Wednesday, October 13, 2010

palestine weekend

1. Seacret protest & Tariq Ali lecture

Joined AFOPA for both activities. it was a no-soccer weekend. doing something different once in a while is well worth it tho.

2. National Ride To Work Day

nah, i took the bus today, n missed the free breakfast.

3. Bank Negara talk

there was a clip, n free food. please come more frequent

4. clinic

final week, hopefully everything is going to be ok.

ooh, my neck is really sore. sore as.


Wahida Shukeri said...

makan free je ko....

segitujuh said...

Australia ni best ke? Saya plan nak BBQ kat sana.

ihsan_huhu said...

bese r, student

best tgk tempat r. stakat nk BBQ xyah plan pon xpe