Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53 yrs later, the powerdrunks are losing it

1. AMNO r desperate dumbfucks

isu kafir masuk mesjid, isu namewee, isu kepala lembu etc. they r big national issues, unlike the once-every-4-year-erection-problem *dude, or so they want them to be, some kind of an issue.

this imbecilic act of the highest level should stop, and it should stop now. they r destabilizing the nation with their limitless 'issues'. it is not surprising to see MCA walk away from their alliance anytime soon. what a bunch of half-wit knucklehead shingles-infested shitheads they r. yes they r, seriously. the whole bunch r.

c'mon... get ur sense right. WTF!!

yeah AMNO is long been irrelevant, n it's just getting worse. 53 yrs n that should be it. thankyouverymuch.

2. two-third gone

we are getting into the last 10 days of ramadhan, and it seems my Azam Ramadhan this time failed miserably. to not swear is just beyond my comprehension. especially at work. yeah work is hard, but can b fun, put aside the money factor.

i lost nearly 5kg already since coming back from malaysia the last time i checked it.

3. study

alhamdulillah, presentation at the RAH was a successful one, 4 physios n an ergonomist attended our presentation n they were pretty impressed/happy/delighted with the project outcome.

next rotation starts next week, yeah, no midsem break for me. 2 more subjects to go. cmon!!

4. Hidayat Centre Iftar

it wasn't my money, it is somebody else's money which i have full power over it. it's kinda my money but it's just not. so no thanks necessary, privately or publicly.

im just supporting a friend, a good old friend.

5. lain2

- seorg awek oz yg cun telah memintak no tepon aku, tp aku syok kat kawan die yg lagi super cun.
- arinih cuti merdeka (tp mlm kje)
- im loving the weather but im tanned enuff to go to the beach.
- the U-19 lost 1-0 to Blue Eagles, a must-win play-off game this weekend. plz give me another FFSA medal thanks.

sekian, selamat berpuasa. Jangan undi BN.

*hopefully, u'll get better. once every 3.5 yrs is a good start.


soleil_m said...

i lost nearly 5kg already since coming back from malaysia the last time i checked it.


lutpi said...

gile wa puasa2 ni siang turun 2 kilo.malam naik balik 3 kilo.raya esok naik tak turun2 la jawab nye.

wa bute politikus doh tapi wa rasa nk vote bn jugak sebab diorang kasi wa skolahsyip kot 5 tahun.buta2 je la tanda kerta tu nanti.lol

ihsan_huhu said...

timbang rosak kot :-"

aku timbang malam arituh, aku rs timbang tuh mcm xbtol je

alah, bukan duit BN pon. p la bace entry merdeka abg awang.

JePh said...

~jangan undi bn~

tang tu yg gua gelak!

husna afifi said...

jgn undi BN
jgn xngundi

ihsan_huhu said...

tuh r nasihat paling masuk akal kat blog aku nih

xdaftar ag. tp kl undi pos from sini mcm sia2 je.

wahida said...

part yg usha awek tu xbleh bla..nk yg cun je...

AyanaAsham said...

xpe nanti ko mintak ar no phone awek yg super cun tu kat awek yg mintak no phone ko tu.ngahahahhaa

ihsan_huhu said...

mesti r sementare masih boleh

ala xbes r camtuh. kl camtuh mmg aku dh dpt no tepon tuh lame dah