Sunday, December 28, 2008

kakak kawen n kenduri JB [+ pics link]

nikah pg2

pengantin 2 pasang sampai

sorry to Nisam n Family, n Shekah, cant spend much time with u guys.. bz xpasal2 plak td.. huhu.. sori2. gamba2 yg byk gle tuh ade kat sini

ps: penat gle, perlu berehat b4 g main futsal pkl 11 mlm nih kang

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kenduri Ki kat PD [+ pics link]


b4 makan2

budak2 M03F (not in pic: che nas n cikinot)

antara budak2 KMB yg dtg

ser klasmet dinawariku

pencuri air pool utk basuh tgn

berlatih utk ahad nih.

gambar2 lain ade kat sini.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#1 hit pasar malam

jgn lupe kenduri kawen kat JB 28/12, dtg r kl free!

ps: The Dudu is back!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

duduk rumah

bz mengemas rumah n menolong2 kerje2 kawen nih.. so xdpt le nk merayau jauh2 utk berfutsal etc2, lepas 1/1 kang br r buleh.

xbyk tgk tv, muvi dlm laptop yg dibawak blk from adelaide dlu pon xabes tgk ag. smlm tgk live kat tv line-up miss world 2008, sungguh mengecewekan sekali, n mmg awek russian tuh stand out more than girls from other country, yg gemok2 tahap mak org pon ade... pelik2...

so sesape yg rajin nk dtg kenduri abg n akak aku silelah dtg Jb 28/12 nih ye. yg belah PD ngn KL tuh diluar kuase aku utk invite, tp kl korg nk crash pon xdek hal r kot.

Monday, December 08, 2008

raya haji 1429


selamat hari raye. makan2, jgn malu2!

org2 hepi menaiki buggy kat KLIA arituh

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

4000+kms in flight + 400+kms driving =

kat umah dah. bye

surviving 11hrs in internetless n kedekut elektrik Brisbane int'l Airport.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

checking out..

bende2 yg perlu dibuat b4 balik selase nih:

1. melawat eddy yg baru mendapat anak pompuan. setel.

2. grand makan2 usrah 2008. setel.

3. End of Year Futsal 2008. setel.

4. Bli souvenir. sket ag nk setel.

5. g usha norwood christmas parade. setel.

bende2 yg perlu dibawak balik

1. kasut kulit n futsal. setel.
2. duit Papa AUD61.50. setel.
3. beskal nyer front crank. setel.
4. buah cherry n strawberry utk family. esok br bli.
5. souvenir. setel.

bende2 yg perlu dilawati/dibuat kat mesia:

1. dentist
2. bank
3. org2 kawen (yg nih, nih, kenduri anep etc)
4. futsal ngn jere n co
5. others (scuba diving, dating, jalan2 etc)

ape lg ek? hmm... ok r kot. see u at GMT+8!

Adelaide-Brisbane-KLIA-PanPac-Kete Abg AKu-JB

ps: thanks housemates, en rozanizam, en eddy, budak2 wilkox, budak2 village, membe2 bola, abg aku etc

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

no tengo examen más en 2008

another academic yr ended yesterday, n what a yr it was. in term of academic yr, there's no shittier yr than 2008 so far. so hopefully everything will go on well for years to come.

nothing interesting happened in adelaide lately, so no pics or news etc.

n this is the final call for anybody who wud like to request souvenir etc2, im pretty much done with souvenir shopping n not looking fwd for last minute rush. i might got something better to do, n to avoid this unmanly behavior to happen, or anything similar to this one.

that's it for now, cant wait to breath in some polluted KLIA's air.

oh, hopefully Fabregas will do well as captain, eventho i'm more of a Clichy fan, surely not Gallas.

ps: yeah, every his move will make some profit

Sunday, November 23, 2008

un examen solamente

examen: topics in physiotherapy 201
día: lunes
fechá: 24 noviembre de 2008
hora: 1830
duracíon: 1:30
habitacíon: RAS/RIDCEN

qué aburrido, no?

Monday, November 17, 2008

my new girlfriend

xleh ltak gamba awek seksi2, kang mat marah.. haha

fresh from Mr Courier

box cover

important stuff


y girlfriend?

