can work on the things we have to. seriously, i've never felt so sad for somebody else before. i learn't that im more of an angry person than a saddy-teary-cryy (wtf!) person, i would rather punch somebody's face than cry, especially ugly fat dopey chix, if u r fat n cute, u r safe. no, i don't really punch people. im a peace-loving creature who make jokes abt fat ppl n that's it.

the baby has made good progress but the outcome of the complication is yet to be known. thanks to those who prayed for my sister n her young one, and to those yg buat 'lawak2 frenli' tuh, xdek hal la, nnt aku balas la balik, cam xbese plak.

to umi, kakak, n kak bab, hepi mother's day! n to all the other moms as well.

2. study

as i mentioned before, i passed my acute care rotation last friday, i bought myself a pack of white timtams, which i think is so much better than the double coated timtams. now i can focus (kahkahkahkah) on my prostate cancer project n get it done today or later tomorrow.

3. kje

nothing so interesting with my work at the moment, other than one love child (aka anak haram / anak eksiden) of HJs has been born last week. i still havnt congratulate them, yet i've been so excited with the new arrival. is to congratulate them means we r supporting their unmarried-fucking? there u go, if u r too bored at the moment, u've just got something to think abt.

this week, the foxes played away at the Blue Eagles', at the Marden sporting complex. the senior game was an interesting one, since their physio (peter, used to be my colleague at uni) was the busier one, 1 ankle injury, 1 cracked ribs etc. ambo has to be called. oh who doesnt like ambo chix, i mean cute ambo chix in the paramedic uniform....(googling cute chix in ambo uniform)... oh back to the footballing bits, 1 red cards, team mates sworn at each other, armband changed 3 times, club managers had a heated hard time with the officials (eventhough the official was a female, it's not that hard time im talking abt), it does shows the crisis level at the moment. hopefully they'll get some points in coming matches.

the results: (Eagles vs Foxes)

U-19: 2-2
Res: 2-2
Sen: 4-1

oh n im going to have a phone interview around next week for a job in country victoria. while i really enjoyed my rural placement a few years ago, i am still thinking of the pros n cons working outside metro area. i'll just give a shot anyway.

4. bola

the final EPL game will b played tonite, arsenal's 3rd or 4th doesn't really matter. some ppl said it is better to be 4th, u'll get more money bcoz u hav to play the qualifiers round. well, doesn't really matter at all. frankly, i would rather want pompey winning the tittle, but when u have chelski n manure up there, u dont really have a choice but to go for the Russian backed club. well, again, it doesn't really matter.

5. going home

since im going home in a few weeks, i think im really going to miss my bike n all the cycling sides of my life here i feel like bringing it home. i still have some time to do some shopping etc. n with endless kenduri kendara anak dara nyam2 looming around, i can say welcome to mr Roi.

6. lain2

- saiful adli, budak umah aswad suro aku advertise nih: tv Sonic LCD 40'+ ps3 slim 250gb, 2 controller, 3 cd(fifa2010,bionic commando and heavy rain) $1200ono. kl korg nk bli tuh mention la name aku leh aku dapat kamsen sket hehehe. zaman skang mane ade ikhlas semate2 je.

- sape ag yg nk kawen between may n july nih kasik tau, aku nk kne buat draft projek pemakanan solo 1 malaysia 111 kali, kl xckop 111 kenduri aku makan r kat satu2 kenduri tuh 3-4 kali. mungkin aku leh mintak utusan cover story aku n mungkin aku leh dapat physio usm escort kot2 la perut aku cramp ke, sakit blakang ke, berak xlawas ke etc.

- awek2 yg nk jadik escort aku utk 2 bulan nih pon silelah mendaftarkan diri, kl ramai nnt aku divide la ikut negeri supaya adil dan saksama.

khas utk kakak aku

sekian. thanks. selamat hari ibu bukan eboue.

