Friday, February 27, 2009

RAH fever

hoho bes... bes gile... lg bes dr dok uni dgr lecture. n bantai kopi free.

we're the physioterrorists, we eat people for breakfast!


update kecik:
Adelaide Utd kalah 1-0 ngn Melbourne Victory game Grand Final A-League. buduh.
Arsenal's 4th concecutive 0-0 result smlm. buduh gk huhu.

ps: gambo org parkinson amik gamba the 2 hottest oz chixs ade kat

Sunday, February 22, 2009

study oi

isnin nih start rotation kat RAH. nk kne study sket mlm kang so dat esok xblurr. dh 2 ari lepak2 dan mencari nafkah, dan mengusha miranda kerr n jenifer hawkins.

xdek gamba skang nih, kemere still ade kat en bear, nk tgk gamba2 the 2 oz hottest chixs nnt aku uplod, n photoshop muke faris n bear jadik muke aku. ciss

n arsenal seri lagi.. haih


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

xdek tajuk yg menarik

1. besenye org baru kawen akan bli barang2 baby, nih terbalik lak, akak aku baru kawen skang jadik tokey barang2 baby lak. so sape2 ahli kuarge ke yg nk beranak baik r beranak skang, at least bekalan barang2 baby dh ade. silelah usha blog barang2 baby tuh kat sini.

2. minggu dpn aku start rotation kat RAH. so sape2 yg nak jumpe aku isap r rokok 800 batang sehari ataupon minumlah minyak dan kolestrol bergelen2 sehari sbb aku rotation kat area acute care sahaje, n kat kitchen hospital. cuak gle skang nih pre-clin lecture ari2 9-4 or 9-5. tp cam bes gk sbb aku mmg suke belaja dgn bersungguh2

3. aku ade kelas ari jumaat, n lepas klas g kje. tp ade bende nih.. aaa.. aaa.. huhuhu..

4. aku dah start kje baru. cambes gk. kje bola taun lps tuh manager kate nk kontek tp xkontek2. manager yg berkete merc CLK tuh dh pindah melben. aku rase kelab tuh ade crisis r. nih sume angkare israel r nih, nih r akibatnye aku xfwd email 'akum' kat 10 orang arituh, tgk ape dah jadik lol

5. umah aku ade kosong utk sorg. so sape2 yg terel main bola, xsuka tgk tv, ske solat berjemaah n rajin mengemas umah leh r apply. permohonan lelaki lembut atau maknyah akan didelaykan, permohonan pompuan mungkin akan dipertimbangkan (timbang tgk bape kilo n BMI, body figure tuh blakang cite)

6. Eduardo a.k.a Dudu is back! (teringat lak zaman2 1st time main bola lps kaki patah dlu..fuhh.. mmg bes)

7. apsal diorg sebarkan gamba bogel elizabeth wong? apsal x sharizat jalil? sbb kl gamba shahrizat xdek org nk tgk r kot. buleh cirit birit n senggugut laki2 satu mesia kang. silap2 aribulan henpon ngn email pon leh kne herpes. kes2. sape xpnh bogel? bes pe..

8. kepade dak2 jr yg baru sampai tuh selamat dtg. nk naik lif tuh berhati2, jgn silap tekan button k. xyah r menundukkan pandangan secare extrim. dan kurgkan berak sbb ini.

saya berharap saya akan lebih rajin belajar tahun ini. sekian wasalam.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Free mud bath, anybody?

River torrens belakang uni


haih, br nk ajak awek mane2 p candle light dinner atas bot on the V-day, kensel r camnih. haha

read story ere. more pics ere.

ps: 2 of my hydro patients passed away of DMD during the break. one 21 yo n the other one in his 50s n just got married end of last yr. may u rest in peace.

