Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kashima Antlers + Mong balik + ++

1. Adelaide Utd 1-0 Kashima Antlers
cam bese, last2 menet dpt email so thanks to Munir yg p amikkan free ticket kat Studyadelaide nyer ofis. Very good crowd n Adelaide Utd will playthe AFC semifinal on 8/10 xsilap.

ticket2 free yg dpt minggu nih

2. mong balik

mong bile dh tua n kaya

3. binatang sesat kat Uni

sekian. selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin. more of this post's pics here.

ps: Theo Walcott is overated, kan dh kalah ngn Hull City at Home... uhh


Zacharias said...

Of course theo walcott is overrated. He is english.

Just look at rooney and rio ferdinand? are they really worth that GBP30million than man utd pay for whoever they paid to?

again, because they are english

wok said...

ye, TW14 mmg overrated. Eboue main lagi bagus. LOL.

p/s: hull main mmg bagus pun. Gunners underestimate diorang.