Friday, May 07, 2010

emo post

i shud b happy at the moment. i worked hard n this morning i passed my 6-week acute care rotation, which i failed last yr.

i'll postpone the party for now, family is always the priority.

kamon baby kamon!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

meet uncle ihsan

1. new addition

congratulation to ki n his wife a.k.a my ex-classmate. n with my sister's uterus is nearing its bursting period, it is only a matter of time for another young one to come out. apparently they have some kind of MoU about this; not to show me the pictures until both of them r born, n then i'll have to guess who belongs to who.

but they forgot that with all the genetics technology n whatnot, i already able to come up with my own predicament. i already knew the answer even without looking at them. well, ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau x ke nasik?

jgn marah yer, nnt anak aku kuar korg nyer turn plak (pic removed)

2. study

final week of acute care placement, im happy that i already discharged few patients. hopefully i got good marks for the subject. as for the other subject im doing, the freaking low marks given on my individual assignment proves nothing. i can't give a shit on such shit assigment.

3. kje

malas. sorg mamat baru kne buang kje sbb melecurkan satu pekerje lain pkai lighter. die xtau melecurkan n melacurkan tuh maksud lain. minah yg termelecur tuh mmg sexmaniac yg terkenal serantau alam pon. bese la omputih.

bola minggu nih main home. lawan metrostars, top of the table. team senior kalah lagi. 1st half kne 0-3, final score 3-5.

results: (foxes vs metrostars)
u19: 0-0
Res: 1-1
Sen: 3-5

4. bola

bosan r xbyk bola. dem r

5. beach day

silelah rujuk fb. n plz r jgn komen psl kehenseman aku, aku mmg dh tau lame saje malas nk tunjuk.

sekian. selamat bermain2 dgn baby kpd org2 yg baru beranak.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Krofne & Feijoa nights

1. study

2 more weeks of commuting to the Modbury Hospital to go. everything looks fine at the moment, n i wonder how did i managed tofuck the subject up last year. i guess a year does make a difference.

went to mt barker on wednesday evening for some discussion with my supervisor. one of the staffs offered me a few Feijoa to try. it is a very aromatic fruit, just got to be careful of the not-so-nice pulp.

oh n note case study xbuat lagi + ade test esok. cam bese aku rilek je. dh semulajadi power nk wat camne.

2. kje

dis week main away kat Frank Mitchell Park, Woodville West utk cup round. kepale bengap mane ntah suggest main game malam, so game2 start agak lambat, so aku abes kje lambat r cis. n dlm cup round, gap between game agak panjang in case of extra time, penalty etc, so lagi2 la lame aku kne kje. haih. The Foxes was the title holder last yr, n playing against a lower league club shud b an easy route for us, well, that did not happen.

the results r: Beograd vs Foxes
U19: 0-2
Res: 0-3
Sen: 1-2

this is the 4th lost in a row to the seniors team by the way. n krofne, kuih org2 serbia yg mcm donat tuh.

3. bola

xdek yg interesting pon, main kat padang smlm kejap. EPL pon npk mcm Chelsea akan mng. ManU mng penalti 2 bijik, xconvincing enuff.

4. 1000km+

feb 22nd- april 24th 2010

no im not a cheap bastard who adjust the digital numbers for personal glory.

sekian, cepatlah beranak wahai akakku!

Monday, April 19, 2010

fucking hell

1. bola

some lesson to those playing football, if u r leading, u got to settle on the ball, get the game under your control, pass it around, not to fucking hoof the ball away, or to fucking drop the ball on Titus Bramble's head. the most fucked up display by arsenal i've ever seen after all these years. havn't they learn from West Ham game earlier this year?

same things happened at the cumberland as well, the seniors were leading 3-2 with 10 mins to go, lost 3-4 after 90 mins. n the U-19 lost their first game after the gk fumbled.

Results: foxes vs western strikers
U19: 0-1
Res: 1-0
Sen: 3-4

what a disappointing week of football it was.

2. kje

im currently working 2 shifts a week at the HJ, and sometimes 1 shift. i just find it relaxing and less demanding in term of work-study-life balance.

budak2 yg xbayar or xamik ag jersey silelah bayar/amik cpt. aku xkan deliver kat umah korg, n aku xkan kol korg sbb kredit aku dh kering kontang.