Monday, February 09, 2009

when disasters stuct..

life hasnt been easy on me lately,

-my house fridge is broken
-my bike tyre was puntured
-another draw for Arsenal
-the prospects of the juniors (main2 je)

but compared to this:

-Gaza's neverending conflict
-bush fire in Victoria killed 100+ n the number keep on rising
-flood n hurricanes ravaging north Queensland
-a croc killed a boy in Queensland
-those bums caused chaos n get into power in Perak.

who dares to say "life is unfair" again?

let's make du'a for those affected! mosques arnd oz shud make solat hajat or sumthing like dat


the only person who won't jump party is Najib.
bcoz it's beyond his biological capablities...

oh those happly ol' times..

study lerr!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

holiday wrap-up + stuffs

at last, i have some time to crap out stuffs ere, 9-3.30 of lectures everyday last week was killing me, n the weather too.

overall, i'm very2 satisfied with how i spent my 2-month summer holiday. nearly 3yrs of not going back caught me back a bit. few banks visits, IC renewal, 3 dentist visits, n some catching up with friends (n updating their marital status, for future reference)

my 1st day of arrival was excellent, the most luxurious breakky ever dreamt by any homecomer. thanks to my bro n its good dat he passed his API test.

the deserts... aaaaa

then i spent the 1st month of holiday mostly at home, helping out with the wedding prep. went to Nilai 3 once, and dats it. n we took turns taking care of my tokwan, 82 yo n single.

then the 3 weddings, only after dat i really2 travelled arnd the country looking for friends (n cute chix). managed to meet frieds of all education level; skola rendah, idrisiah, mrsmpc,metrik,kmb n ex-adelaideian. i did missed out on some important friends, since they r already working, n unfortunately my secondary skool crush, a coffee of two would b very nice (those who thinks u knoe who, sorry it's not that one). well, it's a long-lost untold, well-kept secret.

budak skola sampin ijau tuh dak skola aku tuh!
skola aku yg bumbung kaler oren tuh!

coming back here into a hellish 40Cs degree celcius heatwave is surely a sledgehammer in the gut, but i already wrapped heaps of fat arnd my gut, and it seems coping with it without much probs. n the other thing worth mentioning, it took the pilot 2 landing attemps to get the plane safely on Adelaide soil.

b4 i went back, i asked my tokwan "tokwan dah mati ka dak lg 2 taun?"

"mati dah.."


then he asked me to take a pic of him.

tokwan tlg la bersemangat sikit!

i'll have a week break, then i'll b up n running again. uhh~~

ps: of all 3 airports in oz, i award Perth airport as the most ridiculous n poorly designed. suck on dat, u Perthes! (what do u call Perth ppl? perthes is a desease if u're wondering where the heck i got dat from)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Andrey Sergeyevich Arshavin 23

FULL NAME: Andrey Sergeyevich Arshavin


BORN: May 29 1981. Saint Petersburg, Russia

AGE: 27

HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 172cm / 62kg

PREVIOUS CLUBS: Zenit St Petersburg (2000– January 2009) 232 appearances (51 goals)

CLUB HONOURS: 2003 Russian Premier League Cup
2007 Russian Premier League
2008 Russian Super Cup
2008 UEFA Cup
2008 UEFA Super Cup

TRANSFER DETAILS: Long-term contract for an undisclosed fee

POSITION: Midfielder

INTERNATIONAL CAREER: Russia (2002 - Present) 41 appearances (15 goals)

INTERNATIONAL DEBUT: May 17 2002 v Belarus (International friendly, in Moscow, Russia) 1-1, Belarus won 5-4 on pens.

FIRST INTERNATIONAL GOAL: February 13 2003 v Romania (International friendly, in Limassol, Cyprus) Scored third goal in 4-2 Russia victory.


  • Voted Russian Footballer of the Year in 2006
  • Started all 30 matches in Zenit’s Russian Premier League campaign in 2007, the first time Zenit had won a league title since 1984
  • Played a key part in Zenit’s 2008 UEFA Cup winning campaign
  • Came on as a half-time substitute in the 2008 UEFA Super Cup victory over Manchester United in Monaco, in August 2008. Zenit won 2-1
  • Three impressive performances earned him a place in the ‘EURO 2008 Team of the Tournament’
  • Graduated from the Smena football school. In 1999 – 2000, he played for Zenit’s ‘farm club’, Zenit-2 in the Russian Second Division
  • Made his full Zenit debut in England, against Bradford City in the Intertoto Cup at Valley Parade in August 2000. Zenit won the match 3-0
  • Is comfortable in many positions. He started his career as a right midfielder, then as an attacking midfielder and more recently has been playing in the ‘second striker’s’ role
ps: gamba balik arituh kat sini.hari2 ade kelas pg sp!

Monday, February 02, 2009

back in adelaide..