Tuesday, May 26, 2015

soon becomes sooner

two most common responds i get when i tell friends i'm getting married...

1. " eh, ada jugak orang nak kahwin dengan kau...!"
2. " tak sangka kau nak kahwin...!"


Sunday, January 12, 2014

tak jadi berkayak

So i've decided to get back to regular* blogging, just so that i can amuse myself in 10 years time reading all the stuffs i did.

1. work

a new, fresh grad, blonde, physio started just after xmas. while i think she's too keen to start work, i don't really mind it, at least she's keeping work interesting, and relatively easier. good on her.

2. Cycling

went cycling up Mt Mee yesterday, the weather was nice, the climbs were hard especially along Jackson Rd got me puffed and struggling for air. spent a while resting at the Dahmongah Park Lookout sambil termongah-mongah on the way back, i opted for a longer route on Cammpbells Pocket Rd, i was  gripping hard on the brake lever and wished that the brake will not fail. the descent was nothing short of deadly; narrow road, steep descends, sharp corners, and you can see straight down the cliff. i was shivering from the thrill,  will do it again when i feel like i am due for hard climbs nevertheless.

A to B, it's not that hard isn't it?

3. football

my spell with the indoor soccer competition in Caboolture is over. the team was struggling to find players each week, thus we are expelled from the competition. i always find it very funny when people who think they are superstars; who can do a few fancy footworks, but has poor work rate and malignant fitness level (just another way of saying fat ass, but obviously i am very polite), telling me how to defend. if you play indoor 4-a-side, you don't have to fucking man mark, it is much easier to mark by area. and if you do not track back, do not even talk to me.

and i started playing football with Rohingyans last friday. it was showery but we had fun, a lot more fun. and it's bloody FoC.

4. other stuffs

i am suppose to be at the MBBC Outrgger Canoeing club this morning, but for some reason i didn't feel too well, so i will start at the club next sunday.

my first ever accident; i hit a housemate's tail light when i was reversing another housemate's ute. now i will need to find a replacement. the cheapest i've found so far is $160, so if you've got a spare, or if u know where to find a cheaperer Holden Colorado tail light, please let me know. $160 is quite a lot for a broken ego.

i'm drowning in paperworks for my PR application. i will be spending money like never seen before.

well, there you have it, the first entry of 2014; two weeks late and still not any better.

*regular there is just for motivational purpose, it might be changed to occasional later

Sunday, December 08, 2013

syok sendiri

syok pulak aku baca post2 tahun lepas. aku ada buat draft pasal balik pilihanraya haritu, tapi sebab malas ( dan kalah), aku biar aje lah draft tu terkubur sebagai draft.

ni mood balik medical leave cum holiday kat shepparton haritu, rasa macam nak start balik regular blogging. ntah hantu mana rasuk aku siang tadi tapi tengok lah macam mana.


Thursday, June 13, 2013


cause cream does wondrous things inside a chocolate sandwich dream

too many to write but too lazy to do it. n that girl at work is such an ISMA*

*idealist; full of idea but not practical at the time of yapping

Monday, May 20, 2013


spud with money

Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland by dm_5196592150c3d

cant wait for next season, up ya gooners!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sunday, April 07, 2013


tadi time cycling dalam hujan, aku tetiba terfikir nak update pasal mcm2. actually i was quite upset sbb acct multiply aku dah takdek, thus a lot of early, pre-fb adelaide pics are gone somewhere floating within the blackhole of internet cloud. the surviving pics are mostly yang aku letak kat blog. maybe aku nak kena check balik kot2 aku ada backup dlm cd ke hd yang aku tak dapat nak track.

peh emo cycling dalam hujan memang best!

change is in progress