3. study

im in my 4th week of acute care placement at the Modbury Hosp. my mid-placement interim feedback was good, n i am happy about it. so far, i've had 1 patient under me passed away during the weekends, a few confused patients etc. i am enjoying the placement despite that im not really into acute care stuff.

esok ade test. still a lot to read, but lets not get to stressed about it. i will be fine. oh im going to Mt Barker again this wednesday.

4. Graduations

congrats kpd budak2 yg grad. sori la aku xleh dtg makan2 dessert korg. hari2 aku kne lepak hospital.

5. Beranak.

selamat beranak kpd akak aku n akak ipar aku. akak aku tuh mcm akan beranak minggu nih je.

sekian. selamat la ape2 yg korg tgh buat tuh. kl tgk porn tuh jgn excited sgt sampai dpt carpal tunnel syndrome plak.

ps: hepi besday syafiq, sori r xpasan dh lepas wahahaha

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Physio dekat mines BHP?

1. kje

xbyk sbb assignment+uni. lastthu pon xg training night sbb ade talk pasal job opportunity in Darwin (bukan Darwin bini anep tuh, nih town yg kat NT tuh). 2 weeks in city clinic, 2 weeks in mines, alternate for 12 months. salary mcm bese, accomodation die kasik. mcm adventurous gle, xdek r boring p hospital hari2. die nk start intake 2 org jan 2011. arituh dh apply satu kat Gypssland, Vic. hmm.. tgk la cmne yg nih.

2. study

last week final session Ethics&Comm yg bengap ayam tuh. so lps nh aku dtg uni hari selase je r. n hospital nyer pasal aku xdek cuti 2 minggu cam dak2 lain. dem r.

Health Promotion nyer project kat Mt Barker pon dh mcm sampai stage yg tulis2 n bosan2. kl rajin mlm nih siap, kl kurg rajin esok siap, kl malas nk mampos ujung bulan dpn baru siap.

3. bola

messi mmg cibai, eh power. n defend pon cam mangkuk. next match lwn Spuds, midweek. argh bosan. pg td terpakse r usha el clasico.

week 3 Super League: Foxes away at the Campbeltown Red Devils'. dekat je ngn umah aku, rs mcm nk tranfer club pon ade.

results: Red Devils Vs Foxes
U19: 0-1
Res: 1-4
Sen: 2-3

n budak2 adelaide bungkus awal kat melben. bungkus xbungkus, sape2 yg xbayar ag tuh bawak2 r bayar. aku potong telo korg kang.

4. lain2

- Indofest, aku xpnh g tp mcm nk ujan je.
- Budak2 rmai datang grad. aku kat hospital. sape grad petang selase or petang khamis, aku nk dtg makan2 dessert nih.
- sape2 yg xamik jersi ag nih meh r dtg. wat semak umah aku je.
- kedah kalah smlm. bapak aku, abg aku n famili aku mesti tgh berkabung nih.

sekian. semoga hari2 mendatang tak ujan. ujan je r kat kawasan tadahan hujan utk Murray-Darling river tuh, kasik banjir pon xdek hal.

update: Clayzio mng melben cup, indofest rmai sgt org nk beratur makan pon malas.

Monday, April 05, 2010

orange is the colour

1. kje

xkje byk sgt, tp mggu lps mmg busy gle. tiap2 hari lepas balik hospital sure ade bende kne wat. g kje, g visit exs group, g jumpe lecturer yg bajet aku xwat kje.

2. study

busy nk mampos dg subjek2 yg entah pape mcm ethics. bodo nyer subjek.troughout the program, we have 2 ridiculous subjects yg kne amek, sociology & ethics nih, course coordinator die same. i guess these ppl r so not over the white supremacy thing that they feel the need to create such courses. go fuck urselves!

3. bola

minggu nih xdek game sbb cuti easter, so dpt r lepak2 4 hari nih.

arsenal seri dgn barca, baru aku bajet dh xdek harapan lepas kne titik 2-0. tetibe walkote pandai plak score, selame nih die pandai lari je tp xreti buat bende lain pon.

n mng dgn wolves last2 minit mmg kasik rmai org hypertension daa.


4. beskal

wlpn aku xbape puas ati dgn condition die cosmetically (kl ebay mmg aku dh kasik negative feedback dah), tp lepas try2 rs cam ok plak. n beskal ni komfem r aku xkan kasik org pinjam nyer. simpan pon kat dlm umah tuh. harge? ade la sket...

