Tuesday, May 25, 2010

stretching perut

1. study

submitted the project report on last wednesday, so had a few days off study, wandering around on both bikes alternately.

2. kje

last saturday it was a cup round weekend, only the U-19s & Res played, at the white city place. both game were won on extra time. then i waved hasta la vista to all the ppl from the club.

posisi obsin

3. bola

i tot i would hav missed the UCL final, but lickily the flight was delayed for half an hour. managed to watch it until the special one lifted the throphy, n i watched it at the airport.

posisi biawak

4. the journey

stayed up pretty much the whole night despite that i cycled 40kms+worked for 4 hrs+half-nandos-chicken. packed up all the remaining food left in my burrow+freezer, all the chocs n whatever i could carry, bcoz my flight will not be boarded until midnight. not the best way to arrange flights. good on me. syafiq my beloved cute cuddly charming housemate drop me off at the adelaide airport at about 4.20am checked in, go to the toilet, open my pants, put out my.... (boring).... then went out scouring for tv showing a white ball rolling around on a green field.

arrived at the melbourne airport at approximately 8.30am... then... oh im fucked. not literally. i wish i had but i did not. it's just an expression of the ultimate unfuckable time expenditure deficit issue syndrome thingy bobby (UUTEDITB) with the given informed consequences of the gap between the two flights.

ok, i actually already planned ahead, or maybe beyond the problematic predicament. so it's still a problem, but not as big, still fucked but not as fucked, so it's like half-fucked. while waiting i managed to finish 4 movies (Ip Man 2, Madagascar 2, ketika cinta bertasbih, n XXX2, oh i dont remember but who cares anyway) as well as playing PES on my laptop in between.

like the wise men say, good things worth waiting. the stewardess were nice, like nice nice. no wonder they won lots of awards. n the uniform fits them well. as much as they're looking fwd to fly with me again (that what they said at the end of the journey), i don't mind doing any other thing than flying with them at anytime soon. well done air asia, keep up the good stuff, if it cant, push up bras might come in handy.

ZZzzZZZzzz.. boring...!

i landed safely at the LCCT at 8am on monday, met ki at 9am, went to his place, take a bath etc. had nasik lemak, roti canai, teh tarik for breakfast, then took a bus to terminal 2 seremban, then took the 11.30am bus to JB. arrived at abt 2.30.

later dat day we went to the hospital to see my nephew. he's improving well. went there again today n managed to get him in my cuddle. come on, u can make it!

oh i already attended a masjid-mate today. he used to go the mosque 5 times a day.

5. 0137956780

call/text me as u wish. im pretty bored at the moment. mek cptla ko beranak.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

apsal aku balik?

stok cartel de mexico

1. why why why balik?

apparently, ramai pulak yg tanye apsal aku balik. sbb balik nih sungguh la x sinonim dgn aku. kat sini pon aku ske lepak umah org lain. so hopefully this will make ppl stop asking me the why question.

- akak aku suro balik, boleh jumpe sume org b4 adik aku fly g UK in september.
- nk tgk budak2 yg baru lahir.
- nk tgk org2 yg baru bersalin.
- sbb kl aku grad ujung taun nih, aku xplan nk balik. nk carik kje. so kl dpt kje xtau plak ble boleh dpt cuti lame2
-sbb aku nk rehat, gemokkan badan aku yg semakin taff nih. kang riya' plak
- sbb nk setelkan satu bende yg penting

ha.. teke la apebende yg penting tuh. jawapan akan dikasik last2 post nih nanti.

bende2 yg perlu disetelkan b4 balik:
- potong rambut, rimas r plak rambut nih.
- bli ape2 yg xbli ag
- kemas umah hahahaha

bende2 yg kne buat kat mesia kang:
- g dentist. dentist kat sini mahal gle.
- g mane2 kenduri yg sempat
- lain2

2. Ramsay St revisited

the last time i saw the boys was in 2006, n since today was my last day going to mt barker for the project im doing, i gambled and knocked the house door, which im not really sure. a tall dude open the door, then i asked him if i've got the right house. i never thought my memory is that good. he introduced himself as james, the 2nd son. then i asked him if he still remember me from few yrs ago, suprisingly, he remembers my name, n he got it right at the 1st guess. unfortunately, everybody else werent home. we had a short chat inside the house while waiting for the bus. oh, roger is still there, still struggling to open the sliding door.

3. kje

work more hr this week, sbb balik nih byk plak abes duit. ala lgpon dok umah je cam bosan gk

4. study.

project report to be submitted later this week, then this semester is done. gudluck la sape2 yg ade exam tuh wahahhahahaha

5. bola

bosan. season bola dh abes. adelaide utd pon dh kalah ACL. n aku baru pasan aku akan miss UCL final sbb tiket g melben pagi tuh argh2!

ok dh dapat teke blom? bende yg penting tuh adelah...



UPDATE STOK SPENDER R! tokey2 spender skalian, ready la aku p borong nnt!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

feliz el dia de madre

1. family

i just dont know what to write or say anymore, you can read abt them here. i just hope that everything went well and i'll be home in about 2 weeks time. we can hav a quiet time together (as if we r quiet when we're together pffft!) n we can work on the things we have to. seriously, i've never felt so sad for somebody else before. i learn't that im more of an angry person than a saddy-teary-cryy (wtf!) person, i would rather punch somebody's face than cry, especially ugly fat dopey chix, if u r fat n cute, u r safe. no, i don't really punch people. im a peace-loving creature who make jokes abt fat ppl n that's it.

the baby has made good progress but the outcome of the complication is yet to be known. thanks to those who prayed for my sister n her young one, and to those yg buat 'lawak2 frenli' tuh, xdek hal la, nnt aku balas la balik, cam xbese plak.

to umi, kakak, n kak bab, hepi mother's day! n to all the other moms as well.

