Sunday, February 26, 2012

Himpunan Hijau

ini sbb kak noli sudah tegur muahahahaha. sejak bila blog aku dibace oleh golongan ibu2 plak nih? aiyyak!
okeh, lepas nih update2 mesti lebih mengancam dan berilmiah yang lebih mendalam. tp skang tgh malas so lain kali la ye.

plz ppl, y do u think iran wants nuclear power despite having shitloads of oil?

sekian, marilah kita tido awal. esok kerja.

ps: kak noli adelah pusat baitulmal Brisbane, pusat makanan sedap2.tanpa beliau tidak bermaknalah Brisbane.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this is very true.

now imagine primary school kids singing it because the music is awesome.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

"I believe this is a test from Allah..." (Menteri Lembu 2011)

"i will follow you where ever you may go..."

1. patient #1

i have to say she's my favourite patient. her room has this exclusive classy ambience which makes it very inviting to anybody who enters her room. she uses avon body perfume for her room, surprise surprise. she uses a lot of whites, n the way she dresses anybody could tell how well off she is, or should i say she was. she used to live in a 32 bedroom house with a pool and own tennis court, but like most of housewives sad stories, she was back-stabbed by a 'friend' after her husband passed away. she had to leave the house with her 6 kids. "You only know your friends once you do not have money... these are fly-by-night friends..."

but like most of my patients, they will always say "i am not complaining, i know there are a lot more people doing it harder than me..."

2. Swimming

i think i am doing ok with swimming at the moment. yesterday i met 3 interesting siblings, started with 3 of us, it seemed the whole pool opted to join the party and play catch, to the dismay of the lifeguard. it has been a while since i did anything with anybody else. good bunch of people it was.

"Why Caboolture is such a shithole? Because it is...!" you young fella need to learn to shut up.

3. what to buy?

nak beli kereta ke motor ke basikal ke semua? bukan tak mampu tapi nak buat apa semua2 nih. baik aku beli lembu ade can jugak aku nak duduk condo nanti. lagipon aku mane reti nak beli kereta, beli basikal aku reti la.

Dem u tax!!!

sekian post minggu ini. selamat bermaulid nabi.