5. lain2

-esok ade test tp sbb aku power aku lek je
-esok nk p kutip jersi kat port road, so ape lg, byr r cpt.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almunia to Real Madrid for $68M

1. the Fucks of the week.

- Manuel Almunia: ape carut la last minit boleh fumble cam hape.

- Earth Hour: no more than a yearly cheap antics. no im not a climate change sceptic but i think the earth hour is just another feel good factor, bak kate seorg member kat fb "kalau kat akhirat tuhan tny ape ko buat utk save bumi, ko boleh ckp at least aku tutup lampu sejam mase earth hour" ini mcm ckp "aku tiap2 taun p berarak dlm panas time maulidur rasul, so aku xkan la masuk nerake kot" or "setaun sekali aku bayar zakat, kre aku nih org yg pemurah la". the point is, we don't need these 'at least' statement, we need things which r more sustainable n practical. smlm aku dok dlm gelap sejam (menghormati kehendak tuan rumah yg aku lepak smlm) n i was wondering, WTF am i doing sitting in the dark, xproductive langsung n merosakkan mata. kl yg extra bahalul, tutup lampu pasang lilin. nk buat something pkai la otak bukan ikut2 orang.
if u r really serious with saving the world, u shud recyle, use public transport, active transport (walk, cycle etc), switch off unused electrical appliances etc.

ps: arinih ade lumbe F1 pe kat Albert Park Melbourne, that is pretty much earth hour shoved up ur asses. another feel good factor maybe?

- next week: xpasal2 aku start acute care placement next week, kl ikut plan yg die kasik, start 27/04. adoi pening pale byk nk kne cover + projek tgh hot + Ethics + Kje + Beskal + jersi menjersi. timing mmg foul abes.

2. week 2 superleague

this week, home game against Adelaide City, as well as the 1st match having Lloyd Owusu as the assistant coach for the senior team.

the results:
(foxes vs city)

U-19: 1-0
Res: 2-0
Sen: 1-2

after the u-19 match, the father of the scorer shaked my hand and said " so u r the strapper guy, u're the one who make the difference!" i was.. "err... i guess so". i just dont know how to answer that. yeah i did strapped his son's ankle (a CB). it wasn't a big deal for me, but it did matter in the eyes of others.

3. lain2:

- jersi akan siap utk dikutip jumaat nih, meh la dtg umah kutip.
- beskal akan sampai dlm mggu depan. xsure r ade mase ke x nk pasang. (sure la ade mase nyer)
- i dont get the autumn uni break due to hospital rotation. so xg melben utk melben cup

sekian. mcm byk nk kne revise.

Monday, March 22, 2010

what a liverpool morning it was...

1. kje

mggu lps mintak sick leave 2 kali, so xbyk kerje, kne tggu ujung bulan kot br r duit sickleave masuk. xkesa r aku bkn desperate pon.

bz dok setelkan jersi menjersi budak2 nih, esok akan kol n order, so far total $1323, so kasik can la kl ade budak2 yg berubah hati dan fikiran.

2. study

jumaat lps submit 2 assignment. senang2 je tp mls nk wat. tp siap 2-3 hari awal gk utk di proffreadkan oleh org2 yg power sket. kl xbuat rugi, sbb kat uni nih kl write-up power senang2 je dpt highmarks, esp subjek2 yg subjektif mcm ethics nih. mmg bodo abes.

3. rugby 7

dpt tiket free so g la. agak bosan sebnanye 1st day die, crowd mcm kurg happening, or x happening langsung. tgk ashes dlu 8kali gande bes r.

nasib baik ade budak gemok ball picker boleh dijadikkan hiburan post-conversion.

