Sunday, July 08, 2012

apology re apology post

enough the apology bit, now lets have a look at what has been happening for the last 3-4 weeks

1. Work

was working up in Maroochydore, about 60kms from my place. it was a relatively smaller facility, i did not feel like i was working on all the 4 days i was there. and with the likes of Lisa, Chantelle and .... ah i forgot her name, i wish i could work there permanently. dammit they have cute young staffs up there. so on the friday i decided to drive further 40kms north and spent some time at Noosa Head beach.

yesterday we nearly burned down the place, and being blamed for a resident injury. too much politics going on between the management and the staffs and the crack is becoming more obvious. oh well it's work place afterall.

2. Football

League of Nations ended and the Pacific Islanders were crowned the inaugural cup champs. we were eliminated by the Fijians after losing 2-0 earlier that day. made a few new friends and learnt few more spanish swearwords, that all that matters. so much about being a sore loser good sport.

Viva Los Sudamericanos!

Boring Spain won EURO, so i am officially launching the ABS campaign for World Cup 2014. yup Anything But Spain.

nevermind van Persie, it's already Robin van Pergi. the club lives on!


3. Cycling

Tour de France is on at the moment, and they've been having crashes in all but the first stage. i have to agree with O'Gready that there are a lot of youngsters in the tour this time who are trying to make their mark. i hope Wiggo will win this time, enough of Cadel already.

Went to Australia Zoo few weeks back, the view along the way was no less than breathtaking, the climbs... duh the climbs! then went for a short ride 2 weeks ago because the weather wasn't really prime for cycling. too bad you don't get to choose neither the weather nor the days for your weekend.

4. Meeting Durio Malaysinus

meeting malaysians is such a rare occasion for  me. had BBQ with PPMQ and the regular eating out at the Victoria St Hotel*. then met Nazee for a quick catch up, i think i waited for him longer than meeting him, a Brisbane boy who was lost in his own city, such a bugger noob he is.

5. Ramadhan Mosque Clean-Up

attended by few, quite disheartened when i found out there was no pilau biryani for lunch. come on u indian/pakistani/bangla community. and where were all your daughters? your hospitality reputation is at risk i have to admit. all was good finished the work by Asar. a good day work with a malay-speaking Amin.

big shoutouts of congratulations to Zarip, Cham, Book, Pokchek, N n etc on your wedding/engagement/In-relationship/Not-Sure-What-The-Fuck-Is-Happening status-changing events

so, that's all. 'till i'm bored again take care!!

* many thanks to Abg Usop n family

Thursday, July 05, 2012


for not updating for 3 weeks, i am sorry. so little many things happened so i've been labusy with work and stuffs. yup stuffs, interesting ones of course!

1. work

well, my wish in the last post was granted.... oh what's this on tv.. gtg c ya l8r