1. as costly as
2. looks good when new, and will look old overtime
3. excited to have earlier, will get bored after few weeks
4. likely to cause some time wasting
5. will look for a new one after a period of time

well, u knoe real women dont date arsenal fan, so said the spuds!

tq Mr Obskura atas khidmat nasihat dan hasutan, n tq kpd Mrs Sponsor yg mengapprove pembelian ini. bolehlah aku kembali aktif dlm aktiviti penggambaran. selamat tinggal kepade kamera itamku (sp skang xtau model kodak easyshare yg mane satu.. hahaha) yg akan direpair kat mesia kang.

lets do some studying for the exam!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Reds sees red +++

Ruby Roo

so being one of the lucky 17000 (tickets were sold out 1 hr after the counter opened, which means this event is better than Chris Brown or some other onstage-ass-wiggler, mind u), i went to the hindmarsh stadium to witness one of the biggest history in club footbal in Australia, the Final of the AFC Champions League between Adelaide United and Gamba Osaka. arrived there around 7 pm, and went home (other ppl's home) at around 10.30pm. too bad the stadium is too small for such event, there were exactly 17,000 attendance (max capacity). xdapat p tgk worldcup, match nih pon jadi la.. the crowd was pretty much pumped-up, but went silence as soon as the 4th minute, n the mood stayed like dat until the final whisttle. the Reds were clearly outplayed by the Japanese. hahaha, mmg xdek harapan. i met 2 of my spanish class fren there (Becci n David/John, dah lupe siot) n 1 physio fren.

Excited crowd at the kick-off

at halftime, aku p solat maghrib, n then change my shirt to a blue one, and sneaked into the japanese fan territory. yes, the japanese chix r hot, n being such a football fan makes them even sexier! (looking fwd fore some ukhuwwah bollah) tp xlepak sane lame2 sbb xpaham ape yg diorg carut2, so tuka baju merah balik n join fan oz mencarut2 balik. wahuahauahuwhauhauah!

Blurred chix, ape r kemere eddy nih!

blower kiri skali tuh stucked.. hahaha

ref from m'sia, who was booed. he's good tho

afterparty esoknye tuh, bukan party pon, just lepak2 n jumpe player2 n amik gamba n amik autograf.

Aurelio Vidmar entertaining fans

n malam td makan2 depan mesjit di buat oleh ali maghribi kedai ujung kat tepi mesjit. menu adelah kuskus kambing n baklava. hoho. tq kepade para sponsor sekalian(Eddy selaku tuan kemera, bini eddy selaku pemasak keropok n wedges td, studyadelaide, budak2 wilkoxx, budak2 village, dan ali maghribi), aku mau p study dgn penuh focus skang!

ps: gamba2 event di atas (kecuali makan2 depan mesjit tuh) ade kat sini.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

exclusive midweek post.

1. aku dapat tiket utk AFC final esok! xsure lg nk support team mane satu, bawak 2 t-shirt je r esok. thanks studyadelaide!! muah2!

2. gas leak kat depan medic skool td, frome rd ditutup n bau gas kuat gle sp north tce buleh bau.

3. arinih panas. aku baru balik shopping handbag (gamba xleh ltk, nnt xseprise plak). pening pale aku pusing2. aww~~

sekian. majulah sukan utk negara!

ps: satu lg tiket tuh aku dh listkan kat ebay. wahuahuahauhauha

Sunday, November 09, 2008

stuffs.. more stuffs..

model sambilan

1. went to watch 1st leg of the AFC final, Gamba Osaka Vs Adelaide United. the reds were thumped 3-0, so the 2nd leg in adelaide doesnt look that interesting at all. they put up a big screen for the public at the Elder Park, so many ppl came, but it was so quiet. Adelaide ppl, plz learn how to watch soccer, it's not the same as watching movies in cinema. The dougnuts n coffee r fine, but plzz b a bit more louder!!

2. i had my 3rd prac test last thursday, n it's all good so far, n hopefully i can go on clinics next yr, n hopefully i can sort out my academic plan for the next 2 yrs. 2009 shud b my final yr of study, but....... hmm... n i had the last Project meeting last friday, 1st draft to be submitted on 10/11.

polis2 kat tingkap yg curik tulang dlm ofis

3. Christmas comes early in adelaide, org putih lg perak/jakun/overexcited dr makcik2 yg bz nk sambut raye. i went to have a peek at the annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant, n i think pretty much all of the citizen of Adelaide came n cheered the carts.