4. bola week1

season bola dh start, this season nampak gayenye aku kne jadik main physio sbb mamat taun lepas dh cabut. so assistant aku is the goalkeeper coach, a therapeutical masseur. at the age of 14, he went to Greece to play there, n then played in some other countries in Europe as well. surprisingly, he decided to retire in 2008, at the age of 20+. that is quite young for a goalkeeper.

so the 1st game was the home game against the Cobras, the other newly promoted club. the results were good despite some incidents on the field and n the change room. a good but not so perfect start for the Foxes.

so the results are:
(Foxes Vs Cobras)

U19: 5-0
Res: 4-3
Sen: 3-2

apparently Liverpool is the new word for disappointing. and no, i didn't watch the game, i watch live IPL 20/20 instead.

5. Mt Barker

esok je la aku p, kl g arinih, supervisor xdek, so xdpt la tunjuk batang idung kat die. kang die bising lak jarang dtg hospital kat ceruk rantau alam tuh.


beskal sudah berjaye dijual kepade celebriti terkenal adelaide en Imran Ramli. klil la sini utk jadik fan die.

hmm.. mane aku nk cekau beskal nih. hmm... hmm... beskal mamat queensland nih cun tp die xreply lak enquiry aku dem r.

selamat hari isnin.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

on sick leave...

aku tau arinih still ahad, belum isnin. tp memandangkan aku bosan dan aku rs esok adelah hari sakit dan malas, aku update je la dlu.mcm xjadik je nk g mt barker esok.

oh xdek update, kl ade pon mls nk tulis. tggu cite2 bes mak, akak n abg ipar aku yg baru blk from hongkong.

kl korg bosan, usha r nih, aktiviti aku mggu lps.

sekian. c u next week.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Melacur di tempat kerja

1. housemate

akhirnye, aku dapat housemate baru name Malik, budak pakistan doing SAIBT. so far ok je tp problem nyer die xreti masak. rice kooker pon xtau apebende. aiseh. pandai2 r ko masak esok wahahaha.

2. stuffs

sudah spend >$1K on new stuffs within a week. so whatever i told u previously abt having an expensive hobby, just forget abt it ok. i'll put up the pic later, or whenever i feel like it.

spttny sampai kamis lepas tp xsampai2 ag. haih.

3. kerja

oh, sori la tersilap eje atas tuh, saje nk kasik sensasi + tambah hit blog aku kat google nnt.

4. Adelaide Cup holiday

bosan. bosan nk mampos. ujan n bes tdo.

5. Bola

pagi sabtu main bola ngn team UniBlacks... pagi2 lg abg fit dh amik aku kat umah. fitness mmg cam taik n rase mcm dh xdek competitive spirit dh aku nih. lgpn kne save energy utk g kje ptg tuh.

so ptg tuh Foxes vs Blue Eagles, kalah 3-0. cun la mggu dpn aku xyah dtg match seniors, aku kje pagi je sbb u-19 masuk semi utk pre-season cup nih. diorg mng 2-0.

6. tajuk post lepas.

tuh sebnanye odometer beskal aku. aku baru rajin nk pkai, baru ganti bateri. so minggu nih short ~40km r plak (154.3-265.0 ). haih ape nk jadik dak2 zmn skang malas eksesais. ala ujan kasik can r dok umah lepak2.

7. lain2

spontaneous broadway mmg bes la. lawak mcm haram. rugi r ko dtg lambat arituh. tp lg rugila awek2 cun yg jual mahal xnk ikut aku p tgk show nih. next free tickets: rugby7

sekian. ptg nih aku mcm rajin nk masak.

Monday, March 01, 2010

0 - 154.3

1. Kje

smlm amik sick leave memandangkan tekanan yg bermacam2 sejak kebelakangan ni, n jumaat sabtu kje manjang so kasik free sket ahad utk siapkan draft proposal so dat buleh present kat supervisor rabu nih kat mt barker. Hours pon dh kembali normal mcm dlu, so spttnye xbz mane pon skang nih.

i mean xbz kje r.

2. Study
mlm td tdo kat uni, dem xpasal2 plak smlm sejuk n arinih pon sejuk sket. xpuas ati btol. xpe, janji aku wat kje aku n kasik npk mcm aku bekerje keras sket. padehal dok kat komp pool tuh bkn wat kje sgt pon.

n rabu nih akan ke mt barker for the 2nd time utk projek. kl sume ok, leh r start g berdating dgn consultant2 etc.

oh interview ngn dating xsame ke?

