Monday, November 26, 2012

having kittens

things that happened since the last update:

1. Cycling

went up Mt Coot-Tha. like a cougar's k-pop toyboy; very metro with an upmarket name yet not that hard. the whole climb took about 20 mins. might do it again tho

went cycling to bribie island again, but wasn't tempted to get into the surf. it was a windy stormy weekend

2. Work

very flat like a flat-chested chick... superficially it *can look very boring.

3. Caboolture

volunteered myself to help with Arabic and Quran class for local kids. for Arab kids not to be able to recognise Arabic letters is just sloppy parenting. very interesting nonetheless.

Ashura Mauritius style

and when one local woman converted last week, it made me think of my logic behind a job transfer request stating "to be closer to mosque and muslim community" as the reason behind it. what a poofter.

4. Other stuffs

futsal: will try and participate fortnightly on thursdays in Nundah
tennis: weekly; finally i won a match last weekend. hoyeah!
golf: will have to make more time 

"abandoned, inconsistent and lack of depth..." the perfect description of this blog circa 2012.

*a very safe choice of word

Sunday, October 14, 2012

cramping my weekends

1. work

last week was fun, received 4 new residents, one of them is an Indonesian-speaking Dutch. while she can't talk any more, i spent quite sometimes with the husband. jadik indon celup sepam. staff appraisal went really well. the co is pretty happy with my work but we'll see how it goes.

on the sour note, it's kinda weird to know the length one would go to attempt suicide.

2. cycling

tried a new route yesterday. the middle third of the ride was inundated with punishing climbs. it's been a while since i last ride until i puked. maybe i should not have had breakfast beforehand. i will try to do this route at least once a week when i'm not away. nice view of farms, hills and creeks along the way.


3. qurban

i'm doing a bit with the muslimaid this year, and i think the canned option is a brilliant idea. 100% tax deductible to those who are a bit "financial-conscious".

and i still don't know whether i should take a leave, call in a sicky or just go to work a bit later if eid falls on a friday.

4. other stuffs

- might start golfing
- futsal on thursday night with the Bald Hills boys
- kinda regret declining to play the local monday night fixture tennis tournament
- walk the night was good. i was walking with a very cute chick besides me. not sure if she's actually cute or the darkness made anything looks better. too bad her mom was there so i cant be the ultra-friendly creepy stranger.

all's well, got tennis this arvo. catch ya latter.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


1. cycling

stuff cycling, spent the weekend in Brisbane with geng2 kaya korek minyak, pi test drive kat subaru n mazda. peh kaye weh korang kalau nak laki kaya, carik la geng2 korek2 minyak nih.

cant get into their conversations, i just have no/very little interest in cars.

2. work

elderly abuse report. gahahaha. nk gelak pon ade

3. bajet 2013

a.k.a bajet desperate a.k.a bajet pancing dan yang sewaktu dengannya. fastabiqul khairat nih mesti geng2 ILMU yang ajar kan kan?

very classy as always

4. long weekend

xtau xdek plan. maybe just lepak2 rumah tgk AFL n NRL final. n makan2 kat rumah abg bahrin. Hawks and Storm should do.

the keyboard chic is 13. am i a pedobear now?

5. lain-lain

thanks for the well-wishes last sunday. coles giftcard $30 aku pakai tak abes lagi nih r.

still have a few more days to decide about this. on sunday but looks fun nonetheless


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ini fortnightly ke 2bulansekali-ly?

let's just say I had a wonderful time in Malaysia, and it is impossible to put it in words? damn smooth!

n now back to figuring out what are the plan for the near future and all other important stuffs, like whether i should wear this new pair of cycling shoes or should i just leave it in BNWT condition for the reselling purpose. and i'll try join the 6am saturday community ride whenever it's on.

no idea why the pic, but that'll do. till next time. c'mon Arsenal!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ramadhan Review part I

1st week of ramadhan was awesome. this is the first ramadhan in years i dont have to work at night and stuffs, so i gotta spend some time jalan jalan cari masjid punya moreh

