Sunday, November 09, 2008

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model sambilan

1. went to watch 1st leg of the AFC final, Gamba Osaka Vs Adelaide United. the reds were thumped 3-0, so the 2nd leg in adelaide doesnt look that interesting at all. they put up a big screen for the public at the Elder Park, so many ppl came, but it was so quiet. Adelaide ppl, plz learn how to watch soccer, it's not the same as watching movies in cinema. The dougnuts n coffee r fine, but plzz b a bit more louder!!

2. i had my 3rd prac test last thursday, n it's all good so far, n hopefully i can go on clinics next yr, n hopefully i can sort out my academic plan for the next 2 yrs. 2009 shud b my final yr of study, but....... hmm... n i had the last Project meeting last friday, 1st draft to be submitted on 10/11.

polis2 kat tingkap yg curik tulang dlm ofis

3. Christmas comes early in adelaide, org putih lg perak/jakun/overexcited dr makcik2 yg bz nk sambut raye. i went to have a peek at the annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant, n i think pretty much all of the citizen of Adelaide came n cheered the carts.

4. Arsenal 2-1 ManU! so it was. it was good isnt it?can it get any better? yes, 3-0 wud b better but 2-1 is good enuff considering the poor form of the team, which havnt win in 3 games, n few key players who r injured n suspended. in the end, it was the muslim boy who killed the devil. may u rot in hell!

5. finally, the Bali Bombers r now dead. I'm not totally agree of what they've done in Bali, but I do agree with some of their points. in australia, they r making a lot of noise n fuss abt foreigners who cant fit well into the Aussie Values. Mayb Aussies shud learn how to respect values on places they go to, n not to b so cocky n think dat their western values is the best for the whole world, learn how to respect n understand others. anyway, i dont think i have any right to further commenting this issue, the locals know best.

dunno what happen to utusan nowdays, at times they r very good at putting catchy titles to some news, like 'mufti mati lemas', 'menteri mati kemalangan', 'nabi masuk hospital' (mufti, menteri n nabi tuh sume name individual) n 'enjin hidup, suami mati', but this time, they put everything in the title.. shud b the longest title in the whole history of utusan. bende2 lain: Obama as President-elect of USA, n NZ get a new govt.

ps: sudah siap membeli souvenir, n mungkin akan bli lg. encik rozanizam cptlah kasik aku beg utk letak brg2 nih! more pics here.


Munir said...

good one lah arsenal....huhuhuh.

ainishamsi said...

'may u rot in hell!'

hahahaha~ good one!

husna afifi said...

mak ai
panjangnye tajuk utusannnnnnnn

macho devil said...

booooo arsengaL!!
nsib baik jek mng =p

isuzu_aizu said...

hahha. aku rase oz mmg tgk games dgn bersopan santun lah. penah skali masa tgk commonwealth games kat melbourne, mase tuh oz punye badminton game lah, kitorg cam bosan2 lantas sembang2/kutuk2 kat blakg sorg makcik ni. tak memasal kene marah, 'ladies, i'm watching the games, please dont disturb me and others' sambil wat muka marah. mangaihhh. dah aa tak bleh blah dr kompleks tuh, kene aaa melangut kat situ berbisik2. hahahhah

isuzu_aizu said...

ade skali gak tuh masa tgk game hoki india lwn msia, dah aa tmpt duduk kene arrange, so takleh nak join dak2 malaysia lain yg ramai2 bwk sepanduk pakai baju rimau kat belah atas tuh, pastuh kitorg bising2 kene tegur, pastuh kitorg bersorak angkat tangan berdiri pun tak dibenarkan. (brp kali ntah kene tegur time tuh. duduk . buat bodo. pastu bangun bersorak balik. haha)

syed abdul khaliq said...

kne focus gile2 kot before bleh nmpk polis curi tulang tu...haha

ihsan_huhu said...

to munir

to ainishamsi
mmg gk

to una:
29 perkataan tuh

to macho devil:
dh kalah byk bunyik lak

to intan:
gle xdek life diorg nih.

to syed:
SLR xmuat masuk poket r.. susa nk bawak naik beskal