4. Arsenal 2-1 ManU! so it was. it was good isnt it?can it get any better? yes, 3-0 wud b better but 2-1 is good enuff considering the poor form of the team, which havnt win in 3 games, n few key players who r injured n suspended. in the end, it was the muslim boy who killed the devil. may u rot in hell!

5. finally, the Bali Bombers r now dead. I'm not totally agree of what they've done in Bali, but I do agree with some of their points. in australia, they r making a lot of noise n fuss abt foreigners who cant fit well into the Aussie Values. Mayb Aussies shud learn how to respect values on places they go to, n not to b so cocky n think dat their western values is the best for the whole world, learn how to respect n understand others. anyway, i dont think i have any right to further commenting this issue, the locals know best.

dunno what happen to utusan nowdays, at times they r very good at putting catchy titles to some news, like 'mufti mati lemas', 'menteri mati kemalangan', 'nabi masuk hospital' (mufti, menteri n nabi tuh sume name individual) n 'enjin hidup, suami mati', but this time, they put everything in the title.. shud b the longest title in the whole history of utusan. bende2 lain: Obama as President-elect of USA, n NZ get a new govt.

ps: sudah siap membeli souvenir, n mungkin akan bli lg. encik rozanizam cptlah kasik aku beg utk letak brg2 nih! more pics here.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

this post shouldnt exists..

4-4 was a very unbelievable results for the north london derby match. it is not the results, it is the way how the 2 goals conceded that stunned most ppl. dumbstruked, dumbfounded, speechless, carut-less etc. anyway, Bentley's goal was a magic, n.. hmm.. hmm...

so the disheartened n disappointed result it was, so i went on my bike to uni as i always do.

then... zoomm/zush/broom/mbeek (bunyik lori laju r).... sikit lg nk kne langga lori. ade r stengah meter depan aku kot lori tuh dari tepi. it was totally my fault, i was impatient, berangan apebende pon aku xtau (yg dlu nih bukan salah aku). i was *^@@!@#!, n thinking of the different outcome shud the lorry had hit me. my flesh shud be all over the place n i will not arrive in Malaysia this summer in one piece (in case IF i die ere, dont bother spending a lot of money returning my body home, what a waste! kalau free xpe r.. kes2). so i was thinking abt dat incident for the whole day. shit, i shud write a will ASAP.

then i remembered Muniaq's tazkirah last week. 'apa maknanya hidup bertambah sehari' (dpt solat hajat n mkn2 mlm td kot..)

ps: sudah start packing2 n beli2 souvenir utk balik summer kang. sape2 yg nk pape silelah letakkan request anda kat komen ye! kl mintak kete holden sebijik/anjing laut/jenifer hawkins aku rembat telo korg. (saje nk kasik npk byk sket komen)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update bosan

amaran kerajaan: ini adalah update yg malas.

rundle lantern arituh. ade robot yg mantap-pop. tq kpd en Munir yg mempromotekan bende nih kat aku.

dah sekian, gamba2 lain ade kat sini.

kl xilang rs kebosanan anda, silelah bace cite psl Denilson nih. kl xilang gk korg p r jalan2 ke makan2 ke. ok?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

makan2+++ n west beach..

makan2 free last week:
1. Community Centre makan2 (ahad)
2. Islamic College Open day, berbbq bersame thierry henry (Selase)

3. Ride to Work day breakfast (rabu)

4. Open house umah dak pompuan kat rosepark (ahad)

next up.. 1 day makan2 kat rosepark (rabu). gamba2 event di atas ade kat sini


went to Western Hospital for a job interview last Monday, n then spent some time swimming at henley beach. well, u cant really swim when in windy condition with rough tide, but being me, i just cant resist the temptation of seawater n waves. then spent some time to get my clothes dry, n then cycled back to the city. total km's cycling for dat day should be arnd 30++. good stuff!

ps: SRK news is stupid enuff, this one is the most stupidestest. most human with foreskin experienced dat when we're young, if not i think urs might not up to the standard size.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Forbidden Face + YDP Melaka +

before reading the book, i am already aware dat the book is sponsored by the west n Elle mag, so there r things u can expect from it.

basically the book is abt an afghani girl's horror experience living under the Taliban regime in South California (sure la afghanistan). she came from a middle class family, whose living r influenced by some western cultures. her sister is a stewardess, her mom is a senior nurse, she go to uni etc etc so it's pretty similar to ppl in Malaysia. everything changed when the taliban came, women r not allowed to work, no skool, women were raped, women being dis n dat which im pretty much convinced they do happened.