1. Masjid Bald Hills 
Imam: Mufti Paki Scotland
Distance: 36 kms (paling dekat oi!)
Iftar: non-existance a.k.a kais pagi makan pagi
Tarawih: 20 rakaat, alfatihah 1-2 nafas, ayat2 lazim, 40mins sudah setel.
Witir: 3 rakaat, qunut lepas takbir sebelum rukuk. qunut pendek
Tazkirah: lepas solat. best sebab boleh tanya apa2 soalan kalau nak

2. Masjid Lutcwych
Imam: Arab Syrian
Distance: 45 kms 
Iftar: boleh refer kat booking form. makan memang best!
Tarawih: 8 rakaat, satu juz, imam baca sedap dan slow.
Witir: 2+1 rakaat, qunut ikut mood imam, kalau dia masuk hantu mau 15 minit qunut.
Tazkirah: lepas 4 rakaat tarawih.

3. Masjid Buranda
Imam: Hafiz Paki/India
Distance: 54 kms 
Iftar: ada weekend2 je kot, xtau xsempat berbuka kat sini lagi
Tarawih: 20 rakaat, satu juz, imam baca laju gila.
Witir:  tak tau. imam bace tak syok aku pon xsemangat. lepas 8 sudah chow
Tazkirah: tak tau gak.

4. Masjid West End
Imam: Arab Lebanese kot
Distance: 54 kms 
Iftar: boleh refer kat booking form. area agak sempit kalau ramai orang.
Tarawih: 8 rakaat, panjang tapi xsampai 1 juz.
Witir: 2+1 rakaat, qunuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt!
Tazkirah: macam xdek je arituh

5. Masjid Darra
Imam: Huffaz Pakis
Distance: 65 kms 
Iftar: ada weekend2 je kot, very organised. lepas tarawih boleh beli burger n chips kalau perut level majinbuu
Tarawih: 20 rakaat, satu juz kot, imam baca laju level hafiz revise hafazan.
Witir: 3 rakaat, qunut lepas takbir sebelum rukuk. qunut panjang ya rabbi.
Tazkirah:  lepas tarawih

my personal favourite is Lutwyche's sebab imam dia best, dan tak baca laju sangat. kalau nak baca laju2 kasik aku jadi imam je la takdek hal. nanti lah kalau bini i nak terberanak nanti i solat dengan jetimams nih.

papehal pon, tarawih Wandana Mosque SA gak paling best, imam dia baca mmg layan, laju dan jelas.

sekian, selamat berpuasa dan beribadat. olympic pon layan kan aje

Sunday, July 08, 2012

apology re apology post

enough the apology bit, now lets have a look at what has been happening for the last 3-4 weeks

1. Work

was working up in Maroochydore, about 60kms from my place. it was a relatively smaller facility, i did not feel like i was working on all the 4 days i was there. and with the likes of Lisa, Chantelle and .... ah i forgot her name, i wish i could work there permanently. dammit they have cute young staffs up there. so on the friday i decided to drive further 40kms north and spent some time at Noosa Head beach.

yesterday we nearly burned down the place, and being blamed for a resident injury. too much politics going on between the management and the staffs and the crack is becoming more obvious. oh well it's work place afterall.

2. Football

League of Nations ended and the Pacific Islanders were crowned the inaugural cup champs. we were eliminated by the Fijians after losing 2-0 earlier that day. made a few new friends and learnt few more spanish swearwords, that all that matters. so much about being a sore loser good sport.

Viva Los Sudamericanos!

Boring Spain won EURO, so i am officially launching the ABS campaign for World Cup 2014. yup Anything But Spain.

nevermind van Persie, it's already Robin van Pergi. the club lives on!


3. Cycling

Tour de France is on at the moment, and they've been having crashes in all but the first stage. i have to agree with O'Gready that there are a lot of youngsters in the tour this time who are trying to make their mark. i hope Wiggo will win this time, enough of Cadel already.

