Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23 + City-Bay 2008 ++++

after 23 yrs waiting, i am now 23! i've always like the number, so when david beckham chose to wear the shirt, i was more than delighted to hear the news. so last night was a good one, i mean good sleep on the couch as usual (lailatul qadar lailatul qadar!). mayb i've reached the stage where u dont find birthdays exciting anymore. anyway, thanx to u guys who spent some time wishing me on fb, fs, sms etc. dont forget to do the same next yr, it will make my fb,fs page look busy.

girls n gays will enjoy this version of DB


City-Bay 2008 last sunday was really2 good. everything went well, except for the transportation confusion. before that, i wud like to thanxx adelaidemetro for the free rides. i still got few unused coupons, but it's worthless already. i caught a tram at 7.09am, spent the time on the tram READING a NOVEL (oh no, azad & fifi will come back at me hard dis time). finished work by 11.30am. started queueing for tram back to adelaide at 11.45am. around 12.10pm or so, the marshall yelled to the crowd "anybody wud like to go straight back to adelaide, plz que ere, for the bus express to vic sq bla bla bla". good news, so i did took his word, which turned out to be some kind of miscommunication, a very lame n pathetic miscommunication. the bus stopped to lay off passengers at few stops, n we ended up at the adelaide oval. with the hot weather, fasting, tired of working, being decieved etc it really spoilt the greatness of the City-Bay event. the other thing is, my camera's SD card slot is broken, so i only have 32MB worth of internal memory (13 3 .2mp pics). it was really hard to survive eversince it got broken. looking fwd to a new camera (lalalalalalalala... lalalalala.. lalalalalala....got it?)

anyway, Ramadhan is nearing its end, so make the most of it, like attending all the iftar events!

byebye oldman!

ps: Petronas ad for raya this yr sucks. xfeel lgsg! mcm byk grammatical error etc, xsempat nk edit nih, nk g BMH nih. lantak r!

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theroyalcrapster said...

pergh betul rupanya tekaan aku ko 23 tahun. ok cun. ko kena belanja aku 23 benda. haaa baru la matang.