Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The past days n Ramadhan 1431

i believe the last week was quite busy eversince i came back from my long holiday in malaysia. no, i was not occupied by my part-time work as i already cut my no of shifts per week as well as im only waiting for next season for the trainer work with cumberland utd, speaking of which, is already relegated back to premier league with a few matches to go.

i think im spending too much time with frens n at frens' places. u shud already known dat i fancy sleeping over at others' places, wilcox st to name one. i never failed to spend a night there, weekly for the past 2-3 yrs. so we had makan2 x2 last week for mejat's bday. well, the bday is surely just an excuse. so umah2 yg aku selalu lepak2 tuh, it's just a matter of time, iA. (plan party besar2an utk final yr taun lps ade, tp last2 xsempat nk buat)

football has been plenty for the past few weeks, n i do regret my decision of not buying a new pair of futsal shoes when i was in m'sia. forget the kuih raya baju raya kad raya etc, send me futsal shoes please thanks.

had a 30-mins solo presentation yesterday, n i am pretty sure it did not went well towards the end. strange enuf shit happens at times when u don't want it to happen. i was thinking of going mental n cry on the beach in the view of the mesmerizing sunset, but hey that is just too much effort to put in, n the weather was not as forgiving, so i went to work instead. surely u know which part of the above is made-up shit. it amazes me how some ppl easily cry over small things. get over it bitches! (hahaha.. joking)

havn't done much cycling since the holiday, despite cutting down a few kilos my 6-pax program is bound to fail, thankfully, its Ramadhan tomorrow! to those ramadhan muslims out there, if u r not becoming any better muslim, at least lose some weight. it is as frustrating to have to design hospitals for fat ppl. how low can u go is for u to decide. (might not b applicable to some)

so hepi ramadhan to all n have a blessful one. sape2 yg dpt lailatul qadar tuh jgn lpe doakan aku dpt bini yg hot, seksi, tp beriman. impossible? nothing is impossible on lailatul qadar. hahaha.

ibadah2 jugak, uni/kje/famili/etc jgn terabai plak. ah projek org2 gemok aku xsiap ag!

contact mongger pon boleh.awek2 cun contact aku xpe


nkecik said...

hepi ramadhan

Hijaz Kamal said...

ko bole je bini ko beramal seksi dlm umah....jgn bagi org luar masuk sudah.

ihsan_huhu said...

hepi pose.semakin papan la ko

cmne nk tau? haaa...

ainishamsi said...

ihsan: selamat menyambut ramadhan. selamat berpuasa di adelaide . hihi

husna afifi said...

cek airasia murah2
bi flite tiket utk umi n ayah wei

wahidakhairy said...

ko cari minah arab la..sure hot, sexy tapi beriman..:)

ihsan_huhu said...

selamat gk

ps: kelakar la awak nih lol

lek r luh

arab x blonde