Went to Australia Zoo few weeks back, the view along the way was no less than breathtaking, the climbs... duh the climbs! then went for a short ride 2 weeks ago because the weather wasn't really prime for cycling. too bad you don't get to choose neither the weather nor the days for your weekend.

4. Meeting Durio Malaysinus

meeting malaysians is such a rare occasion for  me. had BBQ with PPMQ and the regular eating out at the Victoria St Hotel*. then met Nazee for a quick catch up, i think i waited for him longer than meeting him, a Brisbane boy who was lost in his own city, such a bugger noob he is.

5. Ramadhan Mosque Clean-Up

attended by few, quite disheartened when i found out there was no pilau biryani for lunch. come on u indian/pakistani/bangla community. and where were all your daughters? your hospitality reputation is at risk i have to admit. all was good finished the work by Asar. a good day work with a malay-speaking Amin.

big shoutouts of congratulations to Zarip, Cham, Book, Pokchek, N n etc on your wedding/engagement/In-relationship/Not-Sure-What-The-Fuck-Is-Happening status-changing events

so, that's all. 'till i'm bored again take care!!

* many thanks to Abg Usop n family

Thursday, July 05, 2012


for not updating for 3 weeks, i am sorry. so little many things happened so i've been labusy with work and stuffs. yup stuffs, interesting ones of course!

1. work

well, my wish in the last post was granted.... oh what's this on tv.. gtg c ya l8r

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hujung Minggu Panjang

1. Special mention

Bob Howard, this is one dude i don't expect to read my blog. i am quite impressed that there r still ppl reading my blog. it's something i read when i'm seriously bored. to all the remaining readers, thanks a lot and u might already find my life quite dull.

n to bro Fairouz annerley n abg Usop, thanks for helping me servicing the car. i have a very minimal interest in cars, i would rather spend time building up a bike instead. thanks a lot really appreciate your effort.

2. Work

i need a new challenge. not enjoying work at the moment. i am waiting to be transferred to some other places. but conducting the workshop was nevertheless an interesting experience.

3. Cycling
because full lycra pic is too offensive* for public viewing

went cyling a fortnight ago to Bald Hills mosque. peh byk pahala aku oi. i think the total return distance was about 76km but all was for a good cause.

4. Bola

League of nations: lost to pacific islands 2-0 three weeks ago, then yesterday won against one of the NZ team 5-0 then lost 1-0 to Kaw Thoo Lei. finally a team snapped and withdrawn from the tournament. keeping the Fijian+Pacific Islanders is the problem to the tournament IMO.

EURO2012... yup sleep is for the weak, sleep at work is for the awesome! early morning chips will be the main diet for the whole month.

5. other things...

nothing that i can publicly announce so far, other than it's been a wet long weekend and my washings are all quite damp.

oh i just submitted my 3-week cuti raya application. so might be home for lailatul qadar.

good stuff!

*offensive=too hot to handle

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dead Possum

1. Work

gotta start with work. been working at the same place for 2 weeks and very glad that the difficult task was completely done last week. now i am waiting for the verdict, whether to stay here or to move, again. oh well oh well. there have been gastro outbreaks at the workplace, the staffs were all pushed to the limit, except us. this is one cool stuff about being physios. we dont deal with shit and we dont give a shit.

2. Bribie Part V

went cycling to Bribie Island again on saturday, the surf was surprisingly calm. supermoon effect maybe? i dunno. on the way back somebody threw a glass beer bootle at me n it's shattered once it hit the pedal. bloody bogans what's ur problem mate? had a quick swim and then went back.

i felt sick on that night and sat out during the weekly league game. what a shame. so yesterday i only went to the nearby pool in an attempt to use up my remaining passes on my card.