2. study

as i mentioned before, i passed my acute care rotation last friday, i bought myself a pack of white timtams, which i think is so much better than the double coated timtams. now i can focus (kahkahkahkah) on my prostate cancer project n get it done today or later tomorrow.

3. kje

nothing so interesting with my work at the moment, other than one love child (aka anak haram / anak eksiden) of HJs has been born last week. i still havnt congratulate them, yet i've been so excited with the new arrival. is to congratulate them means we r supporting their unmarried-fucking? there u go, if u r too bored at the moment, u've just got something to think abt.

this week, the foxes played away at the Blue Eagles', at the Marden sporting complex. the senior game was an interesting one, since their physio (peter, used to be my colleague at uni) was the busier one, 1 ankle injury, 1 cracked ribs etc. ambo has to be called. oh who doesnt like ambo chix, i mean cute ambo chix in the paramedic uniform....(googling cute chix in ambo uniform)... oh back to the footballing bits, 1 red cards, team mates sworn at each other, armband changed 3 times, club managers had a heated hard time with the officials (eventhough the official was a female, it's not that hard time im talking abt), it does shows the crisis level at the moment. hopefully they'll get some points in coming matches.

the results: (Eagles vs Foxes)

U-19: 2-2
Res: 2-2
Sen: 4-1

oh n im going to have a phone interview around next week for a job in country victoria. while i really enjoyed my rural placement a few years ago, i am still thinking of the pros n cons working outside metro area. i'll just give a shot anyway.

4. bola

the final EPL game will b played tonite, arsenal's 3rd or 4th doesn't really matter. some ppl said it is better to be 4th, u'll get more money bcoz u hav to play the qualifiers round. well, doesn't really matter at all. frankly, i would rather want pompey winning the tittle, but when u have chelski n manure up there, u dont really have a choice but to go for the Russian backed club. well, again, it doesn't really matter.

5. going home

since im going home in a few weeks, i think im really going to miss my bike n all the cycling sides of my life here i feel like bringing it home. i still have some time to do some shopping etc. n with endless kenduri kendara anak dara nyam2 looming around, i can say welcome to mr Roi.

6. lain2

- saiful adli, budak umah aswad suro aku advertise nih: tv Sonic LCD 40'+ ps3 slim 250gb, 2 controller, 3 cd(fifa2010,bionic commando and heavy rain) $1200ono. kl korg nk bli tuh mention la name aku leh aku dapat kamsen sket hehehe. zaman skang mane ade ikhlas semate2 je.

- sape ag yg nk kawen between may n july nih kasik tau, aku nk kne buat draft projek pemakanan solo 1 malaysia 111 kali, kl xckop 111 kenduri aku makan r kat satu2 kenduri tuh 3-4 kali. mungkin aku leh mintak utusan cover story aku n mungkin aku leh dapat physio usm escort kot2 la perut aku cramp ke, sakit blakang ke, berak xlawas ke etc.

- awek2 yg nk jadik escort aku utk 2 bulan nih pon silelah mendaftarkan diri, kl ramai nnt aku divide la ikut negeri supaya adil dan saksama.

khas utk kakak aku

sekian. thanks. selamat hari ibu bukan eboue.

Friday, May 07, 2010

emo post

i shud b happy at the moment. i worked hard n this morning i passed my 6-week acute care rotation, which i failed last yr.

i'll postpone the party for now, family is always the priority.

kamon baby kamon!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

meet uncle ihsan

1. new addition

congratulation to ki n his wife a.k.a my ex-classmate. n with my sister's uterus is nearing its bursting period, it is only a matter of time for another young one to come out. apparently they have some kind of MoU about this; not to show me the pictures until both of them r born, n then i'll have to guess who belongs to who.

but they forgot that with all the genetics technology n whatnot, i already able to come up with my own predicament. i already knew the answer even without looking at them. well, ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau x ke nasik?

jgn marah yer, nnt anak aku kuar korg nyer turn plak (pic removed)

2. study

final week of acute care placement, im happy that i already discharged few patients. hopefully i got good marks for the subject. as for the other subject im doing, the freaking low marks given on my individual assignment proves nothing. i can't give a shit on such shit assigment.

3. kje

malas. sorg mamat baru kne buang kje sbb melecurkan satu pekerje lain pkai lighter. die xtau melecurkan n melacurkan tuh maksud lain. minah yg termelecur tuh mmg sexmaniac yg terkenal serantau alam pon. bese la omputih.

bola minggu nih main home. lawan metrostars, top of the table. team senior kalah lagi. 1st half kne 0-3, final score 3-5.

results: (foxes vs metrostars)
u19: 0-0
Res: 1-1
Sen: 3-5

4. bola

bosan r xbyk bola. dem r

5. beach day

silelah rujuk fb. n plz r jgn komen psl kehenseman aku, aku mmg dh tau lame saje malas nk tunjuk.

sekian. selamat bermain2 dgn baby kpd org2 yg baru beranak.