but her confusion abt hudud shows how shallow her knowledge abt the matter, and she's surely not as religious as she claimed to be (back cover). it might b the taliban's fault not to educate the ppl, or there might b ppl within the taliban who took matters in their own hand without proper judgement etc, or mayb she's exagerating things.

it's like when watching Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda n Titanic, i do believe in some of the things mentioned, as for some other things, i might get some othe reliale sources. anyway, it's good to know stuffs.

i think everybody knows dat i dont like reading novels n buku2 cite etc, n this is the 2nd book i finished in past 5 yrs. what a milestone for me!


what the F*ck is going tru YDP Melaka's ageing brain? r they lack of locals worth of datukship? what has Shah Rukh Khan contribute so much dat the YDP decided to give him Datuk? entertainment? how stupid is dat. if dat's the case, i'll suggest he give Datukship to Paris Hilton, Borat n some other HBOllywood shitheads, not to forget the pornstars. they r more entertaining than mr SRK. what a waste!

ps: good luck to
Rebecca Morse who anchored her last news yesterday. she's off for her maternity leave. good on ya. c u next yr!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

AFC + new PM + holiday cont'd

Datang ler bwk sedare mare sume!

it's good dat Adelaide Utd just won the 1st leg of the AFC semifinal against Kuruvci Tashkent by a quite comfortable margin of 3-0. i was a bit upset when the shaped internet speed failed me to at least gave me any chance of being the 1st 25 watchers to email ten news to get a double passes for the game, n studyadelaide also didnt offer any ticket, as well as Oscar. there goes all my chances of free tickets. against my mom's advice to purchace one, i stick to my go-if-get-free-tix policy. mayb if the final is held here, i'll re-evaluate the policy (by dat time, AUD1 might be equivalent to RM0.56, please keep falling). so, hopefully The Reds will win the 2nd leg at the expense of Rivaldo (the shitty actor) n co. all look good for now.


malaysia is getting a new PM next yr. we might get a fatter but richer guy, or the skinnier with back pain but still good in sodomising ppl. i dun hav much against the skinny guy, who got skinny after few yrs of eating ikan kering ala carte n dog food (according to the reporter, fuck u, the food at my skool was far worse than urs). here r reasons y the fat guy as PM is not good for us

1. he's fat, i dont want malaysians to b known as a fat country (like The US, Australia etc)
2. less hot chix, esp from Mongzolia will come here.
3. C4 stocks in the military store will b depleted.
4. he looks like Alisher Usmanov ( the face n surely the tummy)
5. i'll have to buy everything associated with submarines tru him
6. he'll keep stuffing his pockets.. for another few yrs
7. he's fat.. did i mentioned it earlier? i guess he just got even fatter within seconds.
8. i just hate everything abt him ( at least pak lah got a nice nickname)

eventho the points above r made ups and not true (except the fat one), i still hate to see the fatty bum bumming around as our new PM. If he still succeeded, i better contact Mr Zoolander to assassinate him during the next runway.

ps: I've met a lot of nice fat ppl, i just hate this 1 fat guy, owh maybe a few more.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Raya n lain2

Raya = byk mkn = kenyang = malas

kemere rosak = xdek gamba raye = sape2 yg ade tuh pass r kat aku

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

ps: selamat berUni kepada rakan2 yg dh abes cuti. aku cuti sp 12/10

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kashima Antlers + Mong balik + ++

1. Adelaide Utd 1-0 Kashima Antlers
cam bese, last2 menet dpt email so thanks to Munir yg p amikkan free ticket kat Studyadelaide nyer ofis. Very good crowd n Adelaide Utd will playthe AFC semifinal on 8/10 xsilap.

ticket2 free yg dpt minggu nih

2. mong balik

mong bile dh tua n kaya

3. binatang sesat kat Uni

sekian. selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin. more of this post's pics here.

ps: Theo Walcott is overated, kan dh kalah ngn Hull City at Home... uhh

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exclusive: Arsenal's leaked team motivational document in full

Team meeting 19th September 2008

The Team:
A team is as strong as the relationships within it.

The driving force of a team is its member's ability to create and maintain excellent relationships within the team that can add an extra dimension and robustness to the team dynamic.