3. football

final day of EPL was fun, i stick to arsenal's game regardless of the excitement of CityVsUnited. the poor start costs us the season. i was hopeful Newcastle could secure 4th, but this morning Blues' victory just as sweet as anything for the Gunners. my word dear Spuds u cannot be more unlucky than this time, the God must be hating u so much!

like i said before, i sat out of last week's fixture due to sickness, and the team lost 5-0 to a shitty team. this week we did better against another shitty team and won 4-1. there r a few shitty teams left to be played but all looking good at the moment. shortly after the game the president of the club tried to persuade me to join the club's reserve/senior rank but i think with sunday gone, i need my saturday as a lazy/cycling/whatever day.
had 'Hangi' after the game prepared by the Kiwis

and yeah, nothing beats a full-on multicultural brawl on the field. it's about time. just fuck the Fijian team off the league already. they're a bunch of cunts and are the fucking pests to the tournament.

4. other stuff

i went running on wednesday and thursday last week. ah things are exciting again ahahahaha. i need to service my car, and i bought a microwave. doesn't look like much is happening so yeah till the next time.

Monday, May 07, 2012


1. work

so far i've worked at 6 different places already; Caboolture, Morayfield, Burpengary, Lakeside, Boronia Heights and Calamvale. In a way, it keeps me away from that boring monotonous routine, but on the other hand, it reduces my cycling mileage significantly. Oh well it's all about the money and how to enjoy yourself while making them.

2. Redcliffe

the beach is located about 30kms from home. it's a very safe beach even by kids standard. the only drawback on the day was i had to share the swim with a shitload of jellyfishes. a good distance for a cycling day out tho.

3. Stoney Creek

the best spot for a retreat around Caboolture area, and IMO it's ten times better than the infamous Sunshine Coast. very secluded, very preserved reserve. unfortunately the day was relatively cool and the water froze the balls the moment u have a dip. but you should know cold temperature is bloody fantastic when it comes to testicles.

4. Pasir Mas

waist depth? perfect for b*lls cooling while looking at bouncy t*ts. pffft!

again, i think it is overrated. the beaches are average, waves are too big for a decent enjoyable swim, too many people to have a quiet time. too touristy and more a pocket pincher than anything else. if you have a lot of money at your disposal, this is a perfect place for you. you've got rides and parks all around. but if you come here just for the sunbaked girls, you are better off going to strip clubs. obviously i am not the latter.

the Malaysian Gold Coast Mosque

oh and the food festival, went there, had a look around and left early. i was not in the mood for rice. but what a job well done by the QLD Muslim community. Please donate generously.

5. League Of Nations

Proud to say we are the pioneering bunch for this interesting multicultural project in the area. The South American team consists of a Malaysian, 2 Peruvians, a Chilean miner, a Mugabe-an and 2 Vietkongs. Despite having only a player on the bench, we managed to record a win on our first game together, a well-placed goal scored by the no 10 left winger, who was often the target of ill-timed tackles by the opposing posers. Cibai punya F*jians, eat shit you f*cking losers, this is a friendly tournament bitch! what a shipload of headless twats they were.  Nothing feels better than a win in a fun-friendly fixture. it's good to speak spanish again, new swear vocabs are just as important.

all's good. till next time, whenever it will be.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

it's becoming a fortnightly thing...

1. Easter holiday

i think 4-day off was just too long, went cycling to Brisbane on Friday, played football with the undergrads on that afternoon, swimming at the Street Beach, South Bank on saturday wasn't much fun because there were too many people. wonderful for 'itchy' eyes though. i overheard a mum telling his husband " this place is heaven for paedophiles..." oh well im no pedo but how do u distinguish between an underage and err... overage? they all look equally sluttish to me. it's you who created the system and then you feel insecure about it?
cycled back to Caboolture on Sunday after the QSC a.k.a aktiviti menggadis Nazerul, and went swimming on Monday because i was too bored to stay at home.

a total of 170kms done over the 3 days, and i might do it again now that i already know the way around. the road from Narangba up to Burpangary is prime for cycling i have to say.

2. 500kms of driving in four days

i was relieving a physio in Sunshine Coast for the remaining weekdays last week. i have to say if you are not a surfer nor an ironman, you will not enjoy the surf. the tide is too strong for a noob swimmer like me. i might not go up there anytime soon, i would rather go to the waterfall or Bribie Island instead.

i did a crappy job up there as well hopefully the Physio will not be too pissed off when she's back in the office.

