Monday, June 11, 2012

Hujung Minggu Panjang

1. Special mention

Bob Howard, this is one dude i don't expect to read my blog. i am quite impressed that there r still ppl reading my blog. it's something i read when i'm seriously bored. to all the remaining readers, thanks a lot and u might already find my life quite dull.

n to bro Fairouz annerley n abg Usop, thanks for helping me servicing the car. i have a very minimal interest in cars, i would rather spend time building up a bike instead. thanks a lot really appreciate your effort.

2. Work

i need a new challenge. not enjoying work at the moment. i am waiting to be transferred to some other places. but conducting the workshop was nevertheless an interesting experience.

3. Cycling
because full lycra pic is too offensive* for public viewing

went cyling a fortnight ago to Bald Hills mosque. peh byk pahala aku oi. i think the total return distance was about 76km but all was for a good cause.

4. Bola

League of nations: lost to pacific islands 2-0 three weeks ago, then yesterday won against one of the NZ team 5-0 then lost 1-0 to Kaw Thoo Lei. finally a team snapped and withdrawn from the tournament. keeping the Fijian+Pacific Islanders is the problem to the tournament IMO.

EURO2012... yup sleep is for the weak, sleep at work is for the awesome! early morning chips will be the main diet for the whole month.

5. other things...

nothing that i can publicly announce so far, other than it's been a wet long weekend and my washings are all quite damp.

oh i just submitted my 3-week cuti raya application. so might be home for lailatul qadar.

good stuff!

*offensive=too hot to handle


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*offensive=too hot to handle


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I like reading here

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oh biase lah!


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