Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53 yrs later, the powerdrunks are losing it

1. AMNO r desperate dumbfucks

isu kafir masuk mesjid, isu namewee, isu kepala lembu etc. they r big national issues, unlike the once-every-4-year-erection-problem *dude, or so they want them to be, some kind of an issue.

this imbecilic act of the highest level should stop, and it should stop now. they r destabilizing the nation with their limitless 'issues'. it is not surprising to see MCA walk away from their alliance anytime soon. what a bunch of half-wit knucklehead shingles-infested shitheads they r. yes they r, seriously. the whole bunch r.

c'mon... get ur sense right. WTF!!

yeah AMNO is long been irrelevant, n it's just getting worse. 53 yrs n that should be it. thankyouverymuch.

2. two-third gone

we are getting into the last 10 days of ramadhan, and it seems my Azam Ramadhan this time failed miserably. to not swear is just beyond my comprehension. especially at work. yeah work is hard, but can b fun, put aside the money factor.

i lost nearly 5kg already since coming back from malaysia the last time i checked it.

3. study

alhamdulillah, presentation at the RAH was a successful one, 4 physios n an ergonomist attended our presentation n they were pretty impressed/happy/delighted with the project outcome.

next rotation starts next week, yeah, no midsem break for me. 2 more subjects to go. cmon!!

4. Hidayat Centre Iftar

it wasn't my money, it is somebody else's money which i have full power over it. it's kinda my money but it's just not. so no thanks necessary, privately or publicly.

im just supporting a friend, a good old friend.

5. lain2

- seorg awek oz yg cun telah memintak no tepon aku, tp aku syok kat kawan die yg lagi super cun.
- arinih cuti merdeka (tp mlm kje)
- im loving the weather but im tanned enuff to go to the beach.
- the U-19 lost 1-0 to Blue Eagles, a must-win play-off game this weekend. plz give me another FFSA medal thanks.

sekian, selamat berpuasa. Jangan undi BN.

*hopefully, u'll get better. once every 3.5 yrs is a good start.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I still don't like Theo

1. study

alhamdulillah, setelah berhempas pulas berdmeeting dgn lauren, final draft dah pon disubmit, so skang tunggu correction n pastuh present kat RAH. so it's pretty much 2 subjects to graduation.

n minggu nih kelas hari rabu je, n maybe meeting on Thu/Fri for the presentation prep.

2. kje

i realise dat the reason im still working now is just to make other ppl happy. i used to work for money for the past few years.

oh n the cute new crew is what keeps me going.

3. bola

bes wo. especially bile tgk ManU seri dgn fulham last menet pg td.

4. puasa

dem la aku miss 2 hari grand iftar kat uni yg besenye grandismo abes. kje nyer pasal huhuhuh.

puase r

5. lain2

I wonder if i should apply for a job in Perth.

oh n the hung parliament. boring.

ok dah. nih update wajib mingguan, kang kl xupdate kang korg kate tak istiqamah plak. assignment workcover xsiap ag.

selamat berpuasa. selamat berterawih. selamat bershopping raya.

Monday, August 16, 2010

We Love Pepe Reina

abg Pepe mmg ensem r

0. Sahur
aku mmg spesis malas sahur. minum air kosong segelas pastuh kl rajin telan kurme 2 bijik pastuh tdo balik sampai subuh.

1. Puasa
macam bese, camtuh r. nk ckp ape ag pose je r. still cycling cam bese.

2. Bukak puasa
kadang2 nk bukak pose pon xsempat sbb tgh kje. minum air then lari p solat maghrib. tp kl berbuke kat mesjit or IDC or mane2 makan mcm terlebih plak. nk kne control hawa nafsu serakah nih.

3. Terawih
aku ske terawih panjang2 tp imam bace laju2 tapi sedap. so mmg kl boleh nk g wandana hari2, tp kat wandana xdek makan2 free so mcm sukar je.

4. Moreh
kat sini xdek moreh. kl kat mesjid UTM moreh die kuih2 je, kl kat KMKP moreh die dahsyat sket sbb bese r mesjit kampung2, kl dgn ayah kat mesjit ade mroeh ke x komfem la die ajak p makan roti canai ke ape dlu b4 balik umah. kalau kat KMB nasik lemak die mmg super bes. aku ngn nisam bedal sampai kembung, sorg 3 bungkus on the spot kat dewan makan.

5. Quran
cam bese r iA khatam ujung bulan kang skali. xpernah miss sejak taun 1997 dlu. respek gk r org yg khatam 2-3 kali sebulan. aku plg2 kuat pon khatam quran ngn tafsir skalik. tp pon dh nk tergolek2 dh.

6. Bola
Arsenal seri je dgn Lifervool smlm. attacking slow sgt. haih. nasib baik abg pepe ade buat zakat fitrah.

n mayb akan start kje balik dgn CUFC utk U19 nyer final 5 cup.

7. Lauren

ari2 jumpe minah nih buat projek, weekend pon same sbb arituh nk siapkan draft. esok jumpe ag. haih. nasib baik ko cun.

8. Lain2
- topek n syafiq dh balik.
- nk bli henpon raye
- laptop raye dlm pertimbangan. laptop skang nih dh nazak dh
- nk bli superbike utk ship balik mesia.

sekian. selamat berpuasa. jgn layan porn siang2.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The past days n Ramadhan 1431

i believe the last week was quite busy eversince i came back from my long holiday in malaysia. no, i was not occupied by my part-time work as i already cut my no of shifts per week as well as im only waiting for next season for the trainer work with cumberland utd, speaking of which, is already relegated back to premier league with a few matches to go.

i think im spending too much time with frens n at frens' places. u shud already known dat i fancy sleeping over at others' places, wilcox st to name one. i never failed to spend a night there, weekly for the past 2-3 yrs. so we had makan2 x2 last week for mejat's bday. well, the bday is surely just an excuse. so umah2 yg aku selalu lepak2 tuh, it's just a matter of time, iA. (plan party besar2an utk final yr taun lps ade, tp last2 xsempat nk buat)

football has been plenty for the past few weeks, n i do regret my decision of not buying a new pair of futsal shoes when i was in m'sia. forget the kuih raya baju raya kad raya etc, send me futsal shoes please thanks.

had a 30-mins solo presentation yesterday, n i am pretty sure it did not went well towards the end. strange enuf shit happens at times when u don't want it to happen. i was thinking of going mental n cry on the beach in the view of the mesmerizing sunset, but hey that is just too much effort to put in, n the weather was not as forgiving, so i went to work instead. surely u know which part of the above is made-up shit. it amazes me how some ppl easily cry over small things. get over it bitches! (hahaha.. joking)

havn't done much cycling since the holiday, despite cutting down a few kilos my 6-pax program is bound to fail, thankfully, its Ramadhan tomorrow! to those ramadhan muslims out there, if u r not becoming any better muslim, at least lose some weight. it is as frustrating to have to design hospitals for fat ppl. how low can u go is for u to decide. (might not b applicable to some)

so hepi ramadhan to all n have a blessful one. sape2 yg dpt lailatul qadar tuh jgn lpe doakan aku dpt bini yg hot, seksi, tp beriman. impossible? nothing is impossible on lailatul qadar. hahaha.

ibadah2 jugak, uni/kje/famili/etc jgn terabai plak. ah projek org2 gemok aku xsiap ag!

contact mongger pon boleh.awek2 cun contact aku xpe

Saturday, August 07, 2010

update malas

nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan. sila cuba lagi. terima kasih.

"Most Beautiful Mom" of 2009 a.k.a the arab MILF of 2009

ps: Jen Hawko is losing it.