3. Bola
Gle hape Aaron Ramsey kne tekel n patah kaki. aku tgk match tuh pon dh agak kaki die patah sbb tgk reaction players, esp Fabregas. muke die same mcm mase Eduardo patah kaki dlu. Arseblog posted an article which i think best reflects the situation. a lot of pregnancy happened without intention, but u still have to take the responsiblity.

smlm start main bola balik dgn abg fit. mmg berbaloi aku berpure2 sakit smlm.

4. Makan2
smlm ade makan2 sempena menyambut budak2 baru. ala sempena ape kesah ape aku, janji ade makan.

5. Fringe part 1

best r plak stand up comedy arituh, MC die tom gleeson mmg bes r. 3 org comedian tuh mmg bes2 n sorg lg tuh mcm lemau je. kesian gle org xgelak hahahaha.

unfortunately, experience yg bes nih dikongsi dgn seorg jantan bername usen. kl la yg ikut aku tuh awek sure la lg bes, dh la tetibe lak sejuk mlm tuh. rugi2.

so kl anda rasa anda cun, hot, menarik, kelakar etc, silelah kontek aku utk mendapatkan tiket fringe esok. kl jantan xpayah sbb dh ade org book.

My Name Is Usen Khan

ps1: kl r ainishamsi g standup comedy, aku rs die diam je dr awal sampai abes sbb xpaham lawak, or 3 mggu lps tuh br die gelak golek2.

ps2: gamba2 lain ade kat sini.

ps3: p bli r kat kedai!

6. Housemates

still tgh mencarik. dh letak ad kat surau2 uni. kl xdek gk aku letak ad kat local pub or adult shop.

when ppl stop asking for ur help, u know it's either it's pointless to do so or they just don't trust u anymore.


ps lg: sape2 nk teke apsal tajuk post nih camtuh, silelah. kl betul p la kedai bli r hadiah utk diri sendrik.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wah byknye tiket nih..!!

1. lambat.

sori lah ye, segale janji2 manis aku utk update tiap2 isnin tuh hanyelah kata2 dusta semata2. nih skang dh pkl 12.23am hari selase waktu tempatan. tp bak kate pepatah spannish ' quien es muy linda vamos con migo a la playa' yg bermaksud 'suke hati aku r, bkn aku pow duit korg pon'. ha camtuh r.

2. bola

ari sabtu arituh, weather forecasted to be 37C, so policy kat sini kl suhu lebey 37C sume aktiviti outdoor dilimitkan or dibatalkan (unless yg pro level). so match U-19 dikensel, n match reserve start pkl 9am n match seniors start pkl 5pm. so aku kne ade sane stendet sejam awal utk prepare player2 agar tak premature ejaculate tgh padang. so dlm pkl 7am aku dh kuar umah cycling ke Bailey reserve yg terletak 20+km dr umah aku.

results: Foxes Vs Cobras

Res: 1-1
Sen: 2-1

dem la makan2 last tuh, xdek r plak kalamari, byk chiken nuggets je bedal fires je r aku b4 aku p bercyle ke umah munir utk usha bola mlm tuh, ala yg ManU kalah 3-1 n Arsenal mng 2-0 tuh, buat2 lpe plak korg nih.

3. Tiket Free

dem la, aku didalam delima siti seri delima. nk g tgk bola or nk g yg fringe nih. nk g ngn sape? sape2 pon boleh jantan ke awek ke xdek hal nyer. yg friday nih komfem xg sbb kje n dh kasik kat org, n yg selase tuh rs cam nk g tp tgk r jadual kje camne. npk gaye kne ayat manager lg r utk tuka shift hehehe.

npk gayenye title king of free tix masih dipegang oleh aku r taun nih. sejak ayie balik nih konfem dh xdek challenger dh.

4. Mt Barker

esok tghari 1st meeting dgn supervisor kat sane. kl boleh nk siapkan projek nih cpt2 so nnt xdek r kelam kabut.

5. housemet

dh penat dh p tny sane2 sini. sape ade info dak2 yg dtg2 sorg2 tuh kasik tau r, dak2 yg dtg ngn group2 nih leceh r.

sekian. update hari selase.