Sunday, October 14, 2012

cramping my weekends

1. work

last week was fun, received 4 new residents, one of them is an Indonesian-speaking Dutch. while she can't talk any more, i spent quite sometimes with the husband. jadik indon celup sepam. staff appraisal went really well. the co is pretty happy with my work but we'll see how it goes.

on the sour note, it's kinda weird to know the length one would go to attempt suicide.

2. cycling

tried a new route yesterday. the middle third of the ride was inundated with punishing climbs. it's been a while since i last ride until i puked. maybe i should not have had breakfast beforehand. i will try to do this route at least once a week when i'm not away. nice view of farms, hills and creeks along the way.


3. qurban

i'm doing a bit with the muslimaid this year, and i think the canned option is a brilliant idea. 100% tax deductible to those who are a bit "financial-conscious".

and i still don't know whether i should take a leave, call in a sicky or just go to work a bit later if eid falls on a friday.

4. other stuffs

- might start golfing
- futsal on thursday night with the Bald Hills boys
- kinda regret declining to play the local monday night fixture tennis tournament
- walk the night was good. i was walking with a very cute chick besides me. not sure if she's actually cute or the darkness made anything looks better. too bad her mom was there so i cant be the ultra-friendly creepy stranger.

all's well, got tennis this arvo. catch ya latter.