Sunday, April 25, 2010

Krofne & Feijoa nights

1. study

2 more weeks of commuting to the Modbury Hospital to go. everything looks fine at the moment, n i wonder how did i managed tofuck the subject up last year. i guess a year does make a difference.

went to mt barker on wednesday evening for some discussion with my supervisor. one of the staffs offered me a few Feijoa to try. it is a very aromatic fruit, just got to be careful of the not-so-nice pulp.

oh n note case study xbuat lagi + ade test esok. cam bese aku rilek je. dh semulajadi power nk wat camne.

2. kje

dis week main away kat Frank Mitchell Park, Woodville West utk cup round. kepale bengap mane ntah suggest main game malam, so game2 start agak lambat, so aku abes kje lambat r cis. n dlm cup round, gap between game agak panjang in case of extra time, penalty etc, so lagi2 la lame aku kne kje. haih. The Foxes was the title holder last yr, n playing against a lower league club shud b an easy route for us, well, that did not happen.

the results r: Beograd vs Foxes
U19: 0-2
Res: 0-3
Sen: 1-2

this is the 4th lost in a row to the seniors team by the way. n krofne, kuih org2 serbia yg mcm donat tuh.

3. bola

xdek yg interesting pon, main kat padang smlm kejap. EPL pon npk mcm Chelsea akan mng. ManU mng penalti 2 bijik, xconvincing enuff.

4. 1000km+

feb 22nd- april 24th 2010

no im not a cheap bastard who adjust the digital numbers for personal glory.

sekian, cepatlah beranak wahai akakku!

Monday, April 19, 2010

fucking hell

1. bola

some lesson to those playing football, if u r leading, u got to settle on the ball, get the game under your control, pass it around, not to fucking hoof the ball away, or to fucking drop the ball on Titus Bramble's head. the most fucked up display by arsenal i've ever seen after all these years. havn't they learn from West Ham game earlier this year?

same things happened at the cumberland as well, the seniors were leading 3-2 with 10 mins to go, lost 3-4 after 90 mins. n the U-19 lost their first game after the gk fumbled.

Results: foxes vs western strikers
U19: 0-1
Res: 1-0
Sen: 3-4

what a disappointing week of football it was.

2. kje

im currently working 2 shifts a week at the HJ, and sometimes 1 shift. i just find it relaxing and less demanding in term of work-study-life balance.

budak2 yg xbayar or xamik ag jersey silelah bayar/amik cpt. aku xkan deliver kat umah korg, n aku xkan kol korg sbb kredit aku dh kering kontang.

3. study

im in my 4th week of acute care placement at the Modbury Hosp. my mid-placement interim feedback was good, n i am happy about it. so far, i've had 1 patient under me passed away during the weekends, a few confused patients etc. i am enjoying the placement despite that im not really into acute care stuff.

esok ade test. still a lot to read, but lets not get to stressed about it. i will be fine. oh im going to Mt Barker again this wednesday.

4. Graduations

congrats kpd budak2 yg grad. sori la aku xleh dtg makan2 dessert korg. hari2 aku kne lepak hospital.

5. Beranak.

selamat beranak kpd akak aku n akak ipar aku. akak aku tuh mcm akan beranak minggu nih je.

sekian. selamat la ape2 yg korg tgh buat tuh. kl tgk porn tuh jgn excited sgt sampai dpt carpal tunnel syndrome plak.

ps: hepi besday syafiq, sori r xpasan dh lepas wahahaha

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Physio dekat mines BHP?

1. kje

xbyk sbb assignment+uni. lastthu pon xg training night sbb ade talk pasal job opportunity in Darwin (bukan Darwin bini anep tuh, nih town yg kat NT tuh). 2 weeks in city clinic, 2 weeks in mines, alternate for 12 months. salary mcm bese, accomodation die kasik. mcm adventurous gle, xdek r boring p hospital hari2. die nk start intake 2 org jan 2011. arituh dh apply satu kat Gypssland, Vic. hmm.. tgk la cmne yg nih.

2. study

last week final session Ethics&Comm yg bengap ayam tuh. so lps nh aku dtg uni hari selase je r. n hospital nyer pasal aku xdek cuti 2 minggu cam dak2 lain. dem r.

Health Promotion nyer project kat Mt Barker pon dh mcm sampai stage yg tulis2 n bosan2. kl rajin mlm nih siap, kl kurg rajin esok siap, kl malas nk mampos ujung bulan dpn baru siap.

3. bola

messi mmg cibai, eh power. n defend pon cam mangkuk. next match lwn Spuds, midweek. argh bosan. pg td terpakse r usha el clasico.

week 3 Super League: Foxes away at the Campbeltown Red Devils'. dekat je ngn umah aku, rs mcm nk tranfer club pon ade.

results: Red Devils Vs Foxes
U19: 0-1
Res: 1-4
Sen: 2-3

n budak2 adelaide bungkus awal kat melben. bungkus xbungkus, sape2 yg xbayar ag tuh bawak2 r bayar. aku potong telo korg kang.

4. lain2

- Indofest, aku xpnh g tp mcm nk ujan je.
- Budak2 rmai datang grad. aku kat hospital. sape grad petang selase or petang khamis, aku nk dtg makan2 dessert nih.
- sape2 yg xamik jersi ag nih meh r dtg. wat semak umah aku je.
- kedah kalah smlm. bapak aku, abg aku n famili aku mesti tgh berkabung nih.

sekian. semoga hari2 mendatang tak ujan. ujan je r kat kawasan tadahan hujan utk Murray-Darling river tuh, kasik banjir pon xdek hal.

update: Clayzio mng melben cup, indofest rmai sgt org nk beratur makan pon malas.

Monday, April 05, 2010

orange is the colour

1. kje

xkje byk sgt, tp mggu lps mmg busy gle. tiap2 hari lepas balik hospital sure ade bende kne wat. g kje, g visit exs group, g jumpe lecturer yg bajet aku xwat kje.

2. study

busy nk mampos dg subjek2 yg entah pape mcm ethics. bodo nyer subjek.troughout the program, we have 2 ridiculous subjects yg kne amek, sociology & ethics nih, course coordinator die same. i guess these ppl r so not over the white supremacy thing that they feel the need to create such courses. go fuck urselves!

3. bola

minggu nih xdek game sbb cuti easter, so dpt r lepak2 4 hari nih.

arsenal seri dgn barca, baru aku bajet dh xdek harapan lepas kne titik 2-0. tetibe walkote pandai plak score, selame nih die pandai lari je tp xreti buat bende lain pon.

n mng dgn wolves last2 minit mmg kasik rmai org hypertension daa.


4. beskal

wlpn aku xbape puas ati dgn condition die cosmetically (kl ebay mmg aku dh kasik negative feedback dah), tp lepas try2 rs cam ok plak. n beskal ni komfem r aku xkan kasik org pinjam nyer. simpan pon kat dlm umah tuh. harge? ade la sket...

5. lain2

-esok ade test tp sbb aku power aku lek je
-esok nk p kutip jersi kat port road, so ape lg, byr r cpt.