3. Bribie Island part II

went cycling to Bribie Island again yesterday. it started raining as soon as i hit the water and i was pounded by the 3m waves a couple of times. damn i miss adelaide's and Malaysia shores.

62kms done in 2h15m the headwind getting there was a bummer but coming home was smooth as. and the fish and chips on the Island was alright, it tastes like any other fish and chips with a $10 tag.

4. other things

SBFC were knocked out early, tsunami alert and i have been eating too much peanuts and raisins. i was told that i am a too serious of a person because i spend few hours watching news everyday. i am serious and you are obviously dumb.

not sore enough today, i might go for a paid quick dip and get wet in skimpy clothes, if it's not raining of course, it sucks to get wet while swimming. hasta la proxima!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


1. work

started at a new place last monday. atm im doing full time at Abbey Gardens, but will be a split part-timer over there and Burpangary Garden in a couple week time. too much paper work, less fun.

what do u do with the 1st german plane shot down in Scotland in WWII?
turn it into a letter opener and give it to ur wife. war can be romantic sometimes.

2. bribie island trip

weather was good, imo the bike is a little bit heavier compared to my orbea despite being composite-alloy. i think it is due to it's purposely built for tri not for race thus the very steady handling. boleh tongkat dagu atas handlebar at 30-40km/h selambe, if u're confident enuf la kan. other than i need to build up my fitness again, it was a pretty text-book 63km cycling trip. forever alone but enjoyable. ha ha.

oh n the surf wasn't too rough so 1hr swim wasn't too bad after all.

3. passport

going to Brisbane today to renew my passport for the 2nd time since i 1st step my very foot on this vast country. been here so long and havn't achieved much, n can't wait to go back one day. selamanya harimau malaya ahahahahaha

dat's it. have a lovely weekend to all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

age care

if i learnt anything, that is the most disappointing thing to a parent is them being disowned by their children. so kids, be good to your parent. kecik2 taknak mati.

changing workplace starting next monday, but can't wait for the weekend for the inaugural ride on the bike, still i need to find replacements for all the cycling treasures i left in KMKP. duh!

Caloundra then Bribie, not too bad for a coming weekend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

weekend arituh main bola kat UQ. termenang pulak walaupon xtau main utk team yang mana satu. alah, main side mane2 pon komfem menang punye lah!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Himpunan Hijau

ini sbb kak noli sudah tegur muahahahaha. sejak bila blog aku dibace oleh golongan ibu2 plak nih? aiyyak!
okeh, lepas nih update2 mesti lebih mengancam dan berilmiah yang lebih mendalam. tp skang tgh malas so lain kali la ye.

plz ppl, y do u think iran wants nuclear power despite having shitloads of oil?

sekian, marilah kita tido awal. esok kerja.

ps: kak noli adelah pusat baitulmal Brisbane, pusat makanan sedap2.tanpa beliau tidak bermaknalah Brisbane.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this is very true.

now imagine primary school kids singing it because the music is awesome.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

"I believe this is a test from Allah..." (Menteri Lembu 2011)

"i will follow you where ever you may go..."

1. patient #1

i have to say she's my favourite patient. her room has this exclusive classy ambience which makes it very inviting to anybody who enters her room. she uses avon body perfume for her room, surprise surprise. she uses a lot of whites, n the way she dresses anybody could tell how well off she is, or should i say she was. she used to live in a 32 bedroom house with a pool and own tennis court, but like most of housewives sad stories, she was back-stabbed by a 'friend' after her husband passed away. she had to leave the house with her 6 kids. "You only know your friends once you do not have money... these are fly-by-night friends..."

but like most of my patients, they will always say "i am not complaining, i know there are a lot more people doing it harder than me..."

2. Swimming

i think i am doing ok with swimming at the moment. yesterday i met 3 interesting siblings, started with 3 of us, it seemed the whole pool opted to join the party and play catch, to the dismay of the lifeguard. it has been a while since i did anything with anybody else. good bunch of people it was.

