Tuesday, May 25, 2010

stretching perut

1. study

submitted the project report on last wednesday, so had a few days off study, wandering around on both bikes alternately.

2. kje

last saturday it was a cup round weekend, only the U-19s & Res played, at the white city place. both game were won on extra time. then i waved hasta la vista to all the ppl from the club.

posisi obsin

3. bola

i tot i would hav missed the UCL final, but lickily the flight was delayed for half an hour. managed to watch it until the special one lifted the throphy, n i watched it at the airport.

posisi biawak

4. the journey

stayed up pretty much the whole night despite that i cycled 40kms+worked for 4 hrs+half-nandos-chicken. packed up all the remaining food left in my burrow+freezer, all the chocs n whatever i could carry, bcoz my flight will not be boarded until midnight. not the best way to arrange flights. good on me. syafiq my beloved cute cuddly charming housemate drop me off at the adelaide airport at about 4.20am checked in, go to the toilet, open my pants, put out my.... (boring).... then went out scouring for tv showing a white ball rolling around on a green field.

arrived at the melbourne airport at approximately 8.30am... then... oh im fucked. not literally. i wish i had but i did not. it's just an expression of the ultimate unfuckable time expenditure deficit issue syndrome thingy bobby (UUTEDITB) with the given informed consequences of the gap between the two flights.

ok, i actually already planned ahead, or maybe beyond the problematic predicament. so it's still a problem, but not as big, still fucked but not as fucked, so it's like half-fucked. while waiting i managed to finish 4 movies (Ip Man 2, Madagascar 2, ketika cinta bertasbih, n XXX2, oh i dont remember but who cares anyway) as well as playing PES on my laptop in between.

like the wise men say, good things worth waiting. the stewardess were nice, like nice nice. no wonder they won lots of awards. n the uniform fits them well. as much as they're looking fwd to fly with me again (that what they said at the end of the journey), i don't mind doing any other thing than flying with them at anytime soon. well done air asia, keep up the good stuff, if it cant, push up bras might come in handy.

ZZzzZZZzzz.. boring...!

i landed safely at the LCCT at 8am on monday, met ki at 9am, went to his place, take a bath etc. had nasik lemak, roti canai, teh tarik for breakfast, then took a bus to terminal 2 seremban, then took the 11.30am bus to JB. arrived at abt 2.30.

later dat day we went to the hospital to see my nephew. he's improving well. went there again today n managed to get him in my cuddle. come on, u can make it!

oh i already attended a masjid-mate today. he used to go the mosque 5 times a day.

5. 0137956780

call/text me as u wish. im pretty bored at the moment. mek cptla ko beranak.


Puan nadxoxo said...

gambar anak sapa ko tempek tu?

zacharias said...

wei, jumpa kul 8 la. takkan la aku masuk opis lambat

ihsan_huhu said...

anak abg aku n akak aku yg beranak awal bulan arituh

eh btol gk hahaha

fitman said...

ye ye je no satu tu.

joven said...

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