This attitude can be used by our team to focus on the gratitude and the vitally impor tant benefits that the team brings to our own lives. It can be used to strengthen and deepen the relationships within it and ma ximise the oppor tunities that await a strong and united team.

Our team becomes stronger by:
Displaying a positive attitude on and of f the pitch

Ever yone making the right decisions for the team

Have an unshakeable belief that we can achieve our target

Believe in the strength of the team

Always want more - always give more

Focus on our communication

Be demanding with yourself

Be fresh and well prepared to win

Focus on being mentally stronger and always keep going to the end

When we play away from home, believe in our identity and play the football we love to play at home

Stick together

Stay grounded and humble as a player and as a person

Show the desire to win in all that you do

Enjoy and contribute to all that is special about being in a team - don't take it for granted.

ps: Slmt Balik kpd Mong!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23 + City-Bay 2008 ++++

after 23 yrs waiting, i am now 23! i've always like the number, so when david beckham chose to wear the shirt, i was more than delighted to hear the news. so last night was a good one, i mean good sleep on the couch as usual (lailatul qadar lailatul qadar!). mayb i've reached the stage where u dont find birthdays exciting anymore. anyway, thanx to u guys who spent some time wishing me on fb, fs, sms etc. dont forget to do the same next yr, it will make my fb,fs page look busy.

girls n gays will enjoy this version of DB


City-Bay 2008 last sunday was really2 good. everything went well, except for the transportation confusion. before that, i wud like to thanxx adelaidemetro for the free rides. i still got few unused coupons, but it's worthless already. i caught a tram at 7.09am, spent the time on the tram READING a NOVEL (oh no, azad & fifi will come back at me hard dis time). finished work by 11.30am. started queueing for tram back to adelaide at 11.45am. around 12.10pm or so, the marshall yelled to the crowd "anybody wud like to go straight back to adelaide, plz que ere, for the bus express to vic sq bla bla bla". good news, so i did took his word, which turned out to be some kind of miscommunication, a very lame n pathetic miscommunication. the bus stopped to lay off passengers at few stops, n we ended up at the adelaide oval. with the hot weather, fasting, tired of working, being decieved etc it really spoilt the greatness of the City-Bay event. the other thing is, my camera's SD card slot is broken, so i only have 32MB worth of internal memory (13 3 .2mp pics). it was really hard to survive eversince it got broken. looking fwd to a new camera (lalalalalalalala... lalalalala.. it?)

anyway, Ramadhan is nearing its end, so make the most of it, like attending all the iftar events!

byebye oldman!

ps: Petronas ad for raya this yr sucks. xfeel lgsg! mcm byk grammatical error etc, xsempat nk edit nih, nk g BMH nih. lantak r!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

holiday starts n few other stuffs

1. so, i am officially on holiday starting 11am yesterday, until 12/10... boring2...

2. good luck with ur study to Una, who currently i believe is playing some stupid games like pong, or mayb watching movies, or mayb just sleeping on the plane to Amsterdam. anyway, any of the 3 is good enuff for long flights.

3. since it is Ramadhan, i dont spend a lot of time at home. im enjoying the fun of breaking fast at different places everyday. i went to alkhalil once. despite the heavy eating n long standing tarawih, i still kept my ideal bodyweight, indeed, i manage to cut down 3 kilos in the last 2-3 months. this is no 'barakah' alone brother, instead it is called 'cycling'!

4. fasting reflects and makes us thinks abt the suffering of the people ard the world. so its good that people start collecting money, doing sedekah, donation etc. but still there r desperate ppl out there being left out. so, to overcome the problem, few leaders of the world come together in a grand meeting to identify the most desperatest person living on earth, n again a candidate from Malaysia rob the top spot, scoring 99.99/100 in the desperate scale.

"i am fortunate enuff to hav good leaders, n i am proud to be the top of the list. Malaysia boleh" -desperate person no 1-

desperate person no 1

one of the top 5o

n only then ppl in Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and not least, ppl around riverland area. !qué interesanté!

5. having to kill a few hrs yesterday, i wandered arnd Rundle Mall. they were having some real life model modelling. it wasnt too bad yet not that interesting either. so i just took 1 pic of them,

the girl in blue was the best-looking

6. then i went to the Danish Bicycle Exhibition. it was .. ermm.. good. may a bit better than good bcoz it's free! more pics here.

Sounds Dansk eh?
enuff said, heppi ramadhan.

ps: reading this, what about Mr deseperate no 1??