Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan 1429 + Malaysia's 51st

The Advertiser 1/9/08

so the holy fasting month kicks-off today! last yr, i was having my clinical placement when the month started, and having spent most of the fasting month alone in a place where there's no other muslim arnd, im looking fwd to hav a better n happening Ramadhan dis yr. last year was one of my worse Ramadhan ever!

choose the right imam + mosque!

iftaar.. where u find strange+delicious+free food

happy Ramadhan-ing. eat wisely!


merdeka merdeka merdeka bla bla bla bunge api boom boom konsert konsert ahh~~ ahh~~ uhh uhh dush dush uwek uwek zzz zzzz zzzz

51 y.o n makin terok budak2 skang!

our language slip tru the Greek-Latin-french dominance!

ps: gamba2 berice skating ade kat sini. $5 well spent!


zacharias said...

selamat2. awat klip tu takleh main ah? agaknya server youtube makin slow kot.

nadxoxo said...


"eat wisely"

sangat setuju!

zacharias said...

wei, apa yg imam tu cakap? tak paham a plak. dia buat tarian solat ke ape?

ihsan_huhu said...

tuh search je kat utube: jet imam


Cik Kmar said...

slmt bpuasa di perantauan