"Why Caboolture is such a shithole? Because it is...!" you young fella need to learn to shut up.

3. what to buy?

nak beli kereta ke motor ke basikal ke semua? bukan tak mampu tapi nak buat apa semua2 nih. baik aku beli lembu ade can jugak aku nak duduk condo nanti. lagipon aku mane reti nak beli kereta, beli basikal aku reti la.

Dem u tax!!!

sekian post minggu ini. selamat bermaulid nabi.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hepi Oz Day. I'm a bloody asian.

i dunno if this blog is still relevant to people, n if there're still people reading it other than myself, but maybe one day when i'm a prime minister, or waiting for the death sentence in jail, ppl will be offering money for this autobiography.

1. Work

i think careerwise, i wish the Pantai offered me the job before i accepted this one. not the best, but quite a humbling one. i learnt, and still learning a lot from this people, some of them centenaries, about life. i will try to put a few here in later posts.

2. Life

WTF is dat? this feels like foreveralone but worse. but can't really complaint. siapa ada jumpa awek cun* yang sanggup nk dtg sini dok dgn aku, silelah kontek aku secepat mungkin. all-inclusive. the earlier the better. or maybe i should apply for a position at the nearby HJs to keep me busy at night.

3. Queensland

i prefer Adelaide more. something im more familiar with, and cheaper public transport. just going to the beach and back last saturday on the bus cost me about $8. padan muka aku. ombak dah la tahap surfing, boleh dapat sixpac dengan duduk dibantai ombak je. kepala pon boleh concussed. berasap je tengok budak2 nih bersnorkling tiap2 hari cuti. dem ah. skang nih musim ujan, apa lagi boleh pergi kerja pakai kasut futsal pakai alasan kasut basah akibat hujan.

4. Bola

physically, i had a session of ball-kicking with 3 other local dudes last sunday, and that's about it. yup pocketball is never considered a non-contact sport. virtually, it has been quite frustrating for Arsenal Fans. TW14 is shit n does not deserve the starting 11. like RvP, i would have thought Wenger to sub TW14 with Arshavin, but well... enjoy the song...

*tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

when we expect a certain bitter end to it...

why i always have to be away when things like this happen in M'sia? why why why?!!

ps: nasib baik la #901 tuh hari kerja, kalau hari cuti mesti lg ramai. congrats PDRM, that's how you handle peaceful gatherings

Sunday, January 08, 2012

out of place at the new place


went to my ex-roomate wedding in Kelana Jaya, didn't spend much time over there but managed to take some photos with the couple. terbuat lawak sepontan pulak kahkahkah. i think he's up for revenge. hahahaha

then the flight, thanks to those who came, n azad asal boleh nak dtg lambat. masuk2 tros dh nk final call, sempat la lari p toilet n buat ape2 yg patut.siap sempat transfer remaining credit kat una lagi hahaha. ye, xdek party tgk bunga api pon dalam flight tuh, tp stewardess name amy tuh mmg cun la. rugi xamik gamba sepam due, boleh gak buat wallpaper laptop nih r :-"


this was the fastest custom check ever. didnt hav to open my bags or anything, he just asked few quick questions n then i'm a free man. rugi xjadik keldai dadah. abg usop waited for me n sampai2 rumah die, kak noli sudah masak nangka masak lemak. ini silap amik flight ke ape nih gahahahaa enjoyed the stay there, seronok melayan budak2, bawak p main kat padang etc. entah bape kilo naik pon tatau.


moved to the room im renting now. i am living with a hippie lady and her son. she's not home much, semalam pon die p meronggeng p tdo kat beach, pagi td baru die balik. yg best nye die nih mcm vegan, so xdek la bau2 bacon berkumandang dlm rumah. n dlm rumah pon xpkai kasut sbb geng2 nih mmg xpkai kasut. ok la so far, tp agak sangap sbb tv xdek antena la plak. aduih! camne nk tgk docos bersub kuning sbs nih??!! gambar bilik? nnt2 la ok.

